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New Orleans! Cafe du Monde!


#originalfrenchmarketcoffeestandAs I’ve mentioned before I really love New Orleans! The sights, sounds, smells (yes, all the smells), just the overall vibe of the place makes me insanely happy. I’m not sure its even possible to put into words just exactly what makes me love NOLA so much, but having just come back from our yearly visit I thought I’d give it a try. Because each and every trip to NOLA starts at one of my favorite places, Cafe Du Monde, I’m giving it it’s very own post!

In my everyday life I don’t often indulge in pastries, donuts or other baked goods, so it’s a bit funny that the first place I head upon arriving into town is a place famous for fried dough smothered in powdered sugar! Irresistible!

Why Cafe Du Monde? Don’t Other Places Have Beignets?

Conveniently, Cafe Du Monde is open 24 hours a day 364 days a year, with the exception of Christmas and when the occasional hurricane passes by, so no matter what time I arrive its open! Not only that, but they’ve been in the business of making beignets for over 150 years, which pretty much guarantees they know what they’re doing! In my opinion there’s no substitute! Believe me I’ve sampled a few in my attempt to find out…

Located just across the street from Jackson Square Park on Decatur you can’t miss the Cafe’s green and white awnings and twinkling white lights, but if you have any doubt about whether you’re headed in the right direction just follow the trail of powdered sugar on the sidewalks…

Table Service or Take Out?

There aren’t many options as you can see from the photo of the menu above. Beignets, drinks and souvenirs are all they offer, so your only real decision is whether you want to dine in or take out. Because the quality and consistency of Cafe Du Monde is widely known expect long lines. I’ve seen them as long as three blocks, really, but don’t be discouraged, they move fast and you have two options. If you’re under a time constraint then the take out window is your best bet. Either way, don’t get into line without cash!

Option 1: The Take Out Window

Option 2: Table Service

If you have more time consider table service!

Cafe Du Monde is a true New Orleans institution! After 150 + years of business it could use a little polish, but I’m not complaining, the beignets are divine the service is fine and that’s more than good enough for me!

On a side note:  Last year, after multiple visits, I finally decided to take the time to write a review of Cafe Du Monde on Trip Advisor. I even included a photo! Ha Ha… about a week later I received an email from Trip Advisor saying my review wasn’t real and they wouldn’t publish it. I guess my love for this place was just unbelievable!

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