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The Happy Place Los Angeles California

Can a person be too happy? Is that even possible? I didn’t think so, but I admit to being accused of it on occasion. Yep, that’s right, I was once accused of smiling too much! That was awkward, but you can’t keep me down! I’m a morning person, I end most sentences with exclamation points, and in general I’m a pretty cheerful person, so when I heard about a place that was literally called: Happy Place, I knew I had to go there. Stat!

In fact the moment I saw the advertisement I clicked buy tickets and scooped up the max allowed (8) for opening day. My friends we were coming for the Thanksgiving holiday break and I just knew they would want to share in all that happiness… or at least I hoped they would! Lucky for me, they did and we had the best time!

If you’re wondering, Happy Place is very similar to The Museum of Ice Cream, which if you don’t already know, is basically room after room of colorful photo ops. If you’re into taking selfies this is your heaven, and even if you’re not… Wandering through 13 + brightly lit rooms decorated to the hilt, and filled with cheerful activities, photo ops and yummy treats is a pretty great way to spend an afternoon! Raise your hand if you love an afternoon of silly fun with your besties!

Raise your hand if you love fun!

Here is a preview of just some of the fun we had during our visit.

Upon entering Happy Place you’ll be asked to watch an adorable little video, which basically spells out the rules, no selfie sticks, enjoy yourself, the path is one way only…

For the sake of everyone’s happiness there are a few rules…

After the video you’ll head down the entrance hallway…

And through the door…

Giant Shoes

Can you guess what these shoes were made of?

Lovable Sea Monster

The first two rooms were cheerful, but we weren’t exactly sure how to interact with them, I guess we needed to warm up a bit…


…Becuase we figured it out in the next room, which also happened to be my favorite!

If You’re Happy and You Know It…

Celebrate Everyday!

I’m a big fan of celebrating! Really, any excuse will do! We couldn’t open any of the 400 presents on the walls, but did get these delicious cake pops!


Pop Up Flowers

We all loved this fun room where you could pop up among the flowers like gophers!

Topsy Turvy

I’m afraid this room was a bit beyond our capabilites, we weren’t quite sure how to make ourselves appear upside down. I ended up rotating the photos. My dad was definitely the best at this, I think I may be choking that teddy bear!

Four in One

The next “four” rooms were really all in one room together. The lines to get photos were quite long,especially for the rubber ducky tub, but we perservered…

Live Laugh Love


Rainbow Hearts


Rubber Ducky You’re the One


Mirror Mirror

The End of the Rainbow

This room was fun, but the “gold” is a bit rough on your feet when you land, and if you’re wearing a skirt or dress, you’ll want to hold on to it as you jump!

Snow Confetti Angels

We don’t get much opportunity to make snow angels here in SoCal, but confetti works too!

Snow Confetti Globe

The final room, and a favorite of our group, we loved this confetti filled dome! Once the door was shut the fans came on and the confetti was flying! Lucky us, no one was waiting and we got to go twice! You can’t believe the places the confetti finds itself…

Once you’ve had your fill of photos head to the final room for popsicles, lemondade, the gift shop, and a few final photo ops!

One last Photo Op!

With the exception of a few rooms you’ll be taking all your own photos during your Happy Place visit, or you can ask the friendly staff to take your photo. This “garden” had a camera set up, which took us a few tries to get just right. Once we were satisfied we emailed the photos to oursleves!

Whoops! We weren’t ready!

That’s better!

Third times the charm!

You’ll work up an appetite during your Happy Place visit, but don’t worry, you’ll find delicious RAINBOGrilled Cheese sandwhiches just outside at The Happy Toast food truck! The perfect way to end an already fun afternoon! 

Tips & Advice:

Will you be in the LA area in the next few months? Check out the Happy Place official website for ticket information. Not coming to LA? Don’t worry, sign up online for updates and information on the Happy Place’s next destination. You never know where the Happy Place will pop up next. The Museum of Ice cream has since opened locations in both San Francisco and Miami, and I hear the Color Factory could be headed to LA soon. My fingers are crossed! Stay tuned…

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