Fashion Favorites: Crazy for Camouflage!

February 9, 2016
February 9, 2016 Hilary

Fashion Favorites: Crazy for Camouflage!

For the most part I consider myself a “stay on the path” kind of girl, a rule follower if you will, however, this is definitely not the case when it comes to my wardrobe! Where fashion is concerned I not only love to skirt the edge, but there are times when I go right over it! Head first!

Getting dressed shouldn’t be serious or stressful! Anything goes and there is very little that isn’t okay. This is the part of your everyday that should fall under the category of fun!

Camo for days…

We all have favorites, the items we gravitate to time and time again, and based on the amount of camouflage in my closet it’s clear what mine is! Don’t laugh, but I honestly had no idea. I was genuinely surprised at the collection I’ve managed to build up over the years! It’s a mix of textures, weights and styles in various shades of blue, black, desert white, pink, grey, and your standard camo green! Having all these options makes it possible for me to mix and match with other pieces in my wardrobe all year long. No matter the occasion, casual or dressy I’m covered!

What Not To Wear: All Your Camo At The Same Time!

Remember that part above where I said there is very little in fashion that isn’t okay? I’m going to suggest that unless you’re in the armed forces, wearing all your camo at once fits neatly into that little category. However, just this one time… since I’m writing this post…

“Hiding” Out in My Camouflage

Sweet Meets Street: A Mix of Styles Adds an Element of Fun!

I love to mix edgier pieces with contrasting fabrics and accessories like velvet or silk or a bit of sparkle. I’ve mixed my velvet flats with camo zipper jeans and a studded leather belt, or my other camo jeans with a fun daisy muscle tee and short booties for a more relaxed look.


Believe it or not I don’t always wear camo and sometimes I just want a hint of something fun to peek out from a more subdued outfit. This pink camo tank fits the bill!

Here, There and Everywhere!

Here are just a few of the outfits I’ve put together using my camouflage collection! They represent many past events and I am sure will be present at many more in the future. These include, Academy Awards parties, date nights, family movie nights, fancy dinners, school drop offs and pick ups, shopping, hanging out at home & mom’s nights out.

Remember: A Little Goes a Long Way…

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