Mom Stuff: The Writing Is On The Wall! 

September 3, 2016
September 3, 2016 Hilary

Mom Stuff: The Writing Is On The Wall! 

Writing on the wallSeriously, I mean the writing is literally on the wall! Elliot’s bedroom wall to be more exact! Giving the boys the freedom to choose how they wanted to decorate their new rooms, Elliot chose whiteboard wall paint as his main design element and I must admit I didn’t think it was all that exciting, after all its basically just another white wall, but it’s his room and it was his choice… Good choice Elliot! Turns out  writing on the walls is a fabulous stress reliever! “Why does an 8 year old need a stress reliever?”


Writing on the wall

That’s right, Too much homework!!! Three weeks into the new school year and we are doing our best to settle into a routine, but I must admit we are hitting a few road bumps. Balancing the need for play and down time with all the homework is becoming a real challenge in our home. I know I’m not alone here!!

Can I vent for a minute?

The Writing Is On The Wall

Earlier this week my third grader broke down in tears of despair after more than 90 minutes of studying (he wasn’t even done). This was more than heartbreaking, it was unacceptable! I keep thinking what are we doing wrong? Did we miss something? I thought he was right on track in school? What’s worse, is that if I’m privately thinking these things, what must be going through his 8 year old mind?

Recently I attended Back to School Night where we were told that family time, outdoor play and after school activities are paramount to a child’s success. That there is no proof of homework being academically beneficial and it’s more about building a routine, yet it still keeps coming, day after day, pages and pages of it… with no end in sight…… Why?

Knowing there will always be homework, my first priority is to help my little guy find ways to deal with the burdens and stress he feels after long days at school and what seems like a mountain of homework waiting for him. How do I do this? He’s only 8 so It’s not like he can jump on a spin bike, or pour a glass of wine, or any of the other more grown up activities I sometimes engage in when feeling overwhelmed? Okay, often engage in…

Art Graffiti Therapy?

The Writing Is On The Wall-As it turns out Elliot discovered a way all on his own, and it wasn’t an electronic device! The whiteboard wall in his room is more than just a good time! After throwing his pencil down in defeat after the marathon study session I found him tearfully drawing on the wall in his room. I decided to join him and pretty soon all of us were happily writing and drawing on the walls!

The writing is on the wall and I look forward to seeing a lot more of it!


The Writing Is On The Wall


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  1. This is so cool. So much fun for children. School starts so early there, the kids in the UK go back to school next week. Is there a long summer break in the US? X

    • Thanks! It turned out to be so much fun!! It does seem early doesn’t it! We get about 10 weeks of break which is great, but never enough!

      • It is really fun. Even for an adult if you’re having a good or bad day. Oh wow. Is that 10 weeks in a row off for summer? That’s a long time☺ x

  2. Deri McCrea

    Leave it to you Hilary to make his new room an absolute blast. I LOVE it!

  3. I’ve seen several reports about homework since it’s back to school & there seems to be a consensus that it really isn’t beneficial. However, they keep assigning it! I don’t understand. I feel like it wasn’t that long ago that I was in high school (less than 20yrs) & yet the amount of homework my dtr has in comparison is astounding. I love the whiteboard. It’s a really clever, fun idea!

    • At times I feel like I’m going crazy ! My older son is basically a school/homework machine. it’s been 25 years since I was in high school and I’m not sure I would even pass if I had to go back…

      • My dtr is in 3 honors courses & 1 that’s a dual credit college course. One of the teachers went on a tear the first week about how much homework the honors students are given & how ineffective all the reading at night actually is yet has assigned more homework than anyone. I just don’t understand the disconnect. I hope you guys find a healthy balance between school & play. I know how trying it can be on everyone in the household.

      • My older son is also in honors classes and every single one said homework! My 3rd grader’s teacher said we need to have balance and he assigns homework every single night and sent homework on the long weekend too! What gives?! We will just have to make the weekends extra fun!

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