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Okay, it’s probably not reasonable to take me with you on your next adventure, but, now with the help of GPS-Guided travel articles you can almost take me with you, and that’s the next best thing, right?! Wondering how to make this possible? Read on…

I’m ready, lets go!

I recently discovered a new app, GPSmyCITY, that ties in beautifully with the reason I started this blog in the first place, my love of travel and the desire to share what I love with others. The GPSmyCity app provides offline access to travel related articles from 750 cities around the world, some of which were written by yours truly!

My most recent Los Angeles discovery: The hidden staircases of Silver Lake

Like many people who travel, I do a lot of research before I go, the problem is gaining access to that research once I’m at my destination. The reality is that wifi isn’t always available, which means I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to pull up that great article, blog post, or map, when I need it most. However, even if I could, there’s the high cost of international data to consider. This is where the GPSmyCITY app comes in handy!

What is a GPS-guided travel article?

A GPS-Guided travel article is exactly what it sounds like: An article with GPS coordinates embedded directly into the text. The best part is that once you’ve downloaded the article you won’t need access to the internet to use it!  Download all the articles you’re interested in free of charge. Once you’ve decided on the article(s) that best work for your destination, you have the option to upgrade for a small fee f $1.99*, which will activate the GPS coordinates within the article along with an offline map.

Say goodbye to dragging along those heavy guide books, besides, they only offer information about the most well known spots anyway. When you bring along a GPSmyCity article, you’ll have everything you need to find all those hidden travel gems (for example, those hidden stairway walks in Los Angeles) right on your smart phone. Bonus: You’ve saved money and your aching back. How great is that!

Ready to try it Out?

Here are two easy ways you can access GPS-guided travel articles:

You can download any article for free or upgrade for offline GPS-guided use.

I’m really excited about the ability to share my articles with you in this new way, and hope you love it too. To introduce you to this new idea, I’m able to offer three of my articles free of charge for the first week. (expires March 12, 2017)

Some of my other articles, are also available on GPSmyCity! They offer details about my favorite museums, shopping spots, off the beaten path surprises, and delicious food finds. With GPSmyCity on your smart phone, you really can take me with you!

*Note: If you do upgrade one of my downloaded travel articles, I receive a small portion of the sale, which I’m hoping might contribute to maintaining this travel blog…

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