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25 Zoos Around the World

Bat Eared Fox

Is there one thing you always do when visiting a new place? For our family it’s the zoo. We always said that having children wouldn’t stop us from seeing and doing all the things that interest us in a given place, but that doesn’t mean we can’t allow time for child friendly activities as well.

Finding a balance is key and the zoo with animals and beautiful gardens has often been the perfect place to achieve that balance. Though as my children are getting older I’ve recently started finding my own balance

Over the years we’ve visited as many as 25 different zoological gardens around the world, so we consider ourselves something of zoo connoisseurs! Traveling with kids, and considering a zoo, take a look and see if your destination is on our list:

I don’t have photos from every one, but for the purposes of this post I dug out some old photos. I admit in advance that some of them aren’t the highest quality.

Woodland Park Zoo
Seattle, Washington

The Woodland Park Zoo has to be one of my favorites, probably because I grew up going there. However, the zoo is laid out really well and has a wide variety of animals. The Children’s Zoo has a lovely farm and a petting zoo.

The Petting Zoo at Woodland Park Zoo

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium
Tacoma, Washington

A zoo and an aquarium, Point Defiance does a great job with both. We loved visiting the beluga whales and the zoo’s playground is quite good. I once rode a camel here, and really regretted it for a number of reasons, not the least of which is this awful photo.

Oregon Zoo
Portland, Oregon

We really enjoyed the Portland Zoo, which has a very Pacific northwest feel about it. The forested areas, natural habitats, and lots of interactive exhibits made the entire experience fun and immersive for the entire family.

Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens
Hilo, Hawaii

I really enjoyed this zoo, that is until I decided that the white tiger exhibit wasn’t quite secure enough for my liking. That might have been because the zoo keeper told me that enclosures are really more to keep the people out than to keep the animals in… Yikes!

San Francisco Zoo
San Francisco, California

I admit San Francisco Zoo isn’t my favorite. The layout isn’t easy to follow, and the enclosures are spaced far from one another. They did have these fun interactive posters though…

Oakland Zoo
Oakland, California

Sadly, I don’t have any photos of our visit to the Oakland Zoo, but we really enjoyed our visit here. A pretty standard zoo, there are also rides and an overhead tram.

The Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo
Palo Alto, California

This was my neighborhood zoo for many years! I know, a neighborhood zoo, how cool is that?! So, why don’t I have ANY photos? Too busy enjoying ourselves I guess… This zoo may be small, but it has a lot to offer including a wonderful indoor area with science exhibits and play areas made just for the little ones.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo
San Jose, California

A bit off the beaten path, this zoo is perfect for the younger set. It’s not terribly large, but there are interactive exhibits, and an amusement park with rides perfect for toddlers through age 8.

Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Los Angeles, California

We always get lost in this zoo, but there is a really nice selection of animals and interactive exhibits, so we don’t mind. I especially loved watching these Chinese Cranes. Keep in mind the zoo is located in Griffith park, which is a giant hill.

Santa Barbara Zoo
Santa Barbara, California

The Santa Barbara Zoo is a family favorite. It’s an absolutely lovely little zoo with a fabulous ocean view! The gardens are beautiful and finding your way around is relatively easy. There are many unique animals and if you’re interested you can even feed the giraffe! We loved the playgrounds, and if you fancy it there is a little train around the zoo as well.

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens
Palm Desert, California

If you’re visiting the Palm Springs area with younger children consider a visit to the Living Desert Zoo and Gardens. We loved the Giraffe exhibit, and if you’re interested you can feed them for an additional fee. The animals featured here are from North America and Africa, and there are some unique and endangered species. Did you know the giraffe is endangered?

The desert gardens are beautiful and unique. A first at any zoo I’ve ever visited there were hiking trails and even the opportunity for camping overnight. It was a lovely afternoon out, though I don’t recommend a summer visit, as it was blazing hot even in March.

The San Diego Zoo
San Diego, California

I know the San Diego Zoo is world famous zoo, but I admit it wasn’t my favorite. This was mainly due to a confusing layout and the many hills, which weren’t easy to navigate with a stroller. We did see pandas though, so thats something!

Waiting to see the pandas

Shark Reef Mandalay Bay
Las Vegas, Nevada

The Shark Reef Aquarium, located in Mandalay Bay, is a fully accredited aquarium, and is home to not only sharks, but many other fascinating creatures as well. I know this isn’t a zoo, but my sons insisted I include it here, as there were animals as well as fish.

Enter a caption

Lincoln Park Zoo
Chicago, Illinois

Another favorite and well worth your time is the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is open and free 365 days a year. My parents grew up going to this zoo, and it’s been such a treat visiting with them and my own children. The enclosures are beautifully done and the play areas are wonderful. There are sea creatures here as well. A perfect zoo if you have limited time.

Four generations of Lincoln Park Zoo goers

Brookfield Zoo
Chicago, Illinois

The Brookfield Zoo is a very large zoo, so you’ll want to allow the better part of an entire day if you decide to visit. A fairly standard zoo I prefer Lincoln Park zoo.

Zoo Miami
Miami, Florida

Although there wasn’t a lot of shade at Zoo Miami, and it was hot hot hot, we all enjoyed our visit. Beware the animal statues they’re scalding!

The Audubon Zoo
New Orleans, Louisiana

I feel pretty confident when I say the Audubon Zoo in Uptown New Orleans is pretty great! We’ve been three times! The zoo has a  wide variety of animals from around the world, but my favorite part of any zoo is the exhibit showcasing the local area and the Audubon Zoo does a great job of this with their Louisiana swamp section, which features local animals and foliage. You can even get alligator jambalaya at the zoo cafe! We loved seeing the white alligators, and they have a white tiger too!

Brooklyn Zoo
Brooklyn, New York

We visited the Brooklyn Zoo, when my older son was only 4 years old, and I admit to having only a vague recollection, so I can’t really tell you how it measures up.

Central Park Zoo
New York, New York

Even though you won’t see all the animals from the Madagascar movies, The Central Park Zoo is a wonderful little zoo right in the heart of the city. A perfect place to give the kids a New York Minute before carrying on with the rest of your New York day.

Turtle Back Zoo
Essex County, New Jersey

We visited this zoo on a preschool field trip ages ago, and I don’t recall much, only that we really enjoyed our day here.

The London Zoo
London, England

The London Zoo, located in Regent’s Park is not only the worlds oldest scientific zoo, but it was also the home of Winnie the bear. A.A. Milne changed the name of his famous storybook character Pooh Bear to Winnie-The-Pooh after he and his son Christopher Robin visited the London Zoo. We’ve been to the London Zoo twice, 12 years ago, and again just this past Christmas Eve.

Edinburgh Zoo
Edinburgh, Scotland

We had a really nice visit at the Edinburgh Zoo, even with the rain, because… Pandas and Penguins! I wouldn’t say this about every zoo we’ve seen, but if the littles are growing tired of yet another historic site or museum and just need a break this is a very nice place to visit.

Zoo Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

The Barcelona Zoo was the perfect place to give our littles a break from all that sightseeing. On the smaller side, we were able to see it in just a few hours!

Bioparco di Roma
Rome, Italy

Bioparco di Roma, is one of the oldest zoos in Europe, and is located near the Villa Borghese Gardens. We wandered through the gardens and then around the zoo on Christmas Eve. It was a nice break, especially for the little guy.

Ueno Zoo
Tokyo, Japan

The oldest zoo in Japan, the Ueno Zoo is located in Ueno Park in Taitō, Tokyo. We really enjoyed our afternoon here and saw animals that we’ve never seen in any western zoos.

The Tower of London
London, England

Did you know The Tower of London was once a zoo?

My husband says The Tower of London Doesn’t count, but did you know that it was at one time a zoo. Yes, for 600 years the Tower of London was a zoo?! This is where Kings and queens kept the exotic animals gifted to them from other monarchs around the world. There is a great exhibit showcasing the different types of animals that lived here including a polar bear who once lived in the moat and fished in the River Thames! The wire replicas of animals throughout the grounds are pretty cool, even if they aren’t real…

Bonus Zoo:

La Menagerie
Paris, France

Unfortunately, we were unable to visit the Paris Zoo, but the Jardin des Plantes is a fabulous place to visit with children, and I hope to find my way back.

That time we almost went to the Paris Zoo

Have you been to any of these zoos? What is your favorite go to family activity when traveling? How many times can one person say zoo?

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