Halloween Fun in the City of Angels

October 24, 2017
October 24, 2017 Hilary

Halloween Fun in the City of Angels

Haunted Mansion Halloween Overlay #nightmarebeforechristmas

Here comes Halloween…

In our house we love any excuse to celebrate, and its even better if dressing up is involved, which is why Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year! Lucky for me Los Angeles is a Halloween loving town, and there is plenty of opportunity! Whether you want to get fully decked out, or just come as you are, there is something for everyone. From trick or treating in neighborhoods dressed up like film sets, and organized parties to haunted theme parks and everything in between it’s easy to get in the spirit! (Yes! Pun intended!)


Local neighborhoods really go all out with their decorations!

5 Ideas for Halloween Fun in the City of Angeles

If you’re looking for something organized consider family friendly Halloween Time at Disneyland or the spooky Halloween Horror Nights at Universal studios. If theme parks aren’t your thing, Hollywood Forever Cemetery puts on a  Dia de los Muertos celebration every year, and if it’s anything like the other events I’ve attended there expect nothing less than excellence.

Disney's California Adventure #disneyhalloween

1. Attend Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party at Disneyland

We’ve been attending Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party off and on since the very first one, and they’re a lot of fun, but even if you don’t attend the party, the parks are decorated beautifully and will definitely get you in the Halloween spirit.

Disneyland Halloween Los Angeles California #disneyhalloweenfireworks

The Halloween Fireworks are spooktacular!


Small World Halloween

Kids are always encouraged to wear costumes while visiting the parks, but don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, as you’ll find an extra big selection of costumes for sale in most of the shops.

Yummy Halloween treats can be found throughout the park from glowing drinks to fancy caramel apples and more!

Disneyland Sugar Skull Apple #sugarskullapple

This year California Adventure is getting in on the Halloween Time fun, and is fully decked out! We were lucky enough to be standing in the right place at the right time when the Headless Horseman rode up!

Disneys California Adventure Halloween Los Angeles California #disneyhalloweentime

2. Scare yourself silly at Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights

I wouldn’t be caught dead at a haunted house or maze, which is why I won’t be giving you a first hand account of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, but close friends recently went and loved it!

Universal Halloween Horror Nights Los Angeles California #halloweenhorrornights

Bert, you look awfully happy for a guy with a knife to his throat!

 Not only do they completely transform sections of the park, but you’ll be given access to areas of the Studio Back Lot that are normally unavailable during a daytime visit!

3. Visit the The Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Have you had a chance to visit the Hollywood forever cemetery yet? If not, consider making this year’s Dia de los Muertos celebration, which will be its 18th year, your first visit.


We attended a Churches concert at Hollywood Forever last October!

I’m hoping to make it this year, and I’m planning to bring the kids! We’ve attended other events at the cemetery including an outdoor movie screening, and a concert and I’m seriously impressed!

Hollywood Forever Cemetery #hollywoodforever

Watching Ghost World

Even if you can’t make it to an organized event you might consider a visit anyway, as the cemetery is the final resting place of many famous Hollywood and musical icons from Hattie McDaniel to Chris Cornell, and Johnny Ramone.

4. Attend a Costume Party

Don’t feel like throwing a party, or waiting for your friends to do it… there are many organized costume parties all over town. Not sure what to dress up as? Don’t worry many of the parties are themed!
Cheshire Cat Costume Halloween 2017 Los Angeles California #cheshirecatcostume
As I mentioned I love to dress up, and I get pretty into it! This year I was excited to be attending a party, and I had a lot of fun getting my costume together. I decided to go with something a bit more classic, but with a twist. Sort of a cute yet creepy Cheshire Cat from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland!

Halloween Party Polaroids 2017 Los Angeles California #halloweenpolaroidPhotos weren’t allowed at the party we attended, but they did give us these polaroids to bring home!


I love a challenge and like to do my own make up, however if you’re not up for it, or don’t have the supplies, many of the makeup shops around town will do elaborate Halloween make up for you. Keep in mind that an appointment is required, and it can it can be on the pricier side as a purchase is required. Check out SmashBox on Abbot Kinney or Urban Decay in Century City Mall.

Cheshire Cat Costume 2017 #cheshirecatmakeup


Cheshire Cat Costume Halloween 2017 #cheshirecatmakeup


Cheshire Cat Costume 2017 #cheshirecatnails

I got my apron dress from AJs Cafe on Etsy. She has just about every Disney character you can imagine.

Costumes from Halloweens Past

5. Attend Aero Theater’s All night Horrorthon

Aero Theater Santa Monica California #thingstodoinla

Maybe you prefer a less conspicuous celebration? Consider attending a Horror Movie Marathon. This is the home of Hollywood after all. The Aero Theater on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica is just one of many theaters showing Halloween movies all month long. They’ll also be hosting their 12th annual all night Horrorthon on Saturday, October 28th!

Looking for even more ideas? A quick internet search should do the trick!

Interested in other fun Halloween ideas from hilarystyle? Check out these ghosts of Halloweens past:

 Happy Halloween!
The Halloween Edition!

A word of advice If you think LA traffic is bad on a “regular day” Halloween is the worst! Leave early, and once you get where you’re going, stay there. Unless you and your fabulous costume love sitting in the car for hours…

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  1. Ah I miss going to Disneyland for Halloween! It was quite as scary as Knotts Scary Farm and I could handle it haha I’m such a wuss! Your Cheshire Cat costume is adorbs!!! #CityTripping

    • Yes, they really do it up don’t they?! I avoid the truly spooky stuff myself, but thankfully there is plenty of other fun to be found!

  2. Fabulous make-up and nails Hilary – I love it!! There is nothing better than Hallowe’en in America – you do it so well and nowhere else compares in my opinion. We’ve been to Mickey’s Not So Scarey Party and to Universal but in Florida – it was amazing. I love how the neighbourhoods get so creative with their decorating too. Sounds like LA is another incredible place to experience all this.

    • Thank you! We do get into the spirit here! Funny enough I think I enjoy it more as an adult then I did as a child!

  3. Your Cheshire Cat costume is sooo good! Where did you even get that dress? And your make up is awesome! Sorry, I’m in awe of anyone who can do make up because I’m horrible at it. A friend from work is going to Disneyland for Halloween this year and she’s so excited, I can’t wait to hear all about it. #CityTripping

    • Thank you! This costume turned out to be a lot of fun! I got the dress on Etsy from AJs Cafe! makeup is just practice! Halloween at Disneyland is two months long and it’s pretty great!! Of course I love Disneyland, so I might be biased! Xx

  4. Anisa

    I’m not big on Halloween but I would love to see Disneyland at that time of year. Also, I did a movie night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery but didn’t really have a chance to explore it so I would love to go back. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  5. Amusement Parks always seem to get really into Halloween and Disney parks even more so! There is really a lot of fun Halloween events going on in LA! You did an amazing job on your Cheshire Cat makeup. Hope you have a great Halloween! #TheWeeklyPostCard

  6. I love your costume. The mouth make up is spectacular! Some fabulously spooky ideas to celebrate Halloween in LA. I didn’t know there was a Hollywood cemetery but, of course, there has to be. Thank for linking #citytripping

    • Thank you! It was a lot of fun putting everything together! I know it sounds strange, but Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a great place to visit! They’ve made it not just a place of rest, but also of celebration! Very unusual and very LA!

      • Hehe sounds it! I need to pick your brain about LA as we’re going next year for a few days ! 😀 Excited!!

      • I’m very happy to give you LA info! Send me an email when you’re ready and we can “talk” about it! Obviously I love to share my LA knowledge!! Xx

  7. Anda

    I so miss those times when our son was growing up and we would all dress up and party for Halloween! Now that he moved out I find very little reason to dress up anymore… Sad! Well, at least I can enjoy the little ones coming to my door every Halloween. #TheWeeklyPostcard

    • My favorite part is answering the door for the little ones! They’re SO adorable! My boys are getting older too, but I doubt we will ever be done with dressing up in our family. LOL!

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