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Exploring The Highlands of Scotland



We spent three perfect days in the Highlands of Scotland this summer, and its capital, Inverness made the perfect home base. Though much of our visit to the area was spent day tripping, we really enjoyed the time we did spend in town.

The path along the River Ness, aptly named, the Ness Walk was really lovely and lucky for us the sun made an appearance during our visit.

The many footbridges provided not only a convenient way to cross the river, but lovely views as well.

Although it’s not open to the public, Inverness Castle, makes a very pretty picture perched on the hill above town.

During our river walk we discovered the Waterfront restaurant where we enjoyed one of the best meals of our entire trip. Not only was my salmon excellent, but on this rare occasion everyone enjoyed their OWN meal!

Hitting the two week mark of our six week adventure it was time for a laundry stop! The New City Laundromat, turned out to be just right for our needs! Disaster was narrowly averted when I left an entire load of my clothing in the washer, which then got mixed up in another family’s laundry… thankfully I figured it out and recovered everything. Whew!

Our accommodations at The Kingsmills Hotel, about 5 minutes from downtown Inverness, were very comfortable. The rooms were spacious and all of the bathroom amenities were very nice. This was the one place on our trip with a pool and the boys and I enjoyed it very much! The water was warm, there were pool toys available for the boys and over all it was a really lovely time. A very family friendly place with excellent service, I would absolutely stay here again.

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