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What do you say LA? Messages from the Street (Art That Is)


The street art scene in Los Angeles has gone viral, one can hardly turn a corner, drive down the street, or grab a coffee without running into yet another fabulous work of art. I recently read a Bombing Science article, which listed the top 99 instagrammable cities in the world for graffiti, and It came as no suprise to me that Los Angeles, at #6, was ranked in the top 10. If you’ve been following my instagram feed you’ll know that I definitely contributed to that ranking.

Expression through art is nothing new, but with today’s social media phenomenon artists now have the ability to get their message to more people than ever before. While at times I get annoyed by the competitive nature of social media, I do love the ability to discover so much amazing art, not just here in LA, but around the world.

It’s A Living DTLA Arts District

All this positive exposure has definitely helped to bring about the mainstream acceptance of an art form that was at one time considered vandalism and nothing more. Whether it be loving, Inspirational, motivational, cheerful, political, bitter or just plain fun the street art in LA is sending a message. The question is are we listening?

Social Fatigue Media

This fun mural can be found in Downtown LA’s Little Tokyo. I just love the message @dmirworld is sending, and the moment I saw this I just knew I had to share. For me the message is so clear. It’s crazy how we get so wrapped up in social media and whether or not someone else appreciates/loves what we choose to share. I share what brings me joy and I hope that it will do the same for others!

Love Notes

James Goldcrown’s #bleedinghearts love walls are some of the most popular expressions of love in LA, but you’ll find messages of love all over town!

J. Goldcrown Alfred’s Coffee Melrose

Gina Flo w/ Beautify Earth Melrose and Western.

Motivation, Inspiration and Imagination

Much to my delight there are messages of inpsiration and motivivation everywhere! I get so excited when I come upon something new, which is just about every time I go out and about! Like these angel wings I stumbled upon just the other day while exploring the Fashion District.

The first Angel Wings were painted on Traction Avenue in the DTLA Arts District, but lucky you they can now be found all over the world! These are just a few of the many wings located here in the City of Angels. Check the official Collette Miller Angel Wings map to see if there are any near you!

WRDSMTH’s positive words of widom can be found everywhere in the City of Angels, as well as around the world. He recently held a solo art show featuring canvases and prints of some of his most popular street art, and I happily attended.

Here are a mix of images some from the show and some from the street.

Meeting WRDSMTH at Fais Dodo

Sound Advice

Looking for some advice? Don’t worry you’re covered:

Unknown Windward Avenue Venice Beach

Be confident! Women get sh*t done!

Beautify Earth Collaboration Pico Boulevard Mural Trail

Explore your surroundings. Life is full of wonderment!

Unknown Venice Art Walls

Wish your dream!

Megzany Arts District Co-Op

Be the best version of you! Be happy with it!

Sidewalk Sayings

These little sayings are all over the sidewalk in LA. Some are more postitive/friendly than others, however, if like the message says, you don’t look up from your phone now and again you’re bound to miss them. At least that’s how I choose interpret it!

Politics Politics Politics

I generally gravitate toward more positive messages when it comes to taking photos of street art, but these political murals can be found all over town. Written words or not, their messages are clear.

Kai Melrose Avenue

Unknown Melrose Avenue

Unknown Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Keep Your Head Up

After all life it…  aint easy…

It’s A Living The Container Yard DTLA

but if you reflect…

Sel Dog Pico Boulevard Mural  Trail


Mike Norice South Central Los Angeles

and pay it forward…

Unknown DTLA Arts District

from the dirt a flower must grow!

Unknown Melrose Avenue

I literally can’t keep up with all the fabulous new art going up in this town, but I’m having a great time trying! Having already written a number of posts on LA’s street art scene I’ve done my best to feature all new images in this post! I hope you enjoy!

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