The Last Bookstore…

Tourist in my own town, a continuing series…#thelastbookstore

#thelabyrinthA labyrinth of books, the comic section, the first edition vault, (literally, it was inside an actual vault), the artist studios, and a rare book room were just a few of the places we explored during our recent visit to The Last Bookstore.


Full of character and visually stunning this place is a book lovers dream and well worth a visit.


Our visit to this wonderful place definitely gave me pause for thought…

#booklabyrinthA self proclaimed voracious reader there was a time when I would have spent hours perusing bookstore shelves in search of the next great read. Often becoming lost between the pages of a book or even the latest gossip rag I would not even realize the hours had melted away. Just one more chapter…

Fun details everywhere

Those days seem to be coming to an end, at least the part where I spend hours perusing the bookstore shelves. With the introduction of e-readers, iPads and other “smart” devices many printed materials are going the way of the dinosaur, and if they aren’t, the brick and mortar stores that sell them definitely are.

Los Angeles The Last Bookstore
Amazing pencil art

I admit there are other things keeping me from what used to be my favorite escape. As I’ve gotten older both my eyesight and my attention span seem to be failing me at a rapid pace, but I can’t really blame eyesight, can I? More likely its all the time I spend on social media, writing this blog, binge watching TV shows and playing my favorite app that have played a large part in ….

#magnifiedWhat was I talking about? Oh yes, when I heard about that cool book seller in Downtown Los Angeles that not only sells books but sells them with flair, I just knew I had to go there!


With the way things are going, the appropriately named, The Last Bookstore, might well just turn out to be the last bookstore! And while I really hope that isn’t the case, if it does turn out that way, then this gem of an establishment is more than qualified to carry the torch.

Even the counter is made of books

A few years ago, while wandering with one of my boys, we came across a typewriter. He wondered what it was…  It’s not a stretch to assume that before too long kids might be wondering the same thing about books.

If that does (gasp!) happen, you know where to go… The Last Bookstore.


13 thoughts on “The Last Bookstore…

  1. I love that you are doing “Tourist in my own town”, you might’ve given me an idea… Wow that is some bookshop. I never seem to browse in bookshops any more although I used to love them. It’s one of those things that are dying out in the manic information overload age…This makes me think of Shakespeare & Co in Paris…

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  2. We hope this bookstore will not be the last! Yes its true we are using social media so much that the scroll and click culture has become second nature. No one reads full page reviews anymore. It’s all about scanning and moving on…sigh, hope books do not become extinct!

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