The Museum of Ice Cream Los Angeles

May 23, 2017
May 23, 2017 Hilary

The Museum of Ice Cream Los Angeles

You Scream, I Scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!


I love museums, and consider myself something of a museum collector. Over the years my collection has grown and is quite varied including museums about science, art, natural history, diamonds, children, and chocolate to name just a few! We’ve had the good fortune to visit some of the world’s most amazing museums in cities around the globe, so when I hard a museum about ice cream would be coming to Los Angeles, our home town, I knew we’d be adding it to our list! The funny thing is, I don’t love Ice Cream, or at least that’s what I tell myself…

#museumoficecream I’ve been eating the same flavors of ice cream my entire life, at first  it was chocolate chip mint. Every. Single. Time. At some point I switched to Pralines and Cream and that was my flavor. These days, I have been trying to branch out a bit more in the flavor department. My current favorite is salted malted cookie dough at Salt & Straw.


What is the Museum of Ice Cream & Will Their be Treats?

#museumoficecreamThe Museum of Ice Cream is a temporary interactive art installation featuring not just ice cream, but all things ice cream related. The only real purpose, as far as I can tell, is to provide pure joy and happiness and they’re really good at it!

#museumoficecreamAlong the way, you’ll see and experience a ton of silly fun from ice cream sandwich swings, to giant popsicles, and scratch and sniff wall paper! Along with all the silly fun, there will be endless photo opportunities! I loved that they incorporated some of LAs most famous icons into the installations.


Doesn’t this remind you of another famous sign?

Of course you can’t have an ice cream museum without treats! A lot of them! We sampled Gummy bears, ice cream of course, mochi and a number of other delicious items all of which came with the price of admission!

The Bad News and The Good News

Okay, so as you can probably guess this place is very popular, which also means high demand. The bad news is that tickets for the limited Los Angeles engagement have already sold out, but the good news is that there will be other locations! If this sounds like something you might like to experience you’ll want to visit the Museum of Ice Cream’s official website and sign up for information about upcoming locations.

#museumoficecreamThe Museum of Ice Cream is located inside a converted warehouse in the DTLA Arts District! Everything including the outside of the building is Pink! Did I mention Everything!?

The phone is ringing, and it’s for you!

Upon arrival, you’ll gather in this adorable room where you’ll hear about the Museum of Ice Cream, and directions on how to proceed. The museum is one way only so remember to take your time. Your first stop will be in the Ice Cream Hotline room, do stop and have a listen. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Go Bananas!

You’ll receive your first ice cream treat inside the next room! Our flavor was Earl Grey, but the flavors will change!

Not all the rooms have treats in them, some are just photo opportunities, or immersive experiences. The mint room smelled deliciously fresh, and I really loved the mochi, which just happened to be chocolate chip mint! Serendipity!

Silliness ensued at the video station!

These giant popsicles were so cool, and we had a lot of fun posing with them before heading to the gummy bear room! We have gummy bear fanatics in our house, so this was a favorite stop!

These tiny cones look like ice cream, but they were actually scoops of cookie dough!

You had me at Sprinkle Pool!

The sprinkle pool was easily our favorite experience in the entire museum! The feeling of immersing yourself into a pool filled with 100 MILLION sprinkles is equally weird and great!

If you’re wondering, the sprinkles aren’t real, they’re plastic, so don’t try to eat them! I’m still finding sprinkles around the house, and even though I zipped my bag the sprinkles found their way in, but I don’t mind, in fact I kinda like it!

Our last stop in the museum was a game room of sorts with this fun ping pong table, a giant swing and a gift shop. We were offered freshly made delicious and very pink pancake ice cream sandwiches.

Our visit to the Museum of Ice Cream took about 90 minutes, and we all agreed that it was a really fun family experience! We ate five different treats and participated in everything the museum had to offer.  Do you Scream for Ice Cream? If so, what’s your favorite flavor?

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I love to travel & explore the world both near and far! I do my best to make the most out of life each and everyday! I have two boys and they are, at the ages of 13 and 18, world travelers and all around go along guys. There isnt anywhere I cant take them. It is my hope this blog will be a way to share the fun things Ive learned while on our many adventures together!

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  1. Such a fun post!! I know my girls would go crazy to see this. Love the sprinkle pool and too funny you’re still finding them all over the place! #citytripping

    • Thanks!! Apparently wandering around taking photos while eating a ton of yummy treats is SUPER fun! Ha ha! ❤️

  2. Sounds like a fun museum. I’m not an ice cream fanatic (unless it’s gelato) but I do indulge in it on occasion. #citytripping

  3. My son is going to an ice cream factory for his end of year treat with his class, which I think is outragous (because I don’t get to go). This place looks like a whole bunch more fun again, and I am slightly comforted by the fact that neither of us will be able to visit. But not much. Cool!

    • I hate it when the kids go on fun school trips and we aren’t allowed to volunteer! 😉

  4. Wow, what a great place, looks very Pop Art. I’ve already signed up on their website, hope they’ll be coming to Europe… #citytripping

    • It certainly seems like they’re successful enough to make the trip across the pond! Maybe you’ll come here for their next location?

    • ha ha! Yes, it’s all of those things isn’t it! Just writing about it made me happy!

  5. Scratch and sniff ice cream!? How awesome! I tell myself I’m not a big icecream fan either but I thoroughly enjoyed my tour around the Ben and Jerry’s homestead a few years ago. This place sounds great too and your photo’s are fab! #citytripping

    • Thank you! I must say this was one of the few places where I didn’t have to beg my kids to smile for the camera!

  6. I’m not too mad on ice cream (except when I’m abroad and then I can’t get enough of yoghurt flavour) but I love the look of this place. That sprinkle pool looks great – what a fun day out.

  7. This looks SO much fun! My daughter would adore it. Particularly the sprinkles (she’s got a thing about them at the mo) and the abundance of pink. Love your photo. Have made me smile! Thanks for linking #citytripping

    • It was SOOO fun!!! Who doesn’t love sprinkles!? Well, actually me, they’re not that tasty. However they look so pretty and “swimming” in them was simply awesome!!

  8. I’d seen lots of Instagram photos of this museum, so I couldn’t resist taking a proper look. It looks truly amazing! I really hope their future locations include some places in Europe. #farawayfiles

  9. Clare Thomson

    The idea of a museum whose sole purpose is to spread joy and happiness is the best news I’ve heard for a long time. Seriously, this looks brilliant and I’m not an ice-cream fanatic either (unless it’s honeycomb, lemon, Phish Food or….) How much fun does that sprinkle pool look? And having sprinkles turn up in your handbag? Yet more joy… Just LOVE this, Hilary! I think you just might be Mary Poppins, and that is such a magical thing. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    • It was truly magical! I’m so happy you enjoyed reading it about it! It seems the joy was infectious!! Comparing me to Mary Poppins might just be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! Thank you!!

  10. Anisa

    That looks so fun! I can definitely say that I love ice cream. It doesn’t surprise me that the tickets are sold out. Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard.

  11. Oooh every photo here is so vibrant and all the exhibits sound so interesting and/or delicious. I’m a little sad the sprinkles were plastic rather than real but that’s probably for the best! Wouldn’t want people snacking on them too much. 🙂

    • I know what you mean! Still, I can only imagine how sticky they would be if they were real!

  12. I can’t believe we’ve missed this! You’ve got me re-thinking travel priorities now. This is a must!! So cool – no pun intended. 😉 Thanks for sharing on #TheWeeklyPostcard!

    • There’s always so much to see it’s hard to fit it all in… those are the reasons to go back!!

  13. Ever since you posted that pic on Instagram of the sprinkles pool – I was like.. those CAN’T be REAL sprinkles! Thank you for clarifying! What a fun outing! (PS – Salt & Straw is from OREGON!!! Just had to point out… you know… it’s an Oregon Girl thing!) Great post Hilary! Cheers, Erin #FarawayFiles

    • I just love Salt & Straw! I did know they’re from Oregon! I also love Blue Star donuts! Also from Oregon! Can you imagine if they were real? Oh NO! I wouldn’t be getting in there!

  14. This might be my personal mecca Hilary. I love ice cream. This museum has been popping up all over the place on my feeds but not explained very well so thanks for enlightening me. I loved the smiles in every photo at this place too. By the way, my son’s favourite flavour is chocolate chip mint!

    • Your son has excellent taste!! It’s amazing how small the world really is, isn’t it?! Glad I was able to enlighten you!!

  15. This seems like so much fun! My sister told me about it not long ago and I know I would love it. However I’m so sad it’s sold out. I just signed up for their emails though, maybe I’ll make it to their new locations once they have them since I’m in the SoCal area. Glad you guys all had a fun time! #theweeklypostcard

    • They’ve already extended it once, so fingers crossed! FYI The Broad had an amazing exhibition coming in October featuring infinity rooms… not tasty, but definitely magical!

    • Fingers crossed! It’s my guess that the more responses they get from an area the more they’ll consider that area?! Good luck!

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