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Scarves! They Aren’t Just for your Neck!

Vinyasa Scarves

Hilary and kids (172 of 231)Living in both Southern and Northern California for the better part of the past 14+ years my coat closet has become pretty sparse. Of course there are a few weeks a year when I wish I had a warmer winter coat, but more often than not a thin jacket or hoodie paired with one of my many scarves does the trick. The various weights and styles make them an accessory that can be worn all year round! I always have one in my bag!

Beyond keeping your neck warm and adding a little something extra to your outfit scarves also make great travel pillows or blankets, shawls, poolside cover ups, shirts, stroller blankets, elegant wraps, and even picnic blankets!   In addition to everything else on this list I’ve also used mine as a hood in unexpected rain, a blanket in the movie theater and as a chair cushion. When traveling I bring at least two, one in my carry-on and another in my suitcase! Since suitcase space is extremely limited I tend to stick to solid colors when traveling so I know for sure everything matches and can be worn multiple times!!

There are many different styles available, infinity or circle, rectangles, neckerchiefs, and pashminas. My favorite is the Lululemon Vinyasa Scarf and I have it in multiple colors and weights.  It’s basically a customizable infinity scarf. Its made with snaps so it’s not a permanent circle and can be worn in nearly endless ways. They have a lot of fun little details and are made with incredibly soft fabric that is often reversible and easily machine washed. It’s also a great gift!

Another style I like a lot is the infinity scarf. I have this in quite a few colors and a number of them in cozy winter weights!

I have pashminas, neckerchiefs and rectangle scarves in my collection too!  As well as some more formal scarves that are fun to wear when getting dressed up!

Here I am wearing some of my collection!

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