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For me Living in California means there are two seasons: Flip flop and boot! Autumn is the beginning of boot season. One of many reasons I love Autumn!

With so many options available there really isn’t an outfit that doesn’t lend itself to wearing boots… Short, mid, tall, leather, suede, rubber, rain, combat, cowboy style, plaid, skulls, slip on, lace up, zip, buckle, brown, red, black, black, black, did I mention black?

This Year’s Trend

Footwear isn’t just about function its about having fun! I love to pair my boots with funky socks or tights and this year’s popular style ankle or shortie boots work perfectly for this! Even when they’re hiding underneath my boots there’s something about a fun pair of socks!

Tried & True

Though there are new styles each year that doesn’t mean my old favorites are going anywhere! I’ve got quite a collection! As you can see from the gallery below no matter what’s on the day’s agenda I’m covered!

Are you wondering if any of these styles will lend themselves to the basics you’ve already got in your fall wardrobe? Not to worry, they absolutely do!

My Go-Tos

I do have a few go-to brands as they’ve proven themselves to be stylish, sturdy and most importantly comfortable year after year: Doc Martens, John Fluevog, Hunter, and Ugg to name a few.


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