Cookie Tutorial: Toilet Paper & Rubber Ducky Cookies

Hi Everyone, I hope you’re all well and safe at home. I spent the first few days of this new  reality stress cleaning and organizing, I even washed windows, before deciding to fill some of my newly acquired “spare” time working on unrealized cookie projects.I don’t know if I’ve completely gotten my head around our current situation, or if I ever fully will, but humor seems like a good way to get through this ordeal, so my first video tutorial will be toilet paper cookies. Who knew toilet paper would become such a focal point in all our lives?

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Faraway Files #138

Hello Faraway Files Community, it’s been ages… It seems like it was just yesterday I was headed to England for our summer adventures, and now here it is mid October and only two weeks until Halloween. I hope you all had wonderful summer holidays, and are settling into autumn.


Did you know that beyond my love traveling and art I am also a lifelong baker? It’s true! I’ve combined my love of art and baking into a custom cookie business, and of course it’s important to do research, so this week I’m linking my post about our London adventures, and more specifically our search for all things sweet.

#biscuiteers #nottinghill #londonengland

Corey was our host last week and her favorites were:

The Jewish Community in Tapolca by Handmade in Israel


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Photo Tour: Day Trip to Cambridge

Only 50 miles from London, and easily accessible via train, Cambridge makes the perfect day trip. While you’re there visit the colleges, go punting, stroll The Backs, enjoy a pub lunch and of course some sweet treats.

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The White Cliffs of Dover

You’ll feel like you’re on the edge of the world, or at least I did, while exploring the White Cliffs of Dover. Visiting the White Cliffs and the surrounding area was a highlight of our summer vacation, and I know that our experience there will stay with me forever.

#dovercastle #daytripfromlondon #doverengland #whitecliffsofdover

White Cliffs of Dover

We spent hours wandering the grassy paths high above the English Channel. Afterwards we made our way to Dover Castle where we explored centuries of fascinating history.

#dovercastle #whitecliffsofdover

Dover Castle

The White Cliffs

There are various trails of varying difficulties all with breathtaking views, and on a clear day, which we were lucky to have, you can see across to France. Thankfully the trails are just far enough back from the edge, so you won’t feel nervous.

#dovercastle #daytripfromlondon #doverengland #whitecliffsofdover

White Cliffs of Dover

#whitecliffsofdover #doverengland

White Cliffs of Dover Trails

If your visit coincides with the low tide you can take the trail, which includes stairs, 350 feet down to the beach below, but keep in mind you’ll have to get yourself back up.

There is a lighthouse at the end of the trail, and if you’re so inclined they offer a lovely afternoon tea right inside the lighthouse. However we had the castle in mind, so we opted for an ice cream cone to go instead. We were joined by a park ranger along the way who chatted with us about the area’s fascinating history.

#WhiteCliffsofDover #DoverLighthouse

Dover Lighthouse

#whitecliffsofdover #doverlighthouse

Dover Lighthouse

There is no fee to walk on the Cliff trails, but there is a fee for parking as well as some of the area’s other attractions. Check the official website for more information. 

Dover Castle

For over 9 centuries Dover Castle, in one form or another, has stood sentry on the cliffs overlooking the Channel, the gateway to the United Kingdom. 

#dovercastle #daytripfromlondon #doverengland

Dover Castle

Exploring inside the castle walls, was one of our favorite part of the day, in some places they are 21 feet thick. You’ll learn about castle life in the 11th century from the wonderful staff who work there, and they’ll share castle secrets and other fun tidbits with you.

#dovercastlewalls #dovercastle

Dover Castle Interior


This is the view of the Roman Lighthouse, as seen from atop Henry II’s Great Tower, at Dover Castle.  The lighthouse is one of three surviving Roman Era lighthouses in the world and dates back to the 2nd century AD.

#dovercastle #daytripfromlondon #doverengland

Roman Lighthouse &Saxon Church Dover Castle

A visit to Dover Castle is a fascinating journey, which will have you traveling through time as you learn about the Castle’s important defensive role throughout England’s history. You’ll want to allow as much time as possible so you can really explore all the exhibits and the underground war tunnels.

Check the Castle’s official website for opening hours and special events.

Banksy’s Brexit Mural

The search for public art, wall murals and graffiti often plays a large role in my travels, but I admit I practically stumbled upon this very large Banksy piece, while on the road to Dover Castle. As you can imagine I was really excited to see the Brexit inspired piece up close. You’ll find the mural on the Castle Amusements building near the Ferry Terminal in Dover.

#dovercastle #daytripfromlondon #doverengland #banksy

Banksy Brexit Mural

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Where to find London’s Sweets & Treats

Have you been to London? If you have, then you’ll know that in London there is simply no such thing as having been there done that. For every item you cross off your “London List” two more will be added. Neighborhoods, museums, parks, restaurants, and… Treats.

#biscuiteers #nottinghill #londonengland #afternoontea

Afternoon Tea at Biscuiteers Notting Hill

We spent three days roaming the City’s neighborhoods in search of treats both sweet and savory. We found this was a perfect way to tour the city enjoying a comfortable feeling of familiarity when we walked by old favorites and a feeling of excitement when we discovered new ones.

#einesigns #shoreditchlondon #londonstreetart #love

Eine Signs LOVE

We did a big loop which took us past many of the city’s most famous spots including: St. Paul’s, the Millennium Bridge, The Globe Theater, The Tate Modern, The London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden, and so many more. Stopping periodically for a treat was a great incentive and the 8 miles we walked helped to assuage any guilt we may have felt eating all those treats.

#southbank #londonengland #travelwithkids

Southbank London

Here, for your convenience, is a list of sweet spots including all the new locations and old favorites, which have been grouped by neighborhood:


Peggy Porschen

Touted by multiple sources as having the “best cupcakes in the world” we decided a visit to Peggy Porschen Cakes, would make our list. We sampled cupcakes and cocoa, and both were delicious. The pretty pink building with its candy colored decor and beautifully decorated deserts has made it a very popular Instagram photo location.


Brick Lane

Dark Sugars Cocoa House

Hot chocolate is a travel tradition in our family, and no trip would be complete without it. My younger son and I made sure that a visit to Dark Sugars Cocoa House, on Brick Lane, was the number one stop on our recent sweets and treats tour of London. The tricky part was getting a photo of all that delicious chocolate before it melted… Also on offer, bowls of decadent and beautiful chocolates and creamy gelato in bright candy colors. 

#bricklane Dark Sugars Hot Chocolate London England #darksugars

Dark Sugars Hot Chocolate London England


Taiyaki – Various Places

Stopping in Chinatown for Taiyaki, fish shaped cream filled buns, is another London tradition, and this visit was no exception. The texture falls somewhere between a waffle cone and a pancake, and they are traditionally filled with red bean paste, but custard and Nutella are other popular options. Larger taiyaki are filled with soft serve in traditional asian flavors like ube and black sesame.



Warm Caramelized Peanuts

You’ll find cart vendors selling warm caramelized nuts all over the city. We’ve often stopped at the one at the foot of the Millennium  Bridge just outside the Tate Modern. Sticky sweet and warm makes for a nice combination on a cool evening by the river.

#caramelizedpeanuts #london #stpauls #millenniumbridge

Caramelized Peanuts London



This delightful Pink Panther Mousse was the perfect end to our Sketch experience. Sketch, located in London’s posh Mayfair neighborhood, is one of The City’s trendiest dining spots, but it’s not just a pretty face with Insta worthy decor (though it has plenty of that in spades), the food is also beautiful and more importantly delicious. Each of the multiple dining areas, all with different themes, has its own menu and price point making this fun and quirky spot accessible to everyone.

#sketchlondon #pinkpanthermousse #london

Pink Panther Mousse Sketch

Notting Hill


Not that I ever need an excuse to sample delicious sweets and treats, but as I’ve recently opened my own cookie company, @cookiesareeverything, (yes, a shameless plug), we made sure to include cookies, or as they say across the pond biscuits, to our list of must try treats. We discovered @biscuiteersltd and were delighted to find that they don’t only sell their beautiful creations, but offer an afternoon (sweets only) tea as well as private icing lessons and parties. Yes please!

#nottinghill #biscuiteers #icedbiscuits #londonengland

Biscuiteers Notting Hill



We’re big fans of bubble tea (boba) and apparently so are Londoners as there were long lines at every bubble tea spot. Bubbleology in Notting Hill was a perfect place to stop and take a break. I chose the more traditional Milk Tea with boba, but they offer many unique flavor combinations including, grape, lychee, and even Nutella boba, which was my son’s choice.

#Bubbleology #NottingHill #LondonEngland #UnitedKingdom

Bubbleology Notting Hill


Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum and Mason has been a London institution for over 300 years, so when I told friends I’d never been they were shocked! How could I have missed such a special place? I knew I had to remedy this situation on my very next visit and so I did.


To say we were not disappointed is an understatement. Pastry cases filled with the most decadent treats, dark wood shelves lined with the prettiest biscuit tins you ever saw, tea, coffee, jams, picnic hampers, iced biscuits, and chocolates, and that was just the food hall. The interiors are as decadent as the offerings and we spent ages admiring everything and doing our best not to put everything we saw into our basket. Fortnum and Mason is now on our permanent London List.

#fortnumandmason #londonengland #piccadilly #FandMpicnichamper

Fortnum & Mason Picnic Hamper


Rebel’s Alliance Motorcycle Club

Raise your hand if you’re a coffee lover! If so, you’ll want to stop in at the Rebel’s Alliance Motorcycle Shop on Sclater Street in London’s Shoreditch Neighborhood. Enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by vintage motorcycles, art and vintage style clothing.


Eine Signs

Although our recent whirlwind day out in London was mainly about where to find the sweets, that didn’t mean we couldn’t make time for some treats too. In my book that means street art, and we were delighted to visit @einesigns most recent addition to the Shoreditch neighborhood.



Maitre Choux

It’s good to have a delicious destination at the end of a long walk, or if you’re like us stop at 5 along the way! @maitrechoux has multiple locations, but their SoHo shop was on our route and turned out to be one of my favorite stops as not only were the eclairs beautiful, but they were delicious as well.


Maitre Choux SoHo


Borough Market

London’s oldest food market has been serving the people of Southwark for over 1000 years. You’ll find stalls, shops, cart vendors and restaurants selling everything from the freshest produce, fish and artisan breads to Indian food, meat pasties, dumplings and so much more. The Borough Market has something for everyone.

#boroughmarket #londonengland #southbank #southwark

Borough Market

What fun treats have you found in London, have you visited any of these spots? Let me know in the comments below.

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Adventure Awaits… Cookies

Hello from, England, one of my most favorite places on the planet, where my younger son and I are enjoying a break from our daily routine, visiting friends, and exploring new places.

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Travel Inspired Teen Room Makeover

Summer projects have become a tradition in our household. Previous years, have included make your own longboard, and paint your own skateboard deck. Most recently we gave my younger son’s room a complete makeover. Elliot graciously let me choose the  design, and looking for a way to incorporate all the photos we take on our family adventures we decided on a travel photography theme.

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Faraway Files #127

Are you a city mouse or a country mouse? I’m most definitely a city mouse, but even a city mouse needs to escape the hustle sometimes, so this week I’m sharing my recent adventures at Malibu State Creek Park, which is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon.

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Exploring Malibu Creek State Park

You’ll feel a world away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles when you visit the Malibu Creek State Park, which is tucked away in the Malibu Canyon. Part of the Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area, and only 25 miles from Downtown Los Angeles.

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland, USA

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

We visited Batuu, a planet located at Galaxy’s Edge, or at least we really and truly felt like we did. Okay, so we weren’t really at Black Spire the last outpost before Wild Space on the planet Batuu, but rather in Disneyland, located in Anaheim, California.

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