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Los Angeles! Surfing? Me?!

I went surfing! I know for many people this might not seem like a big deal, but just swimming in the ocean is on my list of “I don’t do that” and the idea of getting on a surf board is so far from my comfort zone, it’s not even on the “I don’t do that” list. But this past weekend when the opportunity unexpectedly presented itself, something came over me and I just couldn’t say no.

Guess What?! I loved It!

This is strange because, you see, I’m afraid. Afraid of failure, afraid of injury, afraid of disappointing others, afraid or letting life pass me by, afraid of upside down roller coasters, swimming in the ocean, bugs, especially bees, flying, losing stuff, getting lost, mushrooms and the list goes on… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not walking around afraid all the time and for the most part these fears don’t rule me, but there were times when I was younger that I let my fears hold me back and I missed out on so much!


I don’t know why or what changed exactly, but more often than not I’m facing these fears, trying new things and letting my guard down and I love it! Okay, I admit it I still run away when anything with a stinger comes close, but that’s my fight or flight instinct kicking in, right?! Go with me on that one, okay?!

Recently some close friends came to town for a weekend of surfing and invited us along. Wanting to spend time with them I committed to a beach day and thought I’d watch everyone else swim and surf while I held down the beach blanket and collected lunch for everyone… because, you know, I don’t do ocean swimming.

Even I was surprised when I was asked if I wanted to give it a try and my answer was YES! Because even with my “lets do this thing” attitude the idea of swimming in the waves, let alone attempting to surf them was still pretty daunting. I was afraid, but I mentally told myself to get over it and get out there because you never know unless you try.

It Turned Out To Be A Family Affair!

Tim and the Kids Surfed Too! While Elliot wasn’t too sure and just rode the board in on his belly, and Tim and I each got up a few times over the course of the weekend, Simon was a complete natural! Maybe it’s all the long boarding he does, or maybe he’s just got amazing balance, but whatever the cause, he just stood up and rode the board into shore time and time again!

I was pretty proud of myself for facing my fears and getting out there (two days in a row) with the added bonus of actually standing up a few times, but the real highlight of my weekend was watching my son find true happiness on the surfboard and in the ocean and knowing that he’s found something he truly loves!

This is happiness…

The rest of the crew!

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