InstaLA! 15 Places to Snap Those InstaGood Pics

These days it’s all about documenting. After all if you haven’t posted it on Instagram, were you really there? Of course you were, but sharing the fun is a big part of any experience, which is one reason why I started this blog in the first place! Sharing the fun!

The famous Pink Wall at Paul Smith on Melrose #paulsmithla

As an amateur photographer, I appreciate that a great photo, not only documents the moment, but also tells the story. So, as a tourist in my own town, I’ve been on a quest to see new places, enjoy the moments, AND get that #pic.

Are You Looking for that LA Experience?

Another Insta Icon the #madeinla wall at  Cisco Home on Melrose

Whether it be a #selfie, a portrait, or just your surroundings, If you’re looking for more than just a photo, but an experience to go along with it consider some of these #fun on and off the beaten path LA locations:

1. Colette Miller Angel Wings Location: 453 Colyton Street, Los Angeles

If there’s one #instapic you have to take while visiting the City of Angles it’s the one with a pair of Colette Miller’s Angel Wings. Surely, you’ve heard of Colette Miller’s Angel Wings project by now, and if not, you have now! With multiple locations around LA, and now the world, you are bound to run across a pair! This particular pair is located just outside the DTLA Arts  District Co-op, which also happens to be a great shop!

2. Fnnch Honey Bear Mural Location: 608 Mateo Street, Los Angeles

The #insta #opportunities in Downtown’s Arts District are endless. No matter your taste, there is street art for everyone! It was while looking for another piece that we came upon this lovely “little” honey bear by the San Francisco based artist known as Fnnch. Of course I had to take a quick #pic with my #littlehoney!

3. The Most Famous Artist Mural Location: 608 Mateo Street, Los Angeles

You might already be familiar with the polka dot wall as it’s become an #icon of the LA #instawall scene. (Is that a thing? I guess it is now!) The work of Matty Mo, otherwise known as The Most Famous Artist, its just one of many murals made with the intention of being featured on social media. It’s conveniently located in the same area as some other pretty nice pieces.

4. The Broad Museum Location: 221 S. Grand Ave, Los Angeles

If you only have time to visit one museum while in LA, I highly suggest The Broad located in DTLA. Entry to the museum is free, and the collection is top notch! Not only that, the building itself makes a lovely #instawall backdrop! Do keep in mind that it’s incredibly popular and advance reservations are required.

5. The Chandelier Tree  Location: 2811 W. Silver Lake Drive, Los Angeles

The Chandelier Tree, created by, Silver Lake resident and artist, Adam Tenenbaum is a magical piece of art which is located in his front yard! The tree’s restored chandeliers have been collected over time through donations, swap meet purchases and film sets. Visitors to the tree are very welcome and if you’re so inclined you can contribute to Adam’s electric bill, by inserting coins into the meter beneath the tree. Check out this neat little video to learn more about the Chandelier Tree.

6. Elliot Smith Figure 8 Wall Location: 4334 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

Just a few minutes away from the above #instaspot you’ll find the Elliott Smith Figure 8 Wall. If you’re a music lover, you might be familiar with Elliot Smith, who met a tragic end in 2003. This wall was featured on the cover of his last album and has since become a place where fans can snap a #pic and pay tribute to the deceased singer. As my husband is a big fan of Elliott’s music, our son is also named Elliot…

7. Micheltorena Stairs Location: 3400 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

Painted by artist Corrine Carrie the Micheltorena Stairs are not only a lovely spot for an #instapic, but part of a larger network of “hidden”stairs within the Silver Lake neighborhood. If you’re feeling inspired after you snap your #staircandy pic, why not consider an urban hike! You’ll get some exercise along with your #snap!

8. View of DTLA Griffith Observatory Location: 2800 E. Observatory Rd, Los Angeles

The views from the Griffith Observatory, are quintessential LA, so it’s no wonder this very view was featured in the movie LA LA Land. Not only will a visit here provide you fabulous views of #DTLA, but the #iconic Hollywood Sign as well. Thats two birds with one #instastone!

9. The Hollywood Sign Location: 2800 E. Observatory Rd, Los Angeles

#hollywoodsign #griffithpark #hollywood #losangeles #california #icon #staycation #fun #hilarystyleme

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One of the most famous icons in Los Angeles and the world, no trip to Los Angeles would be complete without a glimpse of the famous Hollywood Sign!

10. Urban Light at LACMA Location: 5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles

There’s something so magical about artist Chris Burden’s Urban Light installation, I could spend hours there! I couldn’t stop taking photos. The solar powered installation is made from 202 restored cast iron street lamps from 1920s and 30s Los Angeles. Part of LACMA’s permanent collection, the exhibit is free to the public. Urban Light is an incredibly popular place to take photos and hang out, so unless you visit in the middle of the night, expect to have other people in your photos.

11. Carrera Cafe Location: 8251 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles

Located just across the street from the pink #paulsmithla wall on Melrose Avenue, Carrera Cafe, is not just a pretty face, but also a lovely little cafe with both sweet and savory treats.

12. Social butterflies LA Location:  8222 W. 3rd St, Los Angeles

You’ll be kept plenty busy exploring all the restaurants, shopping, galleries and fun #wallcandy on West 3rd Street, which is located in West Hollywood about one mile from Melrose Avenue.

13. Palm Tree Photo Mural Location: 1130 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice

For a guaranteed LA experience and those #instagood #instapics don’t miss one of the hottest streets in town, Abbot Kinney located in Venice. Both sides of the street are lined with not only fabulous street art, murals and pasteups, but many of the most sought after fashion brands have stores here. After you’ve snapped and shopped, you can satisfy your hunger in the one of the many trendy bars and restaurants. It’s #instapic heaven! This Noah Abrams photograph is on the wall outside of Kit and Ace.

14. J. Goldcrown’s #bleedinghearts #Lovewall Location: corner of Santa Clara Avenue and Abbot Kinney Boulevard

While you’re in the neighborhood, why not make a stop at J. Goldcrown’s #bleedinghearts #lovewall, which is painted on the side of the Green Leaf Chopshop. Don’t worry, it’s okay to take photos at both! Then stop by the TOMS store and pick up a matching pair!

15. Will Rodgers State Beach  Location: 17000 Pacific Coast Hwy, Los Angeles

Tourist or not, there’s nothing quite like an LA #sunset, and the best part: It happens each and every night!


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Hotel Reviews! Hilarystyle!

When I think of travel many things come to mind, adventures, seeing new sights, trying new foods, and dedicated family time. I love all of those things so much, however there are a few things about travel that I don’t love… Though worth bitching about mentioning, there is nothing that would stop me from embarking on my next journey, let’s not carried away!

Arriving in Dublin!

Having recently had the opportunity to stay in 12 different hotels over the course of 6 weeks I had a lot of time to think about the things I love and don’t love in hotel rooms. Before I tell you specifics I’ll admit upfront that I’m a bit of a hotel snob. However, I do try to be objective. Really!

A few of my not so favorite things:

  • Why are there never enough towels!? Enough said…
  • Data – in this age of instant satisfaction spotty data just won’t cut it, especially at the rates they’re charging for it?! This is especially irritating when one is attempting to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones from a hotel room and there is little or no wifi service!
  • Laundry services – Is it just me or do all hotel laundry services use the same very bad strong smelling detergent? And too much of it at that! Since Elliot insists on throwing up in just about every country we’ve ever visited and Simon fills in the blanks we’ve had plenty of occasions to notice.
  • Crappy shampoo – In an effort to travel light and pack everything in a carry on suitcase packing shampoo isn’t always an option, so more often than not travel equals bad hair that never quite feels clean. High on my dislike list are the two in one shampoo options!
  • Weak Hairdryers – and don’t even get me started on where to find the hairdryer! I like to think of it as a game: Find The Hairdryer. I get to play it at each new location! Yay me.
  • Plug placement – Why oh why can’t their be a hairdryer plug in the bathroom?! I’m traveling with a man who doesn’t shave on vacation (yes, even when traveling for six straight weeks), yet there’s always a shaver plug available!

Between bad water pressure, hard water, soft water, weak hair dryers, scalding hairdryers, cheap shampoo, rain, and humidity it’s almost impossible to have a good hair day while traveling, but throw in the fact that the hairdryer isn’t located in the bathroom and I’m absolutely sunk!

Ireland The WestburyI’m sharing a room with three other people, none of whom wake up as early as I do, so while I can take care of everything else quietly in the bathroom, drying my hair isn’t an option unless I want three extremely grumpy traveling companions!

hotel-review-headerAll of this has prompted me to come up with a personal rating system for places I stay and blog about!

I’ve decided this hairdryer icon hairdryer will work perfectly. Moving forward I’ll use a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best! I’ve just finished a series of blog posts about our recent travels through Ireland, so I’ll start with those properties first! While cleanliness, comfort, and service are paramount. My ratings will also include the following criteria:

  • Water pressure
  • Shampoo quality
  • Placement of the hairdryer plug


The Westbury Hotel – Dublin


Dublin The Westbury Hotel ReivewThe Westbury Hotel had lovely bathrooms, with really good water and pressure! The shampoo and conditioner smelled and worked great! The hairdryer plug wasn’t in the bathroom but instead located at the mini bar/coffee station right next to the bed. The hairdryer was so hot I had to use the medium setting or risk burning my hair – that’s a first! If only the hairdryer plug had been located in the bathroom.

Overall this hotel was a lovely property located in a great part of town and I would absolutely stay here again. If you’re interested in a visit to Dublin, you might like to read Three Days in Dublin and if you’re a beer drinker or even if you’re not check out my post about The Guinness Storehouse!

The Ross Hotel – Killarney


Ireland The Ross HotelThe lobby and main areas in The Ross Hotel were fun and very trendy, but this didn’t carry over to the rooms which weren’t nearly as cheerful as the rest of the property. The bathrooms were pretty utilitarian with dark shower stalls and although the water pressure was decent, the shampoo and conditioner were awful. I never really felt like my hair was clean during our stay. The hairdryer was in the bathroom, but it was so weak it was hardly worth it.

Considering Killarney isn’t a big town and the staff, service and location were great I would consider staying again, but I would bring my own supplies. Killarney is well worth a visit as is The Ring of Kerry and if Castles and Cliffs are on your list than you are in the right part of the world for those as well!

The Twelve



The Twelve located just a few minutes down the road from Galway had a lovely and helpful staff and the rooms were very spacious for a family of four. Little touches of whimsy were placed here and there, so I really wanted to give them a better review… However, even great water pressure won’t help if the shampoo is terrible and it not only smelled bad, but it didn’t do anything. Unfortunately, the only plug located near the mirror was on the floor, so I had to dry my hair while kneeling on the floor. The hair dyer was decent though… In hindsight, I might like to stay just a little closer to Galway, so probably won’t choose to stay at The Twelve again. Galway was a lovely little town and if you fancy a chilly dip in the bay you’ll be in the right place!

Stay tuned for more hotel reviews hilarystyle!


Autumn Refresh: Wardrobe & Makeup!

I love all four seasons, but for many reasons autumn has always been one of my favorites! I look forward to a change in the weather, the colorful fall leaves and Halloween. A bit of crispness in the air is the signal to pull my boots from the back of the closet, and I do love my boots!  Of course living in SoCal, autumn doesn’t present itself in quite the same way as it does in other parts of the country. Our first year here, knowing I missed the changing of the leaves, Tim brought me some autumn-ish leaves and it was like he’d given me a dozen roses!

Fall Fashion Refresh 2016

Now that I’ve lived in California for the past 15+ years, I’m used to lighter seasons and have even learned to appreciate them! Poor me, right?! In SoCal, we basically get an extended summer with a little bit of autumn, sans the changing of the leaves…

SO, even though I don’t feel like autumn is almost upon us (next week already) as I am still wearing summer attire and slathering on the sunscreen (and will be for some time), autumn is definitely in the stores and has been for a while. Good thing for me I’m seeing a lot of black, white, and denim, because that means I’m all set, however I have noticed a few things that I might need to give my fall wardrobe a refresh. Generally I steer away from styles of the moment, but in the interest of mixing things up a bit I’ve chosen a few pieces with interesting texture to compliment what is already in my closet and give it new life.

I’ve hit up the fall lines of a few of my favorites*, to add a bit of leather, smooth, fake and textured, frayed hems, fleece, cords, fresh white graphic Ts and of course a pop of color!

If you can believe it, you probably can, I took all these fashion pics using a tripod and the timer on my camera!That’s it for clothing this season… on to makeup!

Fall Makeup!

I love makeup! Just like fashion, makeup changes with the seasons and styles come and go. This summer I tried something new and stuck with just a few neutral shades while I was busy traveling, beaching and moving all summer long.

Now that things are settling down, I’m ready for a change. Bye bye neutrals! I need a pop of color! I love color and glitter, in fact the more sparkle, color and glitter the better! If I’m feeling down a bit of makeup retail therapy goes a long way!


I always love MAC’s theme lines, but I especially geeked out on the new Star Trek line (I’ve been a fan my entire life), I picked up some shadow and two liners in back and silver, as well as two new x9 palettes burgundy and purple… the burgundy is new for me… Another new for me is the MAC brightening line. I’m trying out the Lightful C Vibrancy Eye Cream because, honestly, who can’t use a little brightening!

What do you think do my eyes look brighter? We shall see!

Happy Fall!

*Rag and Bone, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Fiorentini & Baker, Current Elliott, Sundry & Free City!



Happy Anniversary!

Today marks the One Year Anniversary of, and I’m pretty excited about this milestone! You might be surprised to read that putting myself “out there” isn’t always easy and pushing the Publish button that first time, was not just a little bit nerve-wracking. Many things were going through my mind: would anyone be interested in this blog, care what I have to say, find my advice on travel, fashion, or fun useful? I pushed it anyway, faced my fears and… Wallah!

Here WE are one year later and apparently, the answer is a big YES! I am definitely proud of myself, but more importantly, I am grateful to all of you for following, reading, and commenting week after week! by the numbers!

The #1 post on is:

Making a TsumTsum Birthday Party with well over 6,000 views!

Featured Image -- 1578

2 is the number of times I pressed PUBLISH before I was ready!


3 surprising things I learned in my first year of blogging:

  1. I love writing!
  2. Even after a year, pushing the “publish” button intimidates me a little bit.
  3. People are actually interested!

Top 10 posts

  1. Making a Tsum Tsum Birthday Party!
    Tsum Tsum
  2. Capitola by the Sea! A Girls Weekend!
  3. Traveling Hilarystyle!
    Edinburgh Castle
  4. Fashion Favorites: Walking in my Shoes… Travel Shoes That is!
  5. Mom Stuff: Ripping Off the Bandage!
  6. Crazy Hair Day! Bad Hair Day! No Hair Day?
  7. New York! #837NYC!
    samsung Flagship-0845
  8. Mom Stuff! Part one: Whoops!whoops
  9. I. Am. A. Runner.
  10. Packing… What to Wear Over There!Packing

87 different countries have visited! 


Here are the top 10:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Singapore
  5. Mexico
  6. Indonesia
  7. Malta
  8. Portugal
  9. Germany
  10. Philippines

Total posts: 110

I’ve written on average two posts about fashion, travel, parties, projects, mom stuff and fun each week!

Total followers: 736

That’s 736 awesome people like you who find what I have to say interesting week after week! Thank you!

Total unique visitors: 9,898

This amazing number is growing each and every day and I can hardly believe that my little idea, has grown so much in the past year!

Total Views: 29, 996

Based on these numbers, some of you like to come back again and again! I hope you’ll keep it up as I’m just wrapping up six amazing weeks of travel around Europe, and I’ve got lots of fun tips, photos and adventures to share with all of you!


Here is a sneak peak from my recent trip to Bruge!Bruges Canal






Fashion Favorites: The Muscle Tee!

#currentelliottLooking for the perfect Tee? One that won’t turn, stretch or tear after only a few wearings… Check out my current favorite!

#currentelliottWe all have items in our closet that we reach for time and time again. For me, the Current Elliot Muscle Tee is one such item. I absolutely love this shirt, and lucky for me it comes in multiple colors, patterns and weights enabling me to wear it all year round.

Rose are red, violets are blue, Current Elliot Muscle Tee I love you!

Incredibly versatile, it can be dressed up or down and in my humble opinion, looks great with absolutely everything. Its looser fit makes it perfect for layering either over or under another shirt, which also makes it the perfect traveling companion. I often wear mine faux tucked, but it looks great untucked as well!

How do I love thee Muscle Tee? Let me count the ways:

  1. I love thee faux tucked
  2. I love thee untucked
  3. I love thee everyday
  4. I love thee layered
  5. I love thee with a cardigan
  6. I love thee dressed up
  7. I love thee year round
  8. I love thee because thou art sleeveless
  9. I love thee because thou art versatile
  10. I love thee in my suitcase…

Fashion: What’s Trending This Summer?

#currentelliottdressEven here in sunny California we look forward to summertime! In our house summer is the start of a much needed break in our daily routine. It means lazy mornings (for the boys), long days, warm nights and hopefully some travel.

In anticipation of all of the above, I’ve got some fun summer attire just waiting to take a spin. Though with the recent weather we’ve been having I was beginning to wonder if it would ever warm up long enough for me to break it out? Finally, this past week it did!

What’s Trending?

This summer, I’m breaking out of my comfort zone and attempting some of the latest (and greatest?) fashion trends:

Off the Shoulder

I’ve never been quite sure what I think about the peasant look or off the shoulder, but strangely I’m liking the combination of the two. I picked up this Rag & Bone top and surprisingly I like it both on and off the shoulder!

Denim Skirt

Darn it! After years of hanging on to a denim skirt, I finally gave it away last year… Of course now denim skirts are everywhere! This one from Current Elliot seems like a nice alternative to cut off shorts and I like it with flip flops or my Dr. Martens. Of course I had to throw in my favorite Union Jack socks to complete this look…


Cold Shoulder

I wasn’t sure about the cold shoulder trend, but after I saw this cute Rag & Bone/Jean top I couldn’t stop thinking about it and decided to give it a try. I’m liking it!


Short Dresses with Booties

Thinking my ankles tend toward the skinnier side, I’ve tended to wear tall boots, but recently have decided to give shorter styles a try and I am loving them! So, wearing a short dress with short boots is something new for me. Here I am with a Current Elliot Beach Tee dress that is the softest thing ever! I like it paired with my favorite denim jacket and flip flops, booties, or wedges.

The Parachute Dress

I couldn’t resist picking up this Rag & Bone Parachute dress when I was in New York earlier this year and have been anxiously awaiting warmer weather so I can wear it. It’s somewhat of a risk for me as wearing a bra with it is pretty much out of the question. I got to give it a test run in NOLA last month and it was perfect for strolling around town on a hot day!

Tried and True

Sun Dresses

Not much of shorts girl, when the weather gets warmer, I tend to gravitate towards casual sun dresses. Knowing I’ll be wearing them almost daily, I try to find fun styles that won’t break the bank. This little black Joie dress will be a great piece to throw in my suitcase this summer!

The Little Black Dress – Two ways

I absolutely love this black James Perse sleeveless dress! It’s so soft it feels like loungewear, but dresses up so nicely when paired with a cardi and some wedges. I plan to bring this along in my suitcase as it also pairs nicely with my favorite travel shoes!

Mixing & Matching

I always bring a little sweater (My mother taught me well) as you never know when it might be cold! I especially like lightweight cardigans as they are great for layering and easily fit into my purse if I get too warm. This polka dot cardi from J. Crew is a bit of departure for me as I don’t usually shop there, but I love it paired with just about everything and especially with my skull t-shirt and studded belt. A little street meets sweet for the summer!

So, there you have it! I’m excited to be stepping out of my comfort zone and I’m ready for all the fun this summer has in store!

Where? Wear!

How many times have you looked in your closet and thought, “What should I wear?” or “I don’t have anything to wear” If you’re like most women, the answer is probably, countless!

Of course you probably have many choices! I’m not suggesting that you literally don’t have anything to wear, of course you do, your closet is probably filled with many lovely items, it’s just that there are those days when deciding what to wear seems to become a near impossible chore.

My recently reorganized closet!

What If on those days you had our own personal stylist? All your problems would be solved! Unfortunately for most of us that’s not a possibility, but not to worry, there are solutions!

Personal Wardrobe Consultant Friend#citizensracers

Maybe you can’t have a personal stylist all the time, but do you have a friend or acquaintance whose style you really admire? Have them over to help you! Choose someone who will be honest and help you be your best self without asking you to compromise your budget, personal style, or comfort.

I often help people with purging, organizing, and filling in their wardrobes and here are some basic steps to getting started:

Step 1 : Sort through the existing clothing in your closet, decide what should stay and what should go, and then reorganize everything. Don’t forget undergarments! Hint: No matter how much you love something if its stained or shabby looking it has to go.

Step 2: Decide what’s missing and fill in. Maybe your white Ts were casualties of step 1 and need to be replaced. Hint: Everyone can use fresh Ts, especially white ones.

Step 3: Maybe you already have great choices in your closet, but aren’t sure how to put them together? Create ready made outfits. Hint: Don’t forget to include accessories and jackets.

Now What?

Completing the steps above is a great start, but making sure you don’t get stuck in a rut and just grab the same old thing over and over can also be a challenge. Here’s a fun idea I came up with to help one my friends remember what to wear, wherever she was going!

The Where? Wear! Board


After completing steps 1 – 3 with a close friend of mine we made a date and I came over and pulled together outfits for all sorts of occasions. I photographed everything with my phone, printed the photos using my portable polaroid instant printer and then hung them on a bulletin board inside her walk-in closet. To help her remember what the different outfits were for I pinned little description cards and reminders next to many of the photos! Fun!

We had so much fun I decided to create a Where? Wear! Board for myself, after all I’m not immune to the “what should I wear?” dilemma.

Want to Make Your Own Where? Wear! Board? Here’s How!


I decided to make my own cork boards, but If you’re not into DIY projects there are no shortage of cork boards at any local craft or home goods type store. I had a tough time deciding which style I wanted, so I made three: a collage with lots of embellishments, a clothesline and finally a smaller initial board for selfies and #ootd ideas. If you have a tiny closet like me, the initial board is perfect for the top of your vanity or dresser.

If you do decide to make your own board, you’ll need the following supplies: a roll of cork, something to attach it to i.e., a piece of wood, a canvas, or a picture frame, craft glue or sticky back foam tape, a ruler, an exacto knife, lots and lots of doodads to decorate your board and of course thumb tacks, washi tape, or another fun way to attach your photos!

I’ve included some photos of my boards in process. For the initial board I used acrylic paint to paint the cork black.

Taking & Printing The Photos!

To complete your board you’ll need photos. If you don’t have time or you’re not comfortable having a friend come over to take your picture in various outfits why not consider using your selfies? Come on! I know you have some… We all take them from time to time and the truth is we take them when we are looking and feeling our best, so why not use them for future inspiration!? Or if you prefer not to be in any of the photos, just hang outfits on the wall and take a photo of them on a hanger.

It might take a while for your board to dry, so use this time to print out the photos you just took. Remember this board is for your personal use, so don’t worry if the photo quality isn’t perfect, just have fun! I printed my mini photos using this fun little bluetooth Polaroid printer. It’s portable and a lot of fun , but any printer will do the trick.


Now, the next time you find yourself wondering, “What should I wear?” just check your new Where? Wear! board for all the answers! xo!

Fashion Favorites: 50 Shades of… Denim!

Fashion Favorite Denim-

If there’s one thing in my closet I can’t live without it’s my jeans! Hands down without a doubt! Spring, summer, fall and winter, rain or shine, denim is my go to wardrobe staple for just about every occasion almost every day of the week. With so many different options to choose from denim makes it easy to keep your everyday look current, fun and fashionable while at the same time maintaining a level of comfort which allows for just about any activity from lounging at home to a night out. How can you go wrong?!


Did I Mention The Options?!

Low rise, mid rise, high rise, light dark, medium, vintage, destroyed, embellished, boyfriend, cropped, relaxed, straight, flared, blue, black, white…With so many choices, there is something for everyone, so let’s get started!

SAMSUNG CSCFirst thing’s first, in order to find the best rise and cut for your body type you’ll need to try on everything! And I mean everything! Don’t be afraid to try all the styles even the ones you’re not sure of, you might surprise yourself and find something new. Be confident in yourself and don’t limit your options. You never know until you try! 

My Favorites

SAMSUNG CSCThere are many brands from which to choose and of course I have my favorites, AG Jeans, Rag & Bone, Citizens of Humanity and the occasional pair of Hudsons. How did I decide which ones are on the list?  That’s simple; these are the brands that work best for my body type.

A Blank Canvas

Think of your jeans as a blank canvas; use accessories like shoes, belts and jewelry to change up your look depending on the occasion. Here are a few of my everyday looks:

Denim Basics

Don’t get hung up on size, the numbers don’t matter, only how you feel. Know what doesn’t work and accept that even if something is in style right now, it might not work for you. Not every style works on every body type. When you do find the right pair, you might need tailoring and if so, always ask for the original hem.

These days’ jeans are acceptable for just about every occasion, so having different styles and washes on hand is a good idea, because one pair/style won’t work for everything. The pair you wear to do housework or lounge around in is definitely not the pair you wear to work or to a party.

Good denim is an investment and now that you’ve found just the right pair, or two, or many… you’ll want to take good care of them! Washing them after every wear is a definite no no. Wash them infrequently inside out and in cold water and then hang them to dry and they’ll last forever.

Fashion Favorites: Walking In My Shoes… Travel shoes that is.


What’s the most difficult thing to pack? For many people the answer is: Shoes! They’re bulky, heavy and take up a lot of valuable real estate in the suitcase. If you have multiple occasions to plan for on your journey fitting more than one pair of shoes into your suitcase can present a real challenge. So, this poses the question, what comfortable pair of shoes is stylish, goes with everything and easy to pack?

#campersinarowThe Answer is: Campers!

One of my favorite brands with many styles to choose from, I’ve been wearing Camper brand shoes during my everyday life and on my travels for as long as I can remember! I even wore a pair on my honeymoon. However, for the purpose of this particular post I am referring to a specific style, the Right.

For me, the Camper Rights are literally the perfect travel shoe! Here are a few reasons why:

  • They come in multiple colors – I usually bring three pair: black for dressier occasions, red for a pop of color and grey, because it goes with everything! However, if you check  the website you’ll find a multitude of color options.
  • They can be dressed up or down — they look great with shorts and jeans, but also with dresses and skirts!
  • They have a rubber sole and a wide toe box which provides comfort and makes walking long distances in them a piece of cake!
  • They are great on a hot day and for occasions when open toed shoes aren’t appropriate. For example, when visiting some churches or other religious landmarks they may require closed toed shoes.
  • They are easy to slip on and off making airport security a breeze and they could double as slippers in your hotel if need be!
  • They come in suede leather and leather and I’ve often worn the leather finish in the rain, though I’ll admit they aren’t the best for cold days – you might stick to spring, summer and autumn with this style.
  • And the best part, they pack flat, so multiple pair will fit in the suitcase!

I’ve literally worn these shoes all over the world, hours on end day after day for years and can’t say enough about them!

Soft rubber soles make walking long distances a piece of cake!

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