A Super Birthday For Your Little Hero!

March 8, 2016
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March 8, 2016 Hilary

A Super Birthday For Your Little Hero!

When Elliot turned 4 “we” decided on a superhero theme for his birthday party! I love all things superhero and its no stretch to say that although I’m the lone female in a house full of boys I’m also the biggest fan. Lucky for me my boys decided to go with the program!

Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, DC or Marvel I find it difficult to pick an absolute favorite (though if pressed to decide Batman would win hands down). Good thing we don’t have to decide on just one!

Elliot’s birthday is in the summer, so we invited the kids to a local park for Superhero Training!

Super Disguises!

Superhero Birthday Edits-8449Every superhero needs a cape and a mask, afterall protecting your identity is key, so before training got underway our heros doned their capes and masks.

The capes were made using a very basic pattern and inexpensive satin in a variety of different colors. The hero symbols are felt which we affixed to the back of the cape using fabric glue. While some patterns call for a string tie around the neck we opted for a simple velcro closure.

Hero Training

Superhero Birthday Edits-8483The little heroes spent the afternoon climbing through tubes, shooting suction cup arrows (with adult help of course), and running around strategically placed balls.

The Cake of Justice

Superhero Birthday Edits-9907

I love a cake challenge and decided to include as many superheroes as I could in the design! All the layers are chocolate cake with whipped vanilla frosting and then covered in fondant. I added Wilton Icing Colors in various shades to get the colors just right.

Making the fondant hero symbols is a bit time consuming, but not difficult. First you’ll need to create a template, and because I knew I would use the symbols for many of the party favor’s as well as the cake, I printed them in various sizes.

To make the template, print your favorite hero symbol onto a thick  piece of card stock and cut it out as neatly as you can. If you plan to use multiple colors you’ll want to print one symbol for each color. Lay the paper template directly on to the rolled fondant and use a small sharp paring knife to cut it out. I use Wilton Dab n Hold to “glue” the pieces together and onto the cake.

The Piñata

The piñata, always a popular activity, is a great way to end the party. A few years ago I started stuffing the piñata with pre-wrapped treat bags, one for each party guest! The intention is to make sure each partygoer gets something, but an added bonus is that the kids aren’t scrabbling around in the dust trying to get candy and instead ending up with a bag full of dirt.

Super Treats

Superhero Birthday Edits-9913

Remember those card stock templates I mentioned earlier? I used them to make these little gift bags, aren’t they adorable? Filled with inexpensive toys and candy treats they not only made a nice take home, but they gave the cake table an added bit of oomph!

Making the lollipops and chocolate super hero symbols was fun and easy, but you will need a few supplies! I used a die cutter to make tiny capes and masks out of scrap paper and a glue stick to affix them to tootsie roll pops! The cloud base was made from a piece of recycled styrofoam which I covered with blue construction paper and tiny paper clouds!

The chocolate super hero symbols were made using themed ice trays, but instead of water I filled them with melted milk and white chocolate! Depending on how elaborate you want to get, you can use multiple colors to achieve your desired effect. For example, to achieve the two toned Bat Symbol I “painted” dark chocolate onto the bottom of the Batman mold using a small brush and then poured the yellow chocolate directly on top. Be sure to gently tap the mold on the counter a few times to bring all the air bubbles to the surface and then put it in the freezer so your molds can set. Leave it in for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on the size of the mold.

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    ddWhat a wonderful party it must have been. Elliott is so lucky to have such a talented Mom to do such a fantastic party!!!!!

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