Cookies Are Everything

April 30, 2019
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April 30, 2019 Hilary

Cookies Are Everything


So, I accidentally started a cookie company, yes, that’s right, a cookie company! I admit I’m a little surprised, though my son says I’m the only one who is. He says it’s completely in character, and I suppose he might be right. Cookies are a nice combination of baking and art, two things I have a great fondness for.

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Mardi Gras Cookie Pops

If you’re wondering what cookies have to do with travel, the answer is nothing, but HilaryStyle has always been about the many things that interest me, which is why the blog’s tagline is Travel, Fashion and Fun. Cookies are fun!

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Royal Guard

The cookies are gaining some momentum, so I think its time to officially introduce them and answer some of the many questions I’ve been getting.

What do you mean, you accidentally started a cookie company?

I’ve always loved baking, so I made cookies for a friend’s Lunar New Year party and on a whim shared them on my Facebook page. I immediately got a request for two dozen, and I thought sure, why not? Loving this new hobby I brought fancy cookies to my next few events, which led to more orders, which led to more orders, and so on and so on…

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Lunar New Year

What is the cookie company called?

The company is Cookies Are Everything, and they truly are. Seriously, As you’ll see below there really isn’t anything that can’t be cookified. Also, and full disclosure here, many of the names I wanted were already taken.

Cookies Are Everything Pinterest Banner.jpg

Do you bake them yourself?

Yes! I bake all the cookies myself from scratch.

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Freshly Baked Cookies

Will you share your recipes with me?

I use three main recipes.

  • White Chocolate
  • Strawberry White Chocolate
  • Chocolate Brownie

The chocolate brownie recipe I use is a variation on Lila Loa’s End All Chocolate Cookie recipe. Her friendly, funny, and very cheerful website, is a wealth of knowledge about all things cookies.

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Game of Thrones

Do they taste good?

This might seem like a silly question, but so often beautifully decorated cookies mean mediocre taste. This is not the case where my cookies are concerned, in fact, the most common response I’ve received after the initial taste, is WOW, these are really delicious. Why not try some and see for yourself?

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Red Delicious

Do you make gluten free? Do you have a nut free kitchen?

While I am willing to make gluten free cookies, the minimum order is two dozen and while I take every precaution to make sure they don’t come in contact with anything that’s touched flour, I do use flour in my kitchen.

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Gluten Free Ballerinas

My son literally lives on peanut butter. I don’t have a nut free kitchen.

Who is eating all these cookies?

You are! That’s right all these cookies have been custom made for fun cookie loving people just like you. No matter the event or occasion custom cookies make perfect treats or take away gifts. My kids and husband also enjoy these cookies and are my official taste testers.

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Avengers Cookies

What designs do you make?

I will attempt to make just about anything you can dream up, though I might charge a set up fee if you ask for something completely obscure, (someone recently ordered ear cookies) or if I have to hand cut the cookies, like these Addams Family cookies in the picture below. I’ll post a list of common and or available cookie shapes soon.

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Meet the Addams Family

Where can I see the cookies?

I’m working on a gallery for the blog, but in the meantime you can see a gallery of cookies on Instagram @cookiesareeverything.

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How much do the cookies cost?

With a few exceptions the cookies are $4 each. They come beautifully packaged in a basket with lots of fluff and ribbon!

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Many Thanks!

As mentioned above, there will be an additional fee if I have to order a cookie cutter that I might never use again, remember the ear cookie I mentioned, or if I have to hand cut the cookies.

How many can I order? How many designs in an order?

You can order as many as you want, but the minimum order is one dozen.

Choose up to four designs per order. I’m willing to discuss if you must single out one cookie for its own individual design, or If you would like more than four designs.

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Happy 9th Birthday

Can you make me just one special cookie?

I’m sorry, but I can’t make you just one cookie.

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How long do the cookies last?

The cookies come in a sealed airtight cellophane package and will last quite a few weeks if kept sealed. If you think they’ll be around longer than 3 weeks, I recommend freezing them.

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Addams Family

How far in advance should I order?

As soon as you know you want cookies, so I can add you to my cookie calendar. It’s filling up quick! Would you like to order? Send me an email at

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Harry Potter Baby Shower

Do you deliver?

I’m sorry, but I don’t deliver, I’m too busy baking and decorating all your cookies.

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I’m sorry, but we don’t deliver

Do you ship?

I do ship! The cookies have shipped to England, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, and Washington. I’ve only had one casualty. Do keep in mind that certain shapes are better at travel than others. Let’s discuss!


Cookies by mail!

How long have you been doing this?

I am a life long baker.

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I Love Cookies

How did you learn to do this?

Practice, patience and determination.

Can you teach me to make cookies like this?

I’d love to teach you how to make decorated sugar cookies. I’m offering group classes, for up to six people, in my home, or for an additional fee I can come to you.

Spring Cookie Class Display Los Angeles California

Cookie Class Today

Lessons include:

  • 3 hours of dedicated lesson time
  • Half a dozen cookies each (theme to be discussed)
  • Decorating supplies
  • Light snacks and drinks
  • Take home cookie tools
  • Tips, tricks and recipes
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Cookie Class is in Session!

Cookie Gallery

Head to @cookiesareeverything to see more Cookies HilaryStyle…

Have I left anything out? Let me know if the comments below. Are you ready to order some cookies? Send an email to:

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I love to travel & explore the world both near and far! I do my best to make the most out of life each and everyday! I have two boys and wherever I go, they go! This means they are, at the ages of 9 and 15, world travelers and all around go along guys! There isn’t anywhere I can’t take them! It is my hope this blog will be a way to share the fun things I’ve learned while on our many adventures together!

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  1. Congratulations on your success! The cookies are beautiful. I’m a from-scratch layer cake baker myself, but I wouldn’t have the patience (or skill) to do the intricate decorating you do. I’m curious what system you have for organizing what is probably a growing stash of cutters.

    • Hilary

      Thank you!! It’s exciting and daunting all at once. I used to do decorated later cakes, but my family doesn’t love cakes so switched to cookies… I’m working on the cutter organizing. It’s going marginally well. Ha!

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