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Packing it all in… My Suitcase!

How To Pack for Two Weeks in a Carry on!
Travel with Kids Heathrow Airport London England

Our last London visit was July 2016

In just a few days the boys, and I will be boarding a flight to London! “We’ve” been planning this trip for months and are really getting excited! Now that the logistics have been settled its time to start thinking about what I’ll be packing and what I’ll be packing it in. It’s generally been our habit to pack for travel using European sized carryon luggage, and as I mentioned in a previous packing post, that’s the case no matter the length of our journey. Pun intended!

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2015 South Bank

You might already know that London is one of our favorite destinations, but this will be our longest visit to date. We’ll be staying two weeks over the winter holidays! We don’t get much use out of wellies, sweaters and jackets here in Southern California, so I’m really looking forward to getting a chance to bundle up for a change.

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Tower of London 2013

We’ve used Plum Guide to rent a flat, which means we’ll have access to laundry facilities. Still, all those cold weather clothes take up a lot of room in the suitcases. Speaking of which…

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Covent Garden 2012

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A New Suitcase

Six years, thousands of miles and many destinations later, the wheel on my older son’s suitcase broke. At 15 he’s outgrown dinosaur luggage, so rather than fix it, we decided to give him my suitcase, and I would get a new one. But which one?

After reading everything I could find on carry-on suitcases, I settled on one that looked cool, boasted the ability to charge my phone, would track my flight and weigh my clothing! Wow! Unfortunately, I won’t be telling you more about that one, because upon arrival I realized all that modern convenience came with a price…there was no room left in the suitcase for clothing!

The Away suitcase in blush pink.

Let’s try this again, this time I’ve decided to try an AWAY suitcase. Not only do they come in all sorts of fun colors, but they also include charging capabilities and there seems to be plenty of room for my clothing!

Here is everything I was able to fit in:

Packing List:

Another fun thing about the Away Suitcase is the ability to personalize! Along with my suitcase I picked up these fun suitcase stickers… Should I decide to check my bag, I’m pretty sure my suitcase won’t be confused with anyone else’s on the carousel!

Knowing I’ll have access to laundry means I won’t be needing everything on this list, but it’s always nice to have choices… Tell me, what’s your favorite suitcase? Do you carry on or check your bags? Have you rented a flat, or do you prefer the full service a hotel provides?

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