Tis The Season… To Dress Up!

December 4, 2015
December 4, 2015 Hilary

Tis The Season… To Dress Up!

I love this time of year for many reasons, not the least of which are all the fun excuses to get dressed up! No matter the occasion for the next four weeks all events call for a little more glitter, glitz and glam! Parties, lunches, dinners, any excuse will do!

Because, it’s not exactly reasonable to purchase a new dress for every event… I have a few ideas in mind.

Idea #1: Making Something Old Into Something New

Recently when going through my closet I came across a few dresses that I hadn’t worn in ages, but I just couldn’t bring myself to donate. Since I wasn’t willing to give them up maybe I should try to wear them again? Why not see if I could refurbish them?

Once upon a time when I was dating my husband, he gave me a lovely dress for a holiday gift… and I still have it… and it (mostly) still fits! Okay, full disclosure: two kids and 17 years later I had to give myself a tiny bit of breathing room up top.

Here I am wearing the dress to the Last Call Millennium Ball in 1999 and again just last week to a celebration dinner in the city. I spent $65 dollars on tailoring and wallah a new dress! Not too shabby!

I was the matron-of-honor in my sister’s wedding 5 years ago and nice sister that she is I was able to choose my own dress. I picked up this amazing Emporio Armani at a pre-sale, not only unique, but very comfortable! It’s made of stretch wool and perfect for winter occasions. I’ve always loved this dress, but unlike the dress above this one was too big and needed to be taken in quite a bit.

Here I am wearing the dress in the wedding and I’ll be wearing it again 5 years later to a party next week! I spent $135 on the tailoring and I hope to wear it at least a few more times.

Idea #2: Rent The Runway

Lucky for me, I’ll be attending a number of fun events this season and while I am very pleased with the outcome of the two dresses above, I’d love a few more options.

I’ve decided to try renting a dress from a website called, Rent The Runway. Have you heard of it? It’s quite simple really, choose from the thousands of designer clothes and accessories, wear them to your event(s), and then return it all via UPS.

Although I have a number of friends who use Rent The Runway regularly, this will be my first time using it. There are so many fun options my fingers are crossed it’s a success!

The dress on the left is my first choice. I’ll be receiving two of them. One is a backup, on the off chance the sizing isn’t quite right. The outfit on the right is my second choice as insurance on the even bigger chance that the first one just doesn’t work at all. I get to keep both dresses for four days! I spent $120 dollars on rental fees and that includes the return shipping.

Just incase…

Things don’t go as planned with Rent The Runway… I do have a backup or a few!

Idea #3: Okay, I Did Pick Up A Few Items

My new faux fur leopard print jacket goes well with almost everything and keeps me warm to and from! Paired with a fresh new pair of black heels I’m all set!

For more casual occasions I picked up a faux leather hoodie and I love it paired with, well, just about everything!

Whatever you decide to go with, old made new, something rented or your tried and true favorites, have fun with it and enjoy the season!


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  1. Love the repurposing of dresses. So many people just run out and buy another dress that gets relegated to the back of the closet after one wear. Beautiful styling! You look fabulous in everything!

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