An Afternoon in Nottingham England

December 6, 2016
December 6, 2016 Hilary

An Afternoon in Nottingham England

#robinhoodstatueUnfamiliar with the Midlands of England and looking for a place to stop along the way between York and London we went with the one city name on the map that stood out from all the rest, Nottingham. Yes, that Nottingham, home of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men!

Nottingham, England


138 KM FROM York

#robinhoodnottinghamI was delighted to discover that there truly is a Sherwood Forest, A Nottingham Castle and even a Sherif of Nottingham! Sadly, heavy rain put us off from a visit to Sherwood Forest, but wanting to learn more we decided on a visit to the Castle where we also grabbed a bite to eat and picked up books about Robin Hood in the Castle gift shop. 


Though whether or not Robin Hood was a real person is up for debate, there is no doubt that the city of Nottingham and the surrounding areas have proudly taken this character to heart with many roads as well as other places bearing his name and that of other popular names related to his legend. We got a real kick out of seeing Maid Marian Way and Friar Lane on the GPS!


Too rainy for anything more, we set out, and besides, London was calling!

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  1. My 2nd grade did an entire unit on Robin Hood & Nottingham. The teacher’s daughter was living nearby there at the time & had sent home all sorts of fun stuff. I’ll always remember that. So fun!

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