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Viewing California’s Super Bloom 2019

For many years rain in California was so scarce that the sound of it was almost foreign, and on those rare occasions when we did have a rainy day my kids would look out in confused wonder. Photos of rivers and lakes with noticeable signs of recession were circulating on the internet, having a green lawn was basically a crime, and running out of drinking water seemed a very real possibility.

Walker Canyon California

Then, in 2017, we had a huge amount of rainfall, which went a long way toward alleviating the drought, and rain falling from the sky no longer seemed to cause widespread panic and confusion among native Angelenos. Another positive side effect of all that rainfall was something known as a super bloom.

Walker Canyon California

What is a Super Bloom?

A super bloom is an explosion of wildflowers that exceeds the normal for a given year. A number of conditions must come together to create this phenomenon, with heavy rainfall playing a large part.

Walker Canyon California

As I mentioned California had been experiencing extreme drought conditions, and prior to the super bloom in 2017 it had been more than a decade since anyone had seen a bloom season quite that spectacular.

Walker Canyon

Where Can I see the Super Bloom in 2019

We’ve had a lot of rain in California again this winter, which means that many places are experiencing or will experience a super bloom within the next few weeks and months. There are a number of places known for their flower viewing accessibility, however it’s a good idea to check the flower forecasts before heading out.

Walker Canyon

Did you know that the poppy is the official flower of California?

Walker Canyon

While there are many different species of flowers blooming some areas have greater concentrations of specific flowers.

Walker Canyon

Walker Canyon

Walker Canyon, located 85 miles south east of LA, just outside of Lake Elsinore, is a great and very accessible place to view this year’s poppy super bloom. The trail is considered moderate, but we saw plenty of families, on-leash dogs, and people of all fitness levels. Strollers and wheelchairs can be pushed on the lower main path, however some of the trails further in are quite steep.

Walker Canyon Trail

In 2017 we visited the flower fields in Anza Borrego: Exploring California from Sand to Sea

Walker Canyon Abandoned Car

Tips & Advice:

This should go without saying, but please be respectful when visiting the flowers. Stay on marked pathways, take anything you bring in back out again, and pick up after your pets. 

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