Photo Tour: New Orleans Redux

March 5, 2019
March 5, 2019 Hilary

Photo Tour: New Orleans Redux

On the Corner

Happy Mardi Gras Y’all!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! Let the Good Times Roll!

Along the Parade Route Magazine Street  #NOLA #mardigras

Along the Parade Route Magazine Street

Even before I ever stepped foot there I knew I would love New Orleans. How could I not? Marching to the beat of its own drum, and moving at an unapologetic pace all its own, NOLA takes great pride in it’s uniqueness. It’s truly a you have to see it, smell it, taste it to believe it kind of a place. Words alone just won’t do it justice, because there simply is no other place like it.


Happy Birthday NOLA

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

I love the title of Louis Armstrong’s song because I absolutely do miss New Orleans. I miss it in the very same way that I miss a dear friend. The easy pace and friendly atmosphere, the glow of the gas lamps and the haze of humid nights, the architecture of the French Quarter and the Garden District, the galleries and, yes even the touristy shops, and of course those beignets I can’t stop talking about.

#NOLA #Bourbonstreet

Bourbon Street

As you walk along, music floats through the air mixing with the chug chug chug of the street cars, the clippity clop of the donkeys and the horn of the riverboats creating the sweet sound of New Orleans.

Mississippi River New Orleans Louisiana #creolequeen

The Creole Queen

New Orleans Louisiana

Over the years I’ve taken countless photos in the Crescent City, and written a bit too (ha ha), but because not all the photos relate to a specific post many of them have gone unused. Well, no longer… Here for your viewing enjoyment are just a few of the many NOLA photographs that have been languishing inside my laptop.

Cafe Du Monde

The Aftermath
Cafe Du Monde The French Quarter New Orleans Louisiana

The Aftermath

My Favorite View #2
Chartres Street New Orleans Louisiana

My Favorite View

Ghosts of the Past
Ghost Sign French Quarter New Orleans Louisiana

Ghost Sign French Quarter

Because One Is NEVER Enough
Cafe Du Monde Two Orders Beignets New Orleans #cafedumonde

Heaven on Earth

Cafe Du Monde New Orleans Louisiana #NOLA #beignetstand #cafedumonde

Cafe Du Monde

Christmas NOLA Style
Barracks Street Rainbow Xmas Trees New Orleans

Barracks Street

Bourbon Street Boy
Bourbon Street New Orleans Louisiana #NOLA

Bourbon Street

New Orleans Louisiana #gaslamp #nola

How’d that get up there?

#nola #bourbonstreet

Peek A Boo

NOLA Nights
New Orleans Louisiana

NOLA Nights

Our Trees Have Bling
Bling Tree Jackson Square Jackson Square New Orleans Louisiana

Bling Tree Jackson Square

Here There be Pirates
Pirates Alley New Orleans Louisiana #piratesalley

Pirates Alley

Faded Splendor
Royal & St. Peter New Orleans Louisiana #NOLA

On the Corner

Royal Street Blues
Royal Street Tiles New Orleans Louisiana

Royal Street Tiles

New Orleans Louisiana

On the Mississippi

Standing Watch
Dumaine Street

Dumaine Street

Tune Up
New Orleans Louisiana #faubourgmarigny
Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler
Bourbon Street New Orleans Louisiana

Bourbon Street

Resting Place

Lafayette Cemetery No 1 New Orleans Louisiana

“Charter” Street

#chartresstreet #nola

Until next time New Orleans…

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Photo Tour of New Orleans Louisiana

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Comments (36)

  1. David Thompson

    I like your description of New Orleans. Your blog is a big help for travelers like myself. Great photos too. Thank you.

  2. Love your photos! New Orleans is a city I would love to visit, it must have the most incredible vibe. We have been going to the US for holidays the last few years but not yet visited this are – hopefully we will very soon! #FarawayFiles

    • Hilary

      It does have the most incredible vibe! I hope you find your way there at some point.

  3. pigeonpairandme

    I haven’t been, but these pics really capture what I imagine to be the New Orleans vibe! I’d love to see it all for real. Thanks for sharing them with us. #FarawayFiles

    • Hilary

      Thank you! I’ve taken so many it was hard to decide. Hope you’ll find your way there someday…

  4. Trish @ Mum's Gone To

    I often wonder where I would start with a visit to the States – there are so many places I’d love to go. I’m sorely tempted to start here!

    • Hilary

      There are many wonderful cities in the States, so that’s a tough question… I LOVE New Orleans, but its so different from anywhere else I feel like its not exactly representative of the US, so If you’ve never been here I think I’d start with New York or LA.

  5. Clare Thomson

    Oh I really loved this post and all your photos, Hilary. You’ve really captured the spirit of New Orleans. Love the jeans hanging from the balcony railings in that Christmas pic! You really make me long to go back, it’s been sooo long….#FarawayFiles

    • Hilary

      Thank you. I had such a hard time deciding on this one. Wouldn’t it be a fun place to meet?

  6. Yeeees! My other half mentioned that he wanted to visit New Orleans for Mardi Gras the other day, and that’s all I had to hear! I jumped on that like “I’m booking right now for next year”. #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      Believe it or not, I’ve never been during Mardi Gras, but I think 2020 has to be the year!

  7. What a gorgeous photo album. I particularly loved Aftermath. New Orleans is one of those cities you can just smell from those photographs – it’s decadent, jazzy and nostalgic – America at its best. #farawayflies

    • Hilary

      Thank you! Yes, it is a place with some big extremes… smells included! 😘

  8. I love the vibrant colours here – it just looks incredible and all those beads too – somewhere I’ve always heard so much about #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      That’s my favorite too… Thinking about printing it out into the real world.

  9. I love these photos, it’s great to revisit your archives every so often, as it such a shame when you just use a fraction of what you have taken. Particularly like the Café du Monde “Aftermath” #farawayfiles

  10. Phoebe

    You paint such a vivid picture of NOLA with your enthusiastic words and beautiful photos, I know I’d love it if I ever got to visit. #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      I hope you will be able to visit someday, until then I’ll be happy to give you a virtual tour a few times a year! 😘

  11. Beth

    Wonderful array of photos! I’ve only been to NOLA once (years ago) but it was certainly memorable. Love the details you captured, especially the ‘aftermath” and colorful buildings. Share your languishing photos anytime! #FarawayFiles

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