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Backpacks. Who needs ’em?

Backpacks!-1834I won’t lie, I’ve always been a backpack hater, but maybe not for the reasons you might think. Though it’s true they are often far from stylish or fashion forward the main reason I hate them has more to do with the people wearing them…

Yes, I’m talking to you oblivious backpack wearer!

You know who you are. You, who fill your giant pack with as much stuff as it can hold and head out for the day, completely oblivious to the fact that every time you move to the right or left you’re knocking down small children and hitting people in the face.

Of particular annoyance, backpacks on airplanes! As soon as I see one coming I just know it’s going to hit me in the head, its wearer completely unaware that they’ve just taken out half the plane on their way down the aisle.

Another pet peeve, sightseers with backpacks! Historic monuments, castles and other similar tourist attractions weren’t built with millions of visitors in mind. You might not notice, but when you try to squeeze into these spaces it’s not just your pack rubbing on the wall, but the zippers and plastic buckles as well. As the years go by, the countless backpacks, zippers and buckles rubbing the walls of these amazing places cause extreme and often irreparable damage. Do I sound bitchy? It’s not just me! Really! In recent year’s I’m seeing more and more restrictions placed on the size and type of personal belongings allowed in when visiting popular tourist destinations. The Alhambra and Westminster Abbey to name a few.

Just Be More Aware, okay!

I get it, backpacks are convenient, they hold a lot of stuff, give you the convenience of having both hands free and are for the most part more comfortable than other bags. I’m not saying don’t use them, just that I wish backpack wearers would be more aware and therefore more considerate of their fellow travelers and surroundings. If you do hit someone with your bag, at least notice!

But really, who needs em? 

Apparently, I do.

Wait, what?! I know, I know, how could I? After all that bitching, what happened? What changed my mind? Well… wandering in New Orleans we stumbled across, Vegas, a men’s shop on Magazine Street where I discovered an adorable backpack! This alone would not have been enough to sway me, but combined with the padded laptop pocket, and my desire to blog while traveling through Europe for six weeks and I was sold!

Tim says I won’t like it and probably won’t use it, and he might be a tiny bit right, but I’m going to give it a try. It is my hope that it will do the double duty of holding my carryon necessities and be perfect for protecting my laptop during the air and train portions of our trip and I promise not to hit anyone in the head when boarding!

Not a true convert, I plan to pack my Hobo tote in the bottom compartment of the suitcase; it will hold just what I need for day trips and visiting historic places while my backpack and laptop stay put back in the hotel!

So… What’s in my backpack?

For the most part my carryon bag is holding those items that I want to make sure are with me at all times in the event that my carryon suitcase is lost or in the event I am forced to check it.


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