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Are you a Resolutionist? If so, like many people you’re probably thinking a bit about what you’ll be doing differently in the new year. While I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions, last January I decided 2015 would be my year!

I wanted to be realistic about setting this goal and choose something I had a chance at succeeding at. Eating healthy and exercise were immediately out, as they are already something I do regularly. I suppose I could have chosen, drink less, stay home more, cleaning and organizing or more at home cooking, but I knew if I chose any of those I would be out of the game within weeks. So what would it be? Decisions Decisions…

Insert drumroll here

My 2015 New Year’s Resolution:

View all of the films nominated for an Academy Award Best Picture and if time permitted the added bonus of Best Actor/Actress categories. 

Now you might not think so, but this was actually a much more difficult task than it sounds. There were a number of things to consider, timing and interest being two of them, but I powered through and with the exception of one best supporting actor movie, saw them all! The final event was an Academy Awards Party where for the first time ever I had seen most all the movies! Fun!

Why tell you this? I suppose it’s because even though my resolution wasn’t very serious, once I made it, I was committed to making it happen and following through. Not only was I successful which felt great, but many other lovely things happened in 2015 which I had not officially resolved to do. I like to think that it doesn’t take an official statement to make good things happen for yourself!

Here are a few highlights from my 2015 any of which could have been an official resolution, but were not:

Spend More Time With FriendsExplore My Own BackyardRun A MarathonVisit Old FavoritesMore Family Time Visit More MuseumsStart A BlogTravel MoreEnjoy More Live MusicSee New Places

So, what will my New Year’s Resolution be for 2016? I think I’ll go with 2015s resolution, after all it seemed to work out well!

Happy New Year!

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