The White Cliffs of Dover

August 27, 2019
August 27, 2019 Hilary

The White Cliffs of Dover

You’ll feel like you’re on the edge of the world, or at least I did, while exploring the White Cliffs of Dover. Visiting the White Cliffs and the surrounding area was a highlight of our summer vacation, and I know that our experience there will stay with me forever.

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White Cliffs of Dover

We spent hours wandering the grassy paths high above the English Channel. Afterwards we made our way to Dover Castle where we explored centuries of fascinating history.

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Dover Castle

The White Cliffs

There are various trails of varying difficulties all with breathtaking views, and on a clear day, which we were lucky to have, you can see across to France. Thankfully the trails are just far enough back from the edge, so you won’t feel nervous.

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White Cliffs of Dover

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White Cliffs of Dover Trails

If your visit coincides with the low tide you can take the trail, which includes stairs, 350 feet down to the beach below, but keep in mind you’ll have to get yourself back up.

There is a lighthouse at the end of the trail, and if you’re so inclined they offer a lovely afternoon tea right inside the lighthouse. However we had the castle in mind, so we opted for an ice cream cone to go instead. We were joined by a park ranger along the way who chatted with us about the area’s fascinating history.

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Dover Lighthouse

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Dover Lighthouse

There is no fee to walk on the Cliff trails, but there is a fee for parking as well as some of the area’s other attractions. Check the official website for more information. 

Dover Castle

For over 9 centuries Dover Castle, in one form or another, has stood sentry on the cliffs overlooking the Channel, the gateway to the United Kingdom. 

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Dover Castle

Exploring inside the castle walls, was one of our favorite part of the day, in some places they are 21 feet thick. You’ll learn about castle life in the 11th century from the wonderful staff who work there, and they’ll share castle secrets and other fun tidbits with you.

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Dover Castle Interior


This is the view of the Roman Lighthouse, as seen from atop Henry II’s Great Tower, at Dover Castle.  The lighthouse is one of three surviving Roman Era lighthouses in the world and dates back to the 2nd century AD.

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Roman Lighthouse &Saxon Church Dover Castle

A visit to Dover Castle is a fascinating journey, which will have you traveling through time as you learn about the Castle’s important defensive role throughout England’s history. You’ll want to allow as much time as possible so you can really explore all the exhibits and the underground war tunnels.

Check the Castle’s official website for opening hours and special events.

Banksy’s Brexit Mural

The search for public art, wall murals and graffiti often plays a large role in my travels, but I admit I practically stumbled upon this very large Banksy piece, while on the road to Dover Castle. As you can imagine I was really excited to see the Brexit inspired piece up close. You’ll find the mural on the Castle Amusements building near the Ferry Terminal in Dover.

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Banksy Brexit Mural

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