Along The Way… Surprise! Another Castle!

No matter how much time we allow in a given place we always seem to run out and it was no different when we visited the Scottish Highlands, for the second time! I hope we will find our way back someday as we barely scratched the surface.  However, places to go and things to see…

Scotland’s Flower The Thistle

Blair Castle – Blair Atholl

126 KM from Inverness and exactly halfway to Edinburgh

Driving along in what seemed like the middle of nowhere Scotland we came across what looked like a shopping mall. It was called the House of Bruar and it turned out to be just that! This seemed like a great place to get out, stretch our legs, and have a meal. Upon further inspection we discovered a really nice self-service restaurant, food markets, flower stalls, house wares, clothing and more!

#blaircastleAs we were leaving we noticed a sign for Blair Castle. We were in a bit of a hurry, but just like there’s always room for cheesecake, there’s always time for a castle!

Dating back 700 years, Blair Castle has played an important role in much of Scotland’s history including visits from many important historical figures, including: Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Victoria, and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

#blaircastleballroomBlair Castle turned out to be the perfect stop. There was something for everyone and all four of us enjoyed the tour of the castle and it’s gardens. With 12 generations of Dukes, each with their own tastes and style, the 30 rooms on the tour are filled to the brim with many treasures ranging from a large weapon collection and military uniforms to jewels, photographs and other personal belongings. With the exception of a very unique ballroom photos aren’t allowed inside the castle.

Scotland Blair Castle GardensThe grounds are quite extensive, however Edinburgh was calling, so we only had time for a quick loop around the Hercules gardens, which recently restored offered a number of  photo opportunities.

#herculesgardenBefore getting back on the road I stopped to take just one more photo of the Castle’s incredibly long and lovely “driveway!”

Considering Blair Castle was an accidental find, I would say we were more than pleased with how our visit there turned out! If I were to do it over again this place would definitely be on my itinerary!
Next Stop: Edinburgh!


5 thoughts on “Along The Way… Surprise! Another Castle!

    1. It was really fascinating! Too bad photos weren’t allowed inside as we all loved that part of our visit… The moody sky is pretty dramatic! We spent most of our visit in Scotland trying to stay one step ahead of the rains…They finally caught up to us in Edinburgh!

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