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Fashion Favorites: 50 Shades of… Denim!


Fashion Favorite Denim-

If there’s one thing in my closet I can’t live without it’s my jeans! Hands down without a doubt! Spring, summer, fall and winter, rain or shine, denim is my go to wardrobe staple for just about every occasion almost every day of the week. With so many different options to choose from denim makes it easy to keep your everyday look current, fun and fashionable while at the same time maintaining a level of comfort which allows for just about any activity from lounging at home to a night out. How can you go wrong?!

Did I Mention The Options?!

Low rise, mid rise, high rise, light dark, medium, vintage, destroyed, embellished, boyfriend, cropped, relaxed, straight, flared, blue, black, white…With so many choices, there is something for everyone, so let’s get started!

First thing’s first, in order to find the best rise and cut for your body type you’ll need to try on everything! And I mean everything! Don’t be afraid to try all the styles even the ones you’re not sure of, you might surprise yourself and find something new. Be confident in yourself and don’t limit your options. You never know until you try! 

My Favorites

There are many brands from which to choose and of course I have my favorites, AG Jeans, Rag & Bone, Citizens of Humanity and the occasional pair of Hudsons. How did I decide which ones are on the list?  That’s simple; these are the brands that work best for my body type.

A Blank Canvas

Think of your jeans as a blank canvas; use accessories like shoes, belts and jewelry to change up your look depending on the occasion. Here are a few of my everyday looks:

Denim Basics

Don’t get hung up on size, the numbers don’t matter, only how you feel. Know what doesn’t work and accept that even if something is in style right now, it might not work for you. Not every style works on every body type. When you do find the right pair, you might need tailoring and if so, always ask for the original hem.

These days’ jeans are acceptable for just about every occasion, so having different styles and washes on hand is a good idea, because one pair/style won’t work for everything. The pair you wear to do housework or lounge around in is definitely not the pair you wear to work or to a party.

Good denim is an investment and now that you’ve found just the right pair, or two, or many… you’ll want to take good care of them! Washing them after every wear is a definite no no. Wash them infrequently inside out and in cold water and then hang them to dry and they’ll last forever.

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