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Photo Tour: Day Trip to Cambridge

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Cambridge University

Only 50 miles from London, and easily accessible via train, Cambridge makes the perfect day trip. While you’re there visit the colleges, go punting, stroll The Backs, enjoy a pub lunch and of course some sweet treats. If I’m being completely honest, we skipped the pub lunch and went straight for the chocolates.

First things first…

One of the most unique and idyllic ways I’ve ever celebrated my birthday, was punting on the River Cam. Even if it’s not your birthday this is a most relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Its even better if you’re lucky enough to have friends who will do all the hard work while you sit back and relax.

We may have skipped the pub, but we didn’t miss lunch. We picked up sandwiches from a local grab and go and enjoyed them on the river, and if you’re so inclined and have a good handle on steering your boat, you can grab a Pimms cup from the Floating Cam Bar to go with your picnic! Only £5!

We loved the ducks, and other water fowl, on The River Cam in Cambridge, and they loved us, or at least they loved our lunch, especially the popcorn. At one point I thought they might get right in our punt!

The River Cam

Punting on the River Cam and visiting colleges are essential to any Cambridge visit, but do make sure to take the time to walk across The River Cam, for an alternative view.

Punting on The River Cam

One of the most iconic buildings in Cambridge is Kings College Chapel. You’ll need a ticket to enter, but its worth the price of admission, building started in 1446, just four years after the college was founded with finishing touches completed by King Henry VIII, is there anything in the UK that he didn’t have a hand in?

Lucky for me my dear friend, Clare, who is an alumni and a perfect guide joined us for our day out. She made sure we had a lovely day. Check out her guide to Cambridge for more about those pub lunches I mentioned above and other valuable information on how to spend your day in Cambridge.

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