InstaLA! Part 3: Art Explosion

August 8, 2017
August 8, 2017 Hilary

InstaLA! Part 3: Art Explosion

I’m back with more #Instafun? Are you ready?! Los Angeles is exploding with public art, and I’m on a mission to see as much of it as I can. I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I’m up to the task. There is literally something new going up every day, and if it isn’t new, it’s a new take on something old!

Street art is my passion, but I’m pretty happy about museums, pop up installations, and iconic architecture too! I’m an equal opportunity art lover. There is just something about visiting an amazing piece of art that makes my day, sometimes my week! Not to mention its a great way to get out and see the city. In your quest to get that #instapic you won’t just discover a great piece of art, but the fabulous neighborhood it’s located in! In my book thats an #instawin!

1. The Best of LA (available until August 31, 2017)
Artist: The Most Famous Artist/LA Magazine
Location: Corner of 3rd Street and Robertson Boulevard

In my quest to see and do more in and around LA, I subscribed to Los Angeles Magazine. Call it research! As soon as I saw this cover, I thought, “I hope that’s a real mural!” and to my delight it was! Of course I had to visit, and it just happens to be located on the corner of two great shopping streets: West 3rd Street, and Robertson Boulevard! As is often the case with wall murals, it’s only temporary, but don’t worry The Most Famous Artists, aka Matty Mo, is the artist behind a number of great wall murals around town. I featured another one of his pieces in my post InstaLA!

2. Take Note (available until July 31st, 2017)
Artist: Bumblebeelovesyou
Location: Downtown Santa Monica, Colorado Street

A local artist, and a favorite of mine, Bumblebeeloves you has a number of large pieces in the Los Angeles area. Take Note, a large standup, is part of a larger project sponsored by the City of Santa Monica! #RoamSantaMonica officially kicks off in August 2017, and will feature art installations by various artists. I can hardly wait!

3. Paul Smith Pride Wall (No longer available)
Artist: Blank Canvas LA/Paul Smith/Instagram
Location: Paul Smith Store Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

While this particular mural has since been painted over, the original Pink Wall is back in place, it’s worth noting, that sometimes old becomes new, and revisiting is never a bad idea! This mural was done in celebration of Pride month, and I loved that so many businesses took part! Lucky me, I was able to visit on the last day of the installation. You can bet I’ll be looking out to see what’s up their sleeve next year!

4. Save the Bunny
Artist: Adam Dare, KwueMolly, Madmanart, and Outersource
Location: Colyton Street Downtown Los Angeles

You’ll find this colorful bunny located on the side of Dejavita on Colyton Street in the DTLA Arts District. This is piece has evolved several times, so I can’t promise this exact mural, but there is sure to be something great in this location! This is a favorite neighborhood of mine, because you’re sure to see something new each and every visit. Beyond all the fabulous art, there are many one-of-a-kind shops and restaurants in the area.

5. Dunkin Donuts
Artist: Bumblebeelovesyou
Location: Washington Boulevard, Culver City

Keeping up with all the art around this town can be a challenge! I knew about this adorable piece, but hadn’t had time to visit… Driving home one day, there it was! Good thing U-turns are legal!

6. Love wall
Artist: Curtis Kulig
Location: Smashbox Studios Higuera Street, Culver City

There is so much to LOVE about this mural! This is a popular #instadestination, and is one of the first wall murals I visited, when I moved here. I’m thinking a return visit is in order!

7. The Beverly Hills Hotel
9641 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve driven by the Beverly Hills Hotel, but it wasn’t until recently that I finally went in! Playing tourist in my own city has opened me up to so many lovely experiences, and I highly recommend a visit to this fabulous institution. However, if you can’t make it to the Beverly Hills Hotel, try a visit to your local luxury hotel, you deserve it!

8. Mural Collaboration
Artist: Fanakapan/Starfigherea
Location: 4th Street DTLA Arts District

The amount of art in the DTLA Arts District is staggering, so it’s no wonder that it took multiple visits before I discovered this amazing larger than life mural!

9. Angel Wings
Artist: Kelsey Montague
Location: Sun Life Organics, Malibu Country Mart

The best part about public art is that its there for everyone to enjoy! I love it even more when I get to interact with the art! These lovely wings are just one of many pair you’ll find around the City of Angels!

10. Love Mural
Artist: Unknown
Location: Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Just outside the Entrance)

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Happy weekend everyone! I've been asked by my friends over at @suitcasesandsandcastles @oregongirl_aroundtheworld and @untoldmorsels to share #20factsaboutme this photo was taken on #mothersday outside the @hwdforever Cemetery, which happens to be #20 on my list of 50 things to do in Los Angeles! #anotherlist #ilovelists #apparently #hilarystyleme 1. I dream of being an #artist 2. I love all things #superhero 3. #red is my favorite color 4. Cooking isn't my thing, but I love to bake and decorate elaborate #cakes 5. I go to the #movies alone all the time and I like it that way 6. Dark #denim is my uniform, but I love dresses, sometimes I wear denim dresses (see above #photooftheday ) 7. #scifi #fantasy is my favorite reading genre 8. I love #pirates 9. I have two amazing sons, one is entering high school #howcanthatbepossible #imonly25 10. I'm an #anglophile 11. I have a #tattoo 12. I'm obsessed with the #tudors 13. #gameofthrones is my favorite tv show of all time 14. I'm afraid to fly, but I love to #travel 15. I'm nervous each week when I hit the publish button on my #blog 16. I love to #sing but can't carry a tune 17. I love #shopping 18. I've been to the #zoo in over 25 places 19. I've been accused of being too #cheerful but you can't keep me down 20. I'm a #hotel snob

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I love this mural for so many reasons! Its cheerful message seems to be saying I love LA, which I wholeheartedly do! It’s located just across the street from the entrance to the iconic Hollywood Forever Cemetery, which is definitely worth a visit. What was it I was saying about discovering new neighborhoods?!

11. The Venice Sign
Artist: Venice Chamber of Commerce
Location: Pacific & Windward, Venice

A perfect example of always evolving art, The Venice Sign, which stretches across the road at Pacific and Windward, changes throughout the year to represent holidays, and other events. Rainbow lights for PRIDE month, red and green for Christmas, and of course red, white and blue for the 4th of July. The diagonal crossing should make snapping that #instapic a bit easier, but do be careful! Traffic is heavy in this popular area.

12. Rear View
Artist: Dface
Location: Pico Boulevard & Federal, Los Angeles

Pico Boulevard has recently undergone quite a transformation with murals of all kinds on either side of the road. This one struck a cord with me, as I discovered it just prior to heading out on a road trip.

13. The Broad
Artist: Yayoi Kusama
Location: Grand Avenue, Los Angeles

LA is home to some pretty fantastic museums! This Infinity Room exhibit is currently on display at the Broad Museum, and was well worth the price of admission: FREE! Do keep in mind that entrance to the exhibit is extremely limited, and an early visit is your best bet.

14. I AM Love
Ruben Rojas/
Location: Rose Avenue, Venice

Completely transformed in the past few years, Rose Avenue is definitely worth a visit. Lined with one of a kind boutiques, restaurants and markets, there’s a little something for everyone! Not to mention lots of great #streetart!

15. Venice Art Walls
Location: Ocean Front Walk, Venice

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Graffiti for a cause! Have you heard of Sesame Street's newest resident, Julia? She's autistic, and she's making a difference. Most recently she showed up on the #veniceartwalls as part of a local initiative here in LA. Pauly's Project, was inspired by a little boy, born blind and autistic, with a passion for music. They're raising awareness by donating thousands of radios to the homeless communities of Los Angeles. #makingadifference ===================== #graffiti #streetart #muralart #wallart #venicebeach #julia #sesamestreet #paulysproject #autismawareness #artistmakingadifference #community #instala #instapic #instawall #instalove #touristinmyowncity #professionaltourist #beachlife #keepveniceweird #weirdgood #urbanart #graffitiart #losangeles #insta_losangeles #california #californialove #mondaymotivation #hilarystyleme

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You’ll find the Venice Art Walls just west of the Venice Sign on Ocean Front Walk. The walls are transformed every Saturday and Sunday by professional and amateur street artists alike! A pretty great spot for that #insta if you ask me!

I love LA, and the more I discover the more I love it! The opportunities are endless! Stay tuned…

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    • It certainly will, and I’m sure they’ll come up with something equally fun for next year’s pride celebration!

  1. So vibrant, colourful and alive – I love it and the fact that you never know what you might find!! That Dunkin Donuts mural too – so cute – I would have done a U turn too!!

    • Thank you! I think my family is over my love of all this amazing art around town, but I just can’t help myself! Just after I took the Donuts photo a car pulled up and parked right in front of it!

  2. Oh wow! We stumbled on the Arts District when we were in LA in May, but we only saw one of the murals that you’ve got up here. This is an awesome round up, thanks! #FarawayFiles

  3. Dan

    Nice finds! I love these areas so much as it reminds me a lot of my city of Denver. If you ever get the chance check out “Colorado Crush” it’s Denver’s week of murals. New murals get painted each year during this festival. Always love a good mural!

    • Cool!! I’ve never been to Denver, but now I know what I’ll be doing there when I finally arrive!

  4. Always love a good post about Murals! I love this area so much as it reminds me of home aka Denver. Have you ever heard of Colorado Crush? It’s like a week long festival where a ton of new murals are painted. Check it out sometime. Always love a good mural, great post! #FarawayFiles

  5. Clare Thomson

    I love the way you put yourself so often in front of the art, becoming part of it. I really enjoy the vibrant colours in so many of these and your Instagram account is fabulous. Thanks for sharing it with us all on #FarawayFiles

    • Awe! Thanks! That means a lot. While I can’t always travel far, I am really enjoying being a tourist in my own city, which is keeping me occupied until my next faraway adventure!

  6. Hilary how do you find out about all the new pieces? It’s so much fun exploring colourful LA with you as always on #FarawayFiles

    • Katy, sometimes I stumble upon them, I love that! Other times I read about them or even see them on Instagram…if you can believe it there are many I haven’t had time to see and just as many I haven’t shared… 😳 it’s never ending! there were no murals when I lived here 10 years ago, it’s amazing how much they’ve changed the city!

  7. I love all these bright colors! I had no idea there was so much in LA. I think the bumblebeelovesyou one is my favorite.
    Will have to keep my eye out for them the next time I am there. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • The Bumblebeelovesyou are my favorite too! There is SO much art here, it’s staggering! I haven’t even come close to sharing or seeing a fraction of it.

  8. Bumblebee is taking over! I love his pieces (and he is from the area). I am still collecting photos for my posts about street art in Los Angeles. I went to Venice two weeks ago but have to go back. There is a lot of cool stuff in there! #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • Yes! He’s a favorite of mine and guess what?! I met him just the other day! He’s incredibly nice, which makes me appreciate his art even more!

  9. I think you might have to write a book – or a coffee table book – on L.A.’s street art scene. You’ve become an expert! You capture it so well, and the passion is evident!

    • Thank you! I just can’t help myself! I tell myself to post something else, but this just makes me so happy! I’m thinking about a book idea… maybe something like: tourist in my own city exploring LA through Art or something like that?

  10. I LOVE your LA art LOVE! I saw Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room here in Copenhagen – it was so cool! Great colorful list Hilary – so fun! Thanks for sharing with #FarawayFiles, Erin

    • Thank you!! I’m so excited about my discoveries I just want to share! There will be more infinity rooms coming in October… I’m looking forward to seeing them!

  11. Wow, Hilary, you’ve kind of doubled down on us! Two of our favorite topics: LA and public art in one cool post! You’ve also shown us that we need to visit Instagram more often. So many cool pieces here, but we LOVE that Dunkin’ Donuts mural. It really recalls the joy of being a kid with a puppy and a donut. Heaven on earth! 🙂 Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

    • I love that one too!! So glad you enjoyed the post!! Instagram is a great place to find inspiration! 😍

  12. tracycollins2016

    Wow some beautiful art work there! My favourite is the angel wings – would love to see that (and the others that are still around) I recently went to Penang especially to see the street art which was absolutely fabulous #citytripping

    • As much as I love street art, I’m suprised that it took me so long to seek it out… now, I’m driving my family crazy in my hunt to see it everywhere we go!

    • I think the idea of street art being a true art form rather than just graffiti has really caught on, which in turn is opening the art form up to a larger audience!

  13. These are great! So colourful. We’re looking at visiting LA next year so will have to keep an eye out for some of these! Thanks for linking #citytripping

    • Ooh! Have you been before? Do let me know if you decide to come I’d be happy to point out art locations and other fun destinations! Xx

  14. pigeonpairandme

    Like you, I love the fact that so many businesses supported Pride – and that incredible street art has become part of the fabric of LA. Wonderful post. #citytripping

    • Thank you! It’s amazing what’s been happening in LA recently! I’m so excited to share the Pride and the joy. Hopeful it will spread!

  15. Wow, they look amazing! We lived in Berlin for six years, which is pretty good for street art too. #citytripping

  16. Oh, those are some wonderful, colourful, joyful bits of street art. I love the one with pin love taks all over it (hehe). I like a good tag, but it always feels a bit indulgent to spentthat much effort writing your name. Cool to take the idea and turn it into something else.

    • Ha! I’m so glad to have piqued your interest! The second most populous city in the US definitely has a lot to offer… one just has to know where to look!! Xx

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