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Las Vegas: Beyond the Strip

What can you do in Las Vegas if you’re not interested in gambling, nightclubs, or extreme roller coasters? Why, look at art of course, and if you’re me, it’s street art. Las Vegas is a treasure trove of amazing art!

Shortly before our visit I learned about some large scale pieces (thank you social media), and once we decided that Las Vegas would be our “rest” stop between Los Angeles and Zion National Park, I started researching what else might be available to view! I’d hit the jackpot! Yes, pun intended! There was literally art around and on every corner!

There was so much to see, my head was spinning, or maybe that was the effect of the 112 degree temperatures, and burning pavement? Maybe both? The heat prevented me from exploring the area the way I would have liked, but we managed to see quite a lot. Thankfully many of the works are close to one another.

It was SO hot out!

Fremont East District

You’ll find all this amazing art in Downtown Las Vegas, and more specifically in the Fremont East District. Downtown Las Vegas has experienced a major revitalization, and Fremont Street is the second most popular destination in the city after the famed Las Vegas Strip.

The concentrated number of murals in the area are remnants of the Life is Beautiful Festival, a three day event, which takes place in the Downtown core each year, and includes music, food and street art. The event is put on by JUSTKIDS, an organization dedicated to spreading art all over the world. Who doesn’t love that mission? The 5th annual Life is Beautiful Festival will take place in September 2017. Hmmm, I see a return trip coming on…

Downtown Las Vegas Street Art

The 21 story Plaza Hotel, located at 1 South Main Street, is home to two amazing murals. While Shepard Fairey’s painting can be seen from the street, D*face’s mural, entitled: Behind Closed Doors, is harder to see and requires a trip to the Plaza’s Pool Deck located on the 5th floor.

Artist: D*Face
Location: The Plaza Hotel Pool Deck, 5th floor
Country of Origin: England
Artist: Shepard Fairey
Location: The Plaza Hotel
Country of Origin: USA
Artist: Alexis Diaz
Location: 6th and Ogden
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico
Artist: Chor Boogie
Location: 6th & Ogden
Country of Origin: USA?
Artist: Zio Ziegler
Location: 6th & Ogden
Country of Origin: USA
Artist: ROA
Location: 6th & Stewart
Country of Origin: Belgium
Artist: Vhils
Location: 7th between Ogden & Steward
Country of Origin: Portugal
Artist: Felipe Pantone
Location: 7th between Ogden & Steward
Country of Origin: Argentina
Artist: D*Face
Location: 7th & Ogden
Country of Origin: England
Artist: Mark Drew
Location: 7th & Ogden
Country of Origin: Australia
Artist: Martin Whatson
Location: 7th & Steward (around the corner)
Country of Origin: Norway
Artist: Dface 
Location: 7th between Ogden & Fremont
Country of Origin: England
Artist: Pixel Pancho
Location: 7th and Fremont
Country of Origin: Italy
Artist: Ana Maria Ortiz
Location: 7th & Ogden
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

The Fremont East District is also home to many amazing sculptures!
Artist: Kirk Jullum
Location: 7th & Fremont
Country of Origin: USA?

Take a look at the specs on this! Impressive to say the least!

Created by aerospace engineer Kirk Jellum the mantis is a 150:1 scale exact replica of a female preying mantis he found in an open field. The mantis can speak 20 different languages, and is operated by a team of four.

Street Art After Dark

Visit the Fremont East District at night for a completely different experience, though I can’t promise the temperatures will be any cooler the lights are pretty spectacular!



Miscellaneous Street Art



The second most popular area in the city can’t quite be called “off the beaten path”, but it’s not the Las Vegas most people envision either. If you do find yourself in Las Vegas, I highly suggest you take some time to visit the Fremont East District!

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