Making A Tsum Tsum Birthday Party!


My son Elliot had his 7th birthday last week and we decided to make it a Tsum Tsum party! If you haven’t heard of Tsum Tsums (pronounced soom soom) yet, you surely will soon! They’re adorable little stylized versions of Disney characters in three sizes, mini, medium and large! They started in Japan and came to the United States within the last year. They’re also featured in a video game of the same name that can be found on the App Store. We love all things Disney and these cuties are no exception!

IMG_5573Although there is Tsum Tsum merchandise aplenty in Japan, it’s much more difficult to find here in the states, so I decided to make my own party favors and games to fit with our theme! We made Tsum Tsum t-shirts, a piñata,  party games and of course the cake! We chose seven different characters and used them for everything!

How to Make…

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