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Fashion Favorites: Walking In My Shoes… Travel shoes that is.


What’s the most difficult thing to pack? For many people the answer is: Shoes! They’re bulky, heavy and take up a lot of valuable real estate in the suitcase. If you have multiple occasions to plan for on your journey fitting more than one pair of shoes into your suitcase can present a real challenge. So, this poses the question, what comfortable pair of shoes is stylish, goes with everything and easy to pack?

The Answer is: Campers!

One of my favorite brands with many styles to choose from, I’ve been wearing Camper brand shoes during my everyday life and on my travels for as long as I can remember! I even wore a pair on my honeymoon. However, for the purpose of this particular post I am referring to a specific style, the Right.

For me, the Camper Rights are literally the perfect travel shoe! Here are a few reasons why:

I’ve literally worn these shoes all over the world, hours on end day after day for years and can’t say enough about them!

Soft rubber soles make walking long distances a piece of cake!

Campers Around The World

Campers at the Alhambra! Granada, Spain

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