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Mom Stuff: Ripping Off The Bandage!


#rippingoffthebandageWe’re in the dark about so many things before becoming parents. One of them is how your heart literally breaks the first time your child suffers pain of any kind, and each and every time it happens thereafter. I will never forget the first shots, the first time they fell down, or the first time their feelings were hurt at school.

As far as physical injuries went it wasn’t long before my boys grew to hate bandages. While it soothed their initial pain, the fear of having them ripped off was too great.

I wasn’t ever sure how to handle it… How should I rip off the bandage? Slow or quick? Should I rip at the count of three, or fib and say I was counting to three, but rip at one? Maybe I should just do it a little bit at a time?

The Proverbial Bandage

As they’ve gotten older (and more coordinated) it’s become more about soothing emotional injury. In my opinion this is the much more difficult of the two… It’s even worse if you’re the cause. For example, giving your child bad or difficult news?

How do you deliver? Slow, or quick? All at once, or a little bit at a time? Is complete honesty the best policy?


Recently, when I had to tell my boys 1, 2… WE’RE MOVING 3! I had the chance to find out.

Yep, see how I did that? Started out a little slow but then… riiiiip!

Wait! What?

After 8 years in the Bay Area we will be heading back to Southern California at the end of this summer.

While we are very excited about our new home and life in SoCal we are equally as heartbroken about leaving our NorCal family. We were so lucky 8 years ago when we landed in one of the best communities anywhere and leaving will be incredibly difficult. Friendships like these don’t just come and go and we know we’re in it for the long haul no matter where we call home!

Actually this wasn’t how we told the kids, this time…Oops! Yes, we tried that method previously and it didn’t go over well. Lesson learned. This time we included them in the decision making and house hunting process as much as we could and though it’s bittersweet they’re pretty excited about their close proximity to many of the fun things SoCal has to offer!

In the meantime we’ve got a lot of fun happening around our house between now and our upcoming move, which means many more posts about not only recent travels but future travels as well. we are looking forward to a six week journey around Europe to keep us very occupied! So exciting!

Hopefully I won’t need to rip off  any bandages in the near future but should the need arise… How should I do it? 1, 2, 3…

Though not in anyway complete here are just a few photos representing some of the amazing memories we’ve created over the past 8 years.


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