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Shoreditch Street Art Tour & Masterclass

Graffiti Class Shoreditch London

I’ve been collecting Street Art for quite a few years now, so I was excited to finally explore some of what London has to offer. Graffiti writers and street artists come from around the world to leave their mark on the streets of Shoreditch, a trendy neighborhood in London’s East End.

Redemption Wings Old Street

The walls of this always up and coming, but (thankfully) not fully gentrified neighborhood are a veritable who’s who of the street art world including Banksy, Dface, Eine, Shepard Fairey, Shok-1 and so many more.

This Banksy piece on the wall at Cargo has been covered with protective plastic.

A guided walking tour was a great way to see and learn about the street art scene in Shoreditch, and it was an absolute highlight of our London trip. Our guide, Karim of Street Art Tours London, is also an artist and has been painting on and off the street for the past 16 years.

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One of Karim’s aka Freedom Kult’s pieces.

Wherever possible I’ve shared the artist and location of the piece, but as the Street Art scene is always evolving there are no guarantees that these pieces will still be available from one day to the next. However, their replacements are almost sure to be something equally special!

Shoreditch High Street

Like the street art covering it’s walls the neighborhood of Shoreditch is also in a state of evolution. There are mixed emotions about the state of change and you’ll see that a lot of the art represents this.

Shoreditch Street Art Walking Tour Highlights:

X-Ray Hand with Soda Can
Artist: Shok-1
Location: Whitby Road

Shok-1 Whitby

Various Stik Pieces
Artist: Stik
Locations: Great Eastern & Rivington Streets

Merry Christmas Mural
Artist: Graffiti Life
Location: Wheler Street

Graffiti Life Christmas Mural

Graffiti Writing
Artist: Ghost Writers Crew
Location: Shoreditch High Street

Ghost Writers Crew

The Angel of Sclater Street
Artist: Jonesy
Location: Sclater Street

Angel of Sclater Street Jonesy

Giant Cat
Artist: Himbad
Location: Sclater Street

Himbad Sclater Street

Graphic Letter Signs
Artist: Ben Eine
Location: Rivington & Luke Streets & Club Row

My Masters Voice
Artist: Banksy
Location: Cargo Bar on Rivington Street

Banksy Cargo Bar on Rivington Street

Hooded Boy
Artist: Jimmy C
Location: Whitby Street

Jimmy C Whitby Street

Woman’s Face
Artist: Cenz
Location: Great Eastern Street

Cenz Great Eastern Street

Multiple Pieces
Artist: Otto Schade
Location: Rivington & Shoreditch High Streets

Artist: Dal East
Location: Dereham Place

DAL East Dereham Place

Artist: Benjamin Murphy
Location: Amnesty International New Inn Yard Street

These unique installations are made of electrical tape on glass.

It Takes The Sedition of…
Artist: Shepard Fairey
Location: Bateman’s Row

Balloon Clowns
Artist: Fanakapan
Location: Hoxton Square

Fanakapan Hoxton Square

Artist: Unknown
Location: Sclater Street

Winnie the Pooh & Friends

Motorcycle Mural
Artist: Ryan Roadkill
Location: Sclater Street

Ryan Roadkill Sclater Street

Although not a piece of street art I thought it worth noting that the Rebel Alliance Motorcycle shop located on Sclater Street is owned by Dface.

Dface owns this little motorcycle shop on Sclater Street.


I really enjoy collecting street art, but it was only a matter of time before I gave in to the urge to create my own masterpiece. Having done a bit of painting at home in LA, we were pretty exited about repeating this experience in London.

Practicing our technique.

Street Art Tours London offers what they call a MasterClass, so after the walking portion of our tour was over we set off for a local art studio in nearby Hackney where after a brief lesson on technique we set about making our own masterpiece. We’re pretty pleased with the way our piece came out, and you can bet that we’ll be doing more of this in the near future!

Here are the steps we took when creating our “street” art mural:

Find A Blank Wall

Start with a blank space.

Draw your Construction Lines

Lay down your construction lines.

Fill In The Design

Fill in your design.

Add Background Elements

Add the background elements

Outline Your Design

Outline your design.

Add The Small Details

Add detail elements

Add The Halo

Give your outline a halo.

Sign and Date Your Piece

Sign and date your piece.

Tips & Advice:

Our London Masterpiece is complete!

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