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Photo Tour: Scenes of Little Havana

Calle Ocho Little Havana Florida #Allmightychillsky

Artist: All Mighty Chillsky

Named for Cuba’s capital and largest city, and famous for it’s large concentration of Cuban exiles, Little Havana should be on any Miami Must List.  Even with limited time to explore I managed to get a feel for this vibrant cultural area, and came away wishing for more.

Welcome to Little Havana

Declared a national treasure in 2017, Little Havana has no shortage of cultural landmarks, architecture, and art, a lot of which you’ll see as you stroll along Calle Ocho (SW 8th street).

Domino Park Little Havana

Dominos is a big part of Cuban culture, and is so popular in Cuba that it is practically an organized sport. The same can be said in Little Havana and Domino Park was abuzz with both players and spectators during our visit.


Shops selling local Cuban art, cigars and coffee line the street. Sadly, we’d already eaten prior to our visit, but if you’re looking for something more substantial, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Little Havana Miami

I’ve never had the opportunity to visit Cuba, but Little Havana felt very authentic. All of the people I met were local, and I had the very distinct and positive feeling of being somewhere completely new.

Welcome to Little Havana

Although located next to an area known for higher crime rates, I felt completely safe during my visit, and in fact quite welcome.

Azucar Little Havana

I was delighted, but not surprised to find a lot of public art throughout the neighborhood a lot of which was representative of the people, their culture, and their pastimes.

Artist: Fila

Artist: Atomik

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