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2016 A Year in Pictures


Like many people I’m eager to wrap up the whirlwind that was 2016 and welcome the end of what seemed to be a year that didn’t pull any punches. However, there were also many great moments that helped to make this year one I’ll never forget. I’m so grateful for the many opportunities my family and I had to explore and discover many new places and meet many new people around the world both through travel and this blog. Of course with my wanderlust spirit I’m already thinking about what amazing adventures 2017 will bring, but before I move on here is a look back at some of my favorite photos and moments from 2016!


A Girls Weekend in Capitola! Beaches, shopping, food and friends…Not a bad way to start off the year!


Quirky and fun was the theme of February’s quick trip to Seattle where we “pressed” our luck at both the Mystery Coke Machine and the Gum wall! An unexpected trip to New York was a nice surprise as was the Florence + Machine concert we were treated to! Can you find me in the crowd?


March found us a new home! As bittersweet as moving is, we are making the most of our new surroundings with lots of surfing, becoming tourists in our own town and welcoming many visitors!


I know what it means to miss New Orleans, which is why I do my best to get there at least once a year! 2016 was no different, and April found us making the most of our visit, enjoying all our favorite foods like beignets, bbq and snowballs, while wandering the French Quarter and discovering new neighborhoods. I’m already thinking about our next trip…


Back in SoCal to sign up for new schools we found time to explore our new neighborhood!


Embarking on a six week trip we spent June driving through Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England! It’s taken me months to sort through all the photos, and I’m still working on it. Represented here are The Cliffs of Moher, The Dark Hedges, Glasgow’s Street art, The Battlefields of Culloden in the Highlands, Edinburgh Castle, Hadrien’s Wall, and The Tower of London.


Continuing our six week journey into July, we swapped the car for a train and set off for Belgium, The Netherlands, and France where we spent time in Brugge, Ghent, Amsterdam and Paris! Another fabulous three weeks of travel where we met up with friends, ate fabulous food and did our best to fit it all in. I’m still working on pulling together my notes on these amazing cities, and Brugge is next… Represented here are The Rozenhoedkaai View in Brugge, Gravensteen Castle in Ghent, Amsterdam’s Canals at night, a view from the top of Notre Dame, and Marie Antoinette’s Petite Trianon at Versailles.


Moving day! Evening walks to the beach at sunset were our reward for all that hard work unpacking. Thankfully, family and friends came down to help!


Embracing our new beach life!


Good things come to those who wait! Almost a full year after purchasing tickets to the Maroon 5 concert it was finally time to go in October! Auntie, Simon and I had a fabulous time!


In November we celebrated our first holiday in the new house, Thanksgiving! We also found time for a visit to one of my favorite castles. Sleeping Beauty Castle in the Magic Kingdom!


This December, we’ve decided on a staycation. We’ve been day tripping to nearby towns and exploring more of what our new home has to offer. Hopefully this will keep my wanderlust at bay, that is until we work out our next adventure… Stay tuned…

Happy New Year!

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