Mom Stuff! Part One: Whoops!

March 6, 2016
March 6, 2016 Hilary

Mom Stuff! Part One: Whoops!

Whoops! Earlier today I accidentally pushed “publish” on an idea for a possible future post… The title was Why So Rude?, and while I’m not sure I was ever going to finish writing it, let alone publish it, this morning’s publishing mistake is forcing my hand and I’ve decided to put it out there.

The post was part of a series of ideas I consider taboo for my blog about Travel, Fashion and Fun! They are subjects I have definite feelings about, but either I am not sure they warrant an audience or they are topics I am sure will invite trouble of some sort. For example: religion, politics and volunteering at my child’s school to name a few! Don’t laugh, that last one is a pretty hot topic where I live!

Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself very lucky! My family and I live in a fantastic community filled with great people. It’s pretty much impossible not to run into someone you know, everywhere you go, and we love that! Most days are filled with pleasant exchanges with people we know and love. Occasionally, the rare unpleasant encounter occurs and when it does I’m always so surprised.

So What Happened? Who Was Rude?

Recently my son, Elliot, started taking ice skating lessons and he really loves it! I’m so happy for him because it’s the first time he’s shown excitement about any after school program. Parents are allowed to watch the lessons, but only from outside the rink through a series of windows. There are three full classes going on at any one time. Anyway…

The lesson was starting, so I made my way to where I would be able to see Elliot’s class. When I arrived, there were only three other people watching and there are four full-length windows. Perfect! There’s room for at least one more…

I stepped up to the window, whoops! Apparently there wasn’t room for one more. As soon as I placed myself in front of the window the woman next to me stiffened and gave me a pretty hard stare. Had I done something wrong? “Excuse me, is something the matter?” I asked. “You’re too close!” she said. “Oh! I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude, I was hoping to watch my little boy” was my response. “But you’re still standing here.” She said with an evil pointed look. For just one moment I was speechless. Was this really happening? Had anything really happened to warrant this attitude toward another parent? I was sure I’d put on deodorant that morning and looked and smelled presentable. WTF?! I’m friendly, right?!  These were the things going through my head, just before I decided I wasn’t having it!

You know those times when someone treats you badly and you aren’t sure what to do, but then later you know just what you would have said? Well, this wasn’t one of those times. I knew just what to say! I looked her right in the face and I said, “You’re a real asshole!”

I felt, hurt, exhilarated, angry, and strangely giddy. I wasn’t able to watch the lesson, but I had stood up for myself. Even if it was a bit childish… I sat down on a nearby bench, logged in to WordPress, and created a new draft… Why So Rude? Isn’t there enough room at the windows for everyone… 

Winterlodge -0975

Elliot and His Best Pal At Ice Skating Lessons


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  1. So there was someone on the other side that was apparently not “too close?” How weird. I totally know what you mean about the various emotions you feel when you stand up for yourself. Even if you may also be childish, it feels good! I’ve dealt with some crazy parents and I usually ignore them or make passive aggressive comments while going about my business. Sometimes I try to act more like an adult, but honestly that’s never really worked. Both parties have to be willing to act like adults & that is an unusually difficult quality to find in sports parents.

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