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Confession: I Couldn’t Care Less About Football! 

I’ve never really enjoyed watching sporting events, of any kind. I admit it. I’m that person, you know, the one chatting away, who hardly has a clue which teams are playing. Often, I’m wondering, why is everyone screaming, or is that cheering, at the television? What just happened? Oh well, what was I saying…

I hail from Seattle, and with the success of the Seattle Seahawks and their recent back to back appearances in the Super Bowl I’ve tried to pay more attention, but the truth is my favorite parts of the Super Bowl are the commercials and the excuse to eat as much 7 Layer Dip as I can! Last year’s commercials were downright depressing, so I guess it’s just me and the 7 Layer Dip… The Half Time Show isn’t bad either. 😉

As you’re probably aware the Seahawks won’t be playing in the Super Bowl this year, but my happily ignoring all the pregame media, and showing up just in time for the dip, is proving difficult since the game is taking place about 20 minutes from my house. That’s right, Super Bowl 50 is taking place in the Bay Area, and more than one million football loving people are expected! YEAH!

Football Alternatives

My question is? Since Levi’s Stadium holds approximately 68,500 people, what are the other 932,000 people going to do before, during and after they finish off their 7 Layer Dip? Eating, drinking and shopping comes to mind… Here are just a few of my favorite places:

Palo Alto


Menlo Park



(Whoever you are)

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