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Makeup To Go!

It feels like ages since I’ve been anywhere and I’m starting to get restless… lucky for me I’ve got a few trips coming up and others in the works! As soon as the itineraries appear in my inbox I’m thinking about what to pack! This doesn’t just include the clothing in my suitcase, but makeup and toiletries too!

I try to pack as light as possible, but whether I am going to carry-on or check my bags there are certain items that I like to keep in my carry-on tote, makeup and toiletries are on that list! It’s also a good idea to include a spare pair of underwear and socks too… In the event that your bags and you do get separated you will have fresh undies and your makeup bag, and you’ll be good to go no matter what!

What’s In The Bag?

I always want to feel like myself, and even more so when I’m away from home and other things are unfamiliar, so whenever possible I try to bring the items I use on a daily basis with me when I travel. Of course items over 4 oz are prohibited on the plane, so everything must shrink in size… It’s taken ages, but the makeup industry seems to have finally gotten on board. The MAC counter has a “Sized To Go” section and Nordstrom has a “Mini Must Haves” section with multiple product lines represented!

Not everything comes in convenient travel sizes, but when I can’t find what I am looking for I’ve had great luck asking for sample sizes of my favorite products from the counters I visit regularly. I love my tiny Chanel mascara and primer, and my mini eye cream!

Eyeshadows don’t come in travel sizes, but rather than bring many individual shadows, which take up lots of room and have a greater chance of breakage I bring one small palette with many colors. Recently I picked up this fun MAC palette with lots of spring colors. I love the wide variety because I can use it for multiple occasions, both day and night. I’ve even used the pink shades, as blush and cheek highlighter, which you can see are very similar in color to the larger size blush I already own.

Here I am with day and night looks using the same palette:

While I do keep both my makeup and my toiletries in my carry-on tote I like to keep them separate. Keeping all the liquid items in one pouch and non-liquid in the other makes getting through airport security so much smoother!

I hope these ideas are helpful! I’d love to hear some of your ideas on what works for you when packing your makeup bag or carry-on. What are your must have items?




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