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Autumn Refresh: Wardrobe & Makeup!

I love all four seasons, but for many reasons autumn has always been one of my favorites! I look forward to a change in the weather, the colorful fall leaves and Halloween. A bit of crispness in the air is the signal to pull my boots from the back of the closet, and I do love my boots!  Of course living in SoCal, autumn doesn’t present itself in quite the same way as it does in other parts of the country. Our first year here, knowing I missed the changing of the leaves, Tim brought me some autumn-ish leaves and it was like he’d given me a dozen roses!

Now that I’ve lived in California for the past 15+ years, I’m used to lighter seasons and have even learned to appreciate them! Poor me, right?! In SoCal, we basically get an extended summer with a little bit of autumn, sans the changing of the leaves…

SO, even though I don’t feel like autumn is almost upon us (next week already) as I am still wearing summer attire and slathering on the sunscreen (and will be for some time), autumn is definitely in the stores and has been for a while. Good thing for me I’m seeing a lot of black, white, and denim, because that means I’m all set, however I have noticed a few things that I might need to give my fall wardrobe a refresh. Generally I steer away from styles of the moment, but in the interest of mixing things up a bit I’ve chosen a few pieces with interesting texture to compliment what is already in my closet and give it new life.

I’ve hit up the fall lines of a few of my favorites*, to add a bit of leather, smooth, fake and textured, frayed hems, fleece, cords, fresh white graphic Ts and of course a pop of color!

If you can believe it, you probably can, I took all these fashion pics using a tripod and the timer on my camera!That’s it for clothing this season… on to makeup!

Fall Makeup!

I love makeup! Just like fashion, makeup changes with the seasons and styles come and go. This summer I tried something new and stuck with just a few neutral shades while I was busy traveling, beaching and moving all summer long.

Now that things are settling down, I’m ready for a change. Bye bye neutrals! I need a pop of color! I love color and glitter, in fact the more sparkle, color and glitter the better! If I’m feeling down a bit of makeup retail therapy goes a long way!

I always love MAC’s theme lines, but I especially geeked out on the new Star Trek line (I’ve been a fan my entire life), I picked up some shadow and two liners in back and silver, as well as two new x9 palettes burgundy and purple… the burgundy is new for me… Another new for me is the MAC brightening line. I’m trying out the Lightful C Vibrancy Eye Cream because, honestly, who can’t use a little brightening!

What do you think do my eyes look brighter? We shall see!

Happy Fall!

*Rag and Bone, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Fiorentini & Baker, Current Elliott, Sundry & Free City!



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