My New Bike!

#gettingmyselfoutthereI got a new bicycle!

I know to most people this isn’t exactly exciting news, but I’m pretty happy about it! Actually, I’m more than happy! I feel like a kid at Christmas simply because I GOT A NEW BICYCLE!

It’s not a road bike exactly or a mountain bike, but rather a cruising around town type of bike. It even has a cup holder!

I had been thinking about it for a while, but wasn’t sure if I’d use it regularly enough to justify the purchase. The last time I really rode a real bicycle (other than my spin bike) was about 15 years ago pre-kids. And after a few near misses out on the road Tim not so casually mentioned I wasn’t too good at it.

He wasn’t wrong.

Anyway, then Simon, our older son, came along and that was that…

Here I am 15 year’s later and I’m ready to try riding a bike again. I’m still not good at it. So, what changed?

We live in a different place now, a very bicycle friendly type of town, but that’s not it, I’ve been here 7+ years. People here have super cool bikes with baskets and saddlebags and all sorts of gear, but, nope that’s not it. My older son rides his bike to school everyday along with about 500 other kids, not an exaggeration, and my little guy recently learned to ride his bicycle, but that’s not exactly it either. There’s seriously no place to park anywhere downtown, and that’s not it either, although maybe it should be!

#can'tmissmeMy bike is orange! My red helmet has white polka dots! There’s a bell! The basket comes on and off and I picked a powder blue one! The sun and breeze on my face, smiles from other “cyclists”…

It’s the small stuff!


I’m taking the time to appreciate all the little things! Not that I didn’t before, but 2015 has been such a tough year full of many difficult challenges for not only myself, but for many of my loved ones as well. Serious illness, injury, job stuff, family stuff, money stuff, marriage stuff and the list goes on. But I’m not letting them get me down, Nope! That’s not HilaryStyle! I’m going to enjoy all the small moments that help us get through the big tough ones… and this new bike is going to help me do it!

Hope to see you out there…

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