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Candytopia Santa Monica

Candytopia Santa Monica California

The most recent addition to the Insta experience club, opened this past weekend at Santa Monica Place in downtown Santa Monica. It’s called Candytopia, and Elliot and I were excited to be among some of the first to visit what turned out to be a pretty sweet time! Pun intended!

Candytopia? What’s that?

Candytopia, similar to  The Museum of Ice Cream and The Happy Place, is a themed interactive experience with no real purpose other than fun and of course Instagram photo opportunities galore.

Once inside you’ll follow a one way path through a variety of brightly colored and very cheerful rooms full of interactive exhibits, photos ops, and of course all the sweet treats you can eat.

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Entrance Hall

As soon as you enter the entrance hall you’ll be immersed in all things Candytopia, and not just sights, but sounds too!

The employees are dressed like Oompa Loompas, and a flair for the dramatic is most definitely a requirement for anyone seeking employment in Candytopia.

Library and Introduction

The “Library” is where you’ll hear a little bit about the founder of Candytopia, get your first candy treat, yummy chocolates, and sign the guest book.

Unlike the other interactive locations we experienced, visitors were welcome to take more than one treat.

Treat: Lindor Chocolates

Museum Gallery

This was one of my favorite rooms. The walls were lined with famous portraits and recreations of famous paintings and statues made completely of candy. In fact almost everything inside Candytopia was made of candy!

Alongside each piece of art was listed the amount of candy and type used, as well as the calories and grams of sugar.

Seeing all those calories in writing definitely helped keep my candy intake in check!

Treat: Candy Necklaces

Under the Sea

Candy sea creatures of all types filled this under the sea themed room, but the boys were on the fast track and didn’t stay long…

Treat: Pixie Sticks

💯Swing & Op Art Room

We all loved this room. The 💯 emoji swing was my favorite, but I think Elliot liked the whirlpool and flying among the clouds.

Treat: Airheads

Tropical Beach

We breezed through the beach area, but not before Elliot gave both the hammock and the surf board a quick spin.

Look out Elliot! Shark!

Treat: Saltwater Taffy

When Pigs Fly

What is it about confetti? I know this room had multiple interactive experiences, but honestly we were so busy playing in the confetti, which seemed to be flying out of a pig’s rear end that we didn’t pay much attention to anything else.

After we’d had our fill, and our clothes and hair were filled too, we set off for the next room…

Treat: Gummies

Marshmallow Pit

The final room, and Elliot’s favorite was the giant “marshmallow” pit, which filled the room entirely. In actuality they were foam pieces in the shape of jumbo marshmallows, but it was a great illusion, and the Elliot and his friend had a wonderful time romping around.

Personally, I found it quite difficult to move at all, and after a short while I gave up and enjoyed watching them from the sidelines.

Gift Shop

The gift shop was filled to the brim with delicious treats and fun gifts, but we’d had our fill during the visit, so after a quick look around we went on our merry way… After all that candy it was time for lunch!

These tickets were purchased as a holiday gift, which eased some of my guilt about them being on the expensive side. We had a lovely time, took a ton of photos and had more than our fill of candy. Of the three Insta experiences we’ve attended I felt that Candytopia was the most family friendly.

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