Candytopia Santa Monica

March 6, 2018
March 6, 2018 Hilary

Candytopia Santa Monica

The most recent addition to the Insta experience club, opened this past weekend at Santa Monica Place in downtown Santa Monica. It’s called Candytopia, and Elliot and I were excited to be among some of the first to visit what turned out to be a pretty sweet time! Pun intended!

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Candytopia? What’s that?

Candytopia, similar to  The Museum of Ice Cream and The Happy Place, is a themed interactive experience with no real purpose other than fun and of course Instagram photo opportunities galore.

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Once inside you’ll follow a one way path through a variety of brightly colored and very cheerful rooms full of interactive exhibits, photos ops, and of course all the sweet treats you can eat.

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Entrance Hall

As soon as you enter the entrance hall you’ll be immersed in all things Candytopia, and not just sights, but sounds too!

The employees are dressed like Oompa Loompas, and a flair for the dramatic is most definitely a requirement for anyone seeking employment in Candytopia.

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Library and Introduction

The “Library” is where you’ll hear a little bit about the founder of Candytopia, get your first candy treat, yummy chocolates, and sign the guest book.

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Unlike the other interactive locations we experienced, visitors were welcome to take more than one treat.

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Treat: Lindor Chocolates

Museum Gallery

This was one of my favorite rooms. The walls were lined with famous portraits and recreations of famous paintings and statues made completely of candy. In fact almost everything inside Candytopia was made of candy!

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Alongside each piece of art was listed the amount of candy and type used, as well as the calories and grams of sugar.

Seeing all those calories in writing definitely helped keep my candy intake in check!

Treat: Candy Necklaces

Under the Sea

Candy sea creatures of all types filled this under the sea themed room, but the boys were on the fast track and didn’t stay long…

Treat: Pixie Sticks

💯Swing & Op Art Room

We all loved this room. The 💯 emoji swing was my favorite, but I think Elliot liked the whirlpool and flying among the clouds.

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Treat: Airheads

Tropical Beach

We breezed through the beach area, but not before Elliot gave both the hammock and the surf board a quick spin.

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Look out Elliot! Shark!

Treat: Saltwater Taffy

When Pigs Fly

What is it about confetti? I know this room had multiple interactive experiences, but honestly we were so busy playing in the confetti, which seemed to be flying out of a pig’s rear end that we didn’t pay much attention to anything else.

Candytopia Santa Monica California

After we’d had our fill, and our clothes and hair were filled too, we set off for the next room…

Treat: Gummies

Marshmallow Pit

The final room, and Elliot’s favorite was the giant “marshmallow” pit, which filled the room entirely. In actuality they were foam pieces in the shape of jumbo marshmallows, but it was a great illusion, and the Elliot and his friend had a wonderful time romping around.

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Personally, I found it quite difficult to move at all, and after a short while I gave up and enjoyed watching them from the sidelines.

Gift Shop

The gift shop was filled to the brim with delicious treats and fun gifts, but we’d had our fill during the visit, so after a quick look around we went on our merry way… After all that candy it was time for lunch!

These tickets were purchased as a holiday gift, which eased some of my guilt about them being on the expensive side. We had a lovely time, took a ton of photos and had more than our fill of candy. Of the three Insta experiences we’ve attended I felt that Candytopia was the most family friendly.

Candytopia Santa Monica California

Tips & Advice:

Candytopia Santa Monica California

  • Candytopia tickets are available online and must be purchased in advance.
  • Don’t be late. Only 30 ish people are allowed in for each time slot and if you’re late you’ll have to wait and hope there is room in the next time slot.
  • Candytopia is located on the East side of the Santa Monica Place Mall. The entrance is on the second floor. You’ll exit on the ground level.
  • Parking is available in the mall parking structure. Depending on where you park the first three hours are free.
  • No outside food or drinks are allowed inside Candytopia.

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Comments (64)

  1. This looks like so much fun! I want to find out about the founder and the creators of Candytopia. Is it new? I’ve not heard of it before either. I love the portrait of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka! #CityTripping

    • Hilary

      It is new, and it was a lot of fun! The website has a nice little blurb about the creators.

    • Hilary

      Awe! You’re so nice to say so! We do like to have some fun!

    • Hilary

      It’s true we have no shortage of fun to be had, just time to fit it all in. It’s tough, but we deal. Lol!

  2. I am missing my LA fix, thanks for sharing. Both children are now in the San Francisco area, I know, not a huge problem. Love the whole idea of places created just for taking photos (walked past the ice cream factory in San Francisco but didn’t have time to go in) in our social media obsessed age. Mind you I have reached the stage where I do need to see myself in photos no matter how fun the background is. Brilliant photos, looks like a really day day out as opposed to simply somewhere to go to take photos.

    • Hilary

      I hear you, I lived in the Bay Area for years and it’s nice, but it’s LA! Yes, I liked this more, it felt more like an activity and was less rushed then the MOIC. We took our time and enjoyed and of course took photos as well. 😘

    • Hilary

      Yes, it sure is, but this one was definitely more family friendly then the MOIC, which was fun, but felt rushed. Also so close to our home, which made it a perfect day out!

  3. What a crazy place! I’d love to visit but I think I’d have to leave my children outside, I can’t imagine what would happen if I let them loose in a place like that… #Farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      My kids loved it, however I admit to being more of a chocolate lover. That said, I loved the decor!

  4. Always in awe of people who can create art out of abstract objects. Love the colors and bet the aroma was great too. #farawayfiles

  5. I think I have got a sugar coma just reading this post – loved candy versions of the famous art works especially The Scream as I recently saw the real thing in Oslo! #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      I loved the candy paintings too! I’d love to see the real Scream someday… it’s on my list!

  6. Clare Thomson

    I think it’s such a great idea limiting the amount of people allowed in at a time. It must make the experience that much better. I love that you get to play so much here. Any opportunity that allows grown ups to recreate the fun of childhood gets my vote! #FarawayFiles

    • Hilary

      Yes! I agree. Life can’t always be so serious, it’s important to be a kid here and there! I admit I jump at the chance whenever possible!

  7. This looks super fun! hoping to make it to Cali soon so I can visit all of the unique museums there! #FarawayFiles

    • Hilary

      They’re a ton of fun, however there are many wonderful and more permanent museums too! Come visit!

  8. That is just wonderfully mad, it looks great fun and such a wonderfully creative take on sweets. Did it smell sickly sweet? I have a sense of it smelling like the M&M Store in Leicester Square, London #citytripping

  9. It does look great fun, I’m not too sure if I would want to leave the marshmallow pit though!!!

    I agree, the copies of the works of art look fantastic. #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      My boys were definitely sad to leave it, but I found getting around in it very challenging.

  10. This seems so much fun. I have never heard of marshmallows pits.such colourful photos, I liked the candy Knight.

    • Hilary

      Yes, it was my first time hearing of a marshmallow pot! The candy creations were pretty spectacular!

  11. Oh wow, this looks the best day out ever (and for kids too…!) Chocolate/sweets and loads of photo opportunities? Sign me right up. I love the way everything looks super saturated too, as if you really are in some kind of fantasy candy land. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

    • Hilary

      It was really well done! Very immersive and the treats were fun. My only wish would have been for more chocolate!

    • Hilary

      Good choices!! The boys just studied Warhol in school, so perfect timing there!

  12. This looks like so much fun (and so great for those ‘gram pics)! It looks like the dream place for the child me who loved candy, and would have been amazed to see candy all around me!

  13. Woah, this place is crazy. No outside food or drinks allowed inside indeed! I wonder if anyone has ever been tempted to lick any of those paintings…ya know, just to have a little taste? 😉 #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      Ha ha! They must have been tempted because they specifically tell you not to. they’re covered in shellac!

  14. Wow, this is really creative! I guess folks who have diabetes shouldn’t go to Candytopia, heheh! Love the skill and craft in creating the artwork with candies. Pics are amazing! #FarawayFiles

    • Hilary

      I guess not, although there was plenty to enjoy without ever eating a thing!

  15. Wherejogoes

    How much would my kids like this?! Totally awesome – I loved the ice cream museum too – too amazing sweet toothed places! This looks so much fun -Tutankamen made of candy?! ! Pinned, shared and on my ‘to do’ list! Thanks for hosting #FarawayFiles

    • Hilary

      Was a really fun and unique day out!! Thank you for sharing!

  16. Oh my word this is incredible! I think my husband and I would go nuts in a place like this. I love the Van Gogh ‘painting’ – what wonderful creativity to create this real-life Willy Wonka atmopshere. So much fun! #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      It definitely felt like we’d stepped into Willy Wonka’s factory!

  17. Willy Wonka madness! A visual, sensual and epicurean treat; I particularly love the crazy optical illusion with the clouds (still can’t figure that out…). Thanks for sharing this on #FarawayFiles

  18. pigeonpairandme

    Oh my goodness! I have to say, I’m reassured that the marshmallows were just foam. It might be a bit unsavoury if children began to eat the mallows after swimming round in them 🙂 What an incredible place #FarawayFiles

    • Hilary

      I can only imagine the sticky gooey mess if they’d been real! It was a ton of fun!

  19. Oh my goodness! What an amazing place! I wish I lived closer… I’d be there in a heartbeat. My favourite is also the paintings… especially The Scream by Munch 😊 And, yes, perfectly Instagram-worthy!

    • Hilary

      Would love to see The Scream in person one day, but until then this was a pretty fun substitute!

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