London: Camden Town

December 13, 2016
December 13, 2016 Hilary

London: Camden Town

London is by far my favorite city and though I’ve visited many wonderful cities and my wish list of yet to see places is long, I do believe I’d throw any of them over for a chance to go back to London. Just say when!

#camdenlockEven with multiple visits under my belt there is no shortage of interesting new places to see and explore. One such place was Camden Town a popular North London neighborhood I learned about while reading Dannii Jane’s blog, A Beautiful Thing. In hindsight I can’t believe this place wasn’t already on my radar! It’s right up my alley and reminds me a lot of Venice Beach, California. Fun & quirky!


The moment you get out of the Tube Station it’s clear this is a neighborhood unlike any other. Shops filled with everything imaginable line the streets, from mainstream brands to vintage treasures. Many of them have unique store fronts and are offering deep discounts and bargain prices.


Keep walking and you’ll come to Camden Market a maze of wonderful stalls and shops filled to the brim with tasty treats, funky art, clothing, toys, housewares and so much more! Somehow this popular neighborhood has managed to keep it’s “off the beaten path” feel, while at the same time making itself completely accessible to everyone!

Wandering the stalls we found many treasures, but with limited space in our carry on suitcases and three weeks of travel ahead of us we restricted ourselves to window shopping and picking up books at a lovely little used book shop, which would be perfect for our upcoming train travel to Belgium.


Our suitcases may have been full, but our bellies were empty and there’s always room for food! With many food options in the Market and communal seating in the center area, each of us was able to get the meal we wanted.


Simon and I went for Poppies award winning fish and chips, while Elliot chose Chinese food and Tim got an Honest Burger. The item we were most excited about, after seeing photos on Dannii Jane’s blog, was the cocoa from Chin Chin Labs. The giant marshmallow did not disappoint and of course we had to try the nitro ice cream too!


I absolutely loved our day out in Camden Town and it is definitely going on my London repeat list along with some of my other favorite places: The Tower of London, Southwark, and cocoa at the Corinthia Hotel!

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  1. Aaw great blog. Lovely that you got to go after seeing me post about it☺ Looks like you had a lovely time and glad you got to try Chin Chins xx

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