Exploring Bryce Canyon National Park Day & Night

Bryce Canyon with Kids #sunsetpoint #BryceCanyonBryce Canyon National Park, was just one of many National and State parks we spent time in during our visit to Utah. In fact we visited four National Parks, one State Park, and a Tribal Park. If the number of photos I took are any indication, Bryce Canyon was a favorite!

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah #sunrisepoint

That could be due to its higher elevations and cooler temperatures, which made Bryce Canyon a welcome respite from the extreme heat of our previous stops in Zion and Las Vegas.

Bryce Canyon National Park #hoodoo

We enjoyed hiking through unique and alien landscapes by day, and explored the night sky, and it’s many wonders, under it’s famously dark skies by night.

Bryce Canyon National Park #astrophotography
The Milky Way!

Getting There

Bryce Canyon National Park #roadtriputah

At around 80 miles the scenic drive from Zion National Park to Bryce Canyon is a very manageable distance, however the road can at times be curvy, steep and narrow or all three at once, and if you’re me, that can make for slow going.

Bryce Canyon National Park #utahroadtrip

Other times, the road seems to stretch out in front of you for what feels like forever, and it was during one of those stretches that I saw something in the distance. What is that large and strange looking formation?

The Rock Stop!

The Rock Shop Orderville Utah #therockstop

Having previously read about The Rock Stop, we decided to stop and take a look around! As it turns out we were far from the only ones! People come from around the world to visit the Wonders of Utah, and it turns out The Rock Stop is one of them.

Oderer Utah The Rock Stop Utah

This turned out to be a perfect place to stretch our legs and grab a drink and a snack. We even picked up a souvenir or two!

Bryce Canyon National Park By Day

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah #queensgardentrail

If, like us, you have limited time in the Park, consider making the visitor center your first stop. While there, you can learn about the park, pick up a park map, and speak with the Park Rangers about what might be the best experience for your group’s needs.

Mossy Cave Trail – Easy

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah

The Mossy Cave trail includes close up views of the Park’s famous hoodoos, the mossy cave, and a waterfall. At just under one mile roundtrip Mossy Cave Trail is a perfect hike for all ages and fitness levels. This hike includes parking and services.

The Navajo Loop/Queen’s Garden Combination Trail – Moderate

Bryce Canyon National Park #thorshammer
You’ll see “Thor’s Hammer” on the Navajo Loop Trail

One of the Park’s most popular hikes, The Navajo Loop/Queen’s Garden Combination Trail, is a perfect hike if you want to get a taste of what Bryce Canyon has to offer, but don’t have a lot of time in the Park.

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah

The hike is a loop and starts at Sunset point. For safety the NPS park service recommends walking .4 miles along the canyon’s rim to Sunrise point where you follow the Queens Garden Trail down into the canyon. Whoops we did just the opposite.

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah
Whoops, we went the hard way!

The hike took us around three hours, contains 300+ feet of elevation and includes some very steep drop offs. The views from above the canyon were stunning, but I also loved walking among the Park’s famous hoodoos. You can see more photos from this amazing hike at the end of the post!

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah

We took our time and along the way enjoyed some light rain, the unique landscape, and the many chipmunks!

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park By Night

Dark Ranger Telescope Tours #astrophotography

Dark Rangers Telescope Tour

Dark Ranger Telescope Tours #astrophotographyIf Bryce Canyon was one of my favorite places, then The Dark Rangers Telescope Tour was my favorite activity of the entire trip! It’s been a dream of mine to photograph the night sky, specifically the Milky Way, and Bryce Canyon’s remote location makes it the perfect place to fulfill this dream. My sons both love science making this a wonderful family activity!

I discovered Dark Rangers Telescope Tours while researching the Park’s official site, and I can’t say enough about our experience. Our evening with Kevin Poe, a local park ranger, and astronomer, was perfect from start to finish.

Dark Ranger Telescope Tours #astrophotography

We met Kevin at his observatory, and spent three hours learning about and exploring the night sky. We saw Saturn and Jupiter, a swan nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, Vega, star clusters, exploded stars and more. It was truly amazing!

Not only that, but I got a lesson in astrophotography, and night vision! Did you know that red is the only color light that allows your vision to stay in night mode?

Tips & Advice:

Bryce Canyon National Park #steeptrails

  • Are you traveling with a Senior Citizen or a 4th Grader? That’s good news! Seniors can purchase a lifetime National Park Pass for $80 with access to over 2000 locations, and their companions will be able to enter along with them for free.
  • Fourth grade students and their families can enter National parks for free with the Every Kid in A Park Pass. Sign up on line, print out the temporary pass, and redeem it for your permanent card when you visit your first park!

Bryce Canyon National Park #everykidinapark

  • Bryce Canyon City is located just outside the park. Food, lodging and free parking can be found here.


  • Cars are allowed in Bryce Canyon National Park, but I highly recommend taking advantage of the free parking in Bryce Canyon City and using the park shuttle.
  • The Visitor Center is the first stop inside the park.

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah #visitorcenter

  • Watch your step and look where you’re going. There are many drop offs and very few protective measures in place, we saw a little baby slip and he almost fell. Really! The daddy caught him at the last second when I gasped!

Bryce Canyon National Park #warning

  • If you’re interested in astrophotography book your tour with the Dark Rangers in advance and you may be able to connect your camera directly to the telescopes.
  • There are a variety of tours available, however I wanted to include astrophotography, so chose a private tour.

Photo Gallery:

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah #sunrisepoint
We finished the hike at Sunrise Point.
Bryce Canyon National Park Utah
Trees adapt to the unique terrain.
Bryce Canyon National Park Utah #queensgardentrail
Steep drop offs mean: Watch your step!
Bryce Canyon National Park Utah
The landscape was like nothing I’d ever seen.

Bryce Canyon National Park UtahBryce Canyon National Park UtahBryce Canyon National Park Utah

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah
Navajo Loop Trail
Bryce Canyon National Park Utah
View from Sunrise Point
Bryce Canyon National Park Utah #sunsetbrycecanyon
Tropic, Utah
Bryce Canyon National Park Utah
Sunset in Bryce Canyon National Park

Pin for later:

Bryce Canyon National Park Utah #astrophotography #familyfriendlyhiking

36 thoughts on “Exploring Bryce Canyon National Park Day & Night

  1. I’ve wanted to visit Zion since I got here two years ago, but I might have to widen that trip to include Bryce Canyon now, especially since it’s cooler. What awesome pictures and I love a good hike! Thanks for recommending the Dark Rangers Telescope Tour, that would be such a cool experience! #citytripping

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They were both amazing, and they’re really close to one another, so if you can… definitely visit Bryce too! The Dark Rangers Telescope tour was exceeded my expectations and then some. It was awesome, and there aren’t that many dark skies anymore, so I was excited to see the Milky Way!!


  2. Your photos of Bryce are stunning. I can’t believe how many stars you could see. We have been wanting to take a trip to both Bryce and Zion and your post just sealed the deal. Thanks for Sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh I loved it here too! I had never seen anything like Bryce – such a unique place. I think we also took the long way and my kids were about done with me by the end of that hike. I loved it though! The trees were my favorite clinging to the sides of the hills. And – shout out to Scandi Thor’s Hammer! Haha! Love from Copenhagen thanks for sharing with #FarawayFiles, Erin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I kept thinking how impressive the colors were and how amazing it is that there are so many different types of terrain I’ve never seen! The stars were breathtaking!


  4. Beautiful photos! I was at Bryce in the spring (May) and we did have snow. Unfortunately, I was only there for the better part of an afternoon – there’s never enough time! – so my visit was sweet but short. We didn’t do any hiking, just stopped at the overviews. I would love to go back and spend way more time there.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Your photos are extraordinary – you’ve got at least another two weeks’ worth of Instagram photos here, I reckon! The scenery here is just stunning and so different from anything I’ve ever seen before. Love the idea of a nighttime sky tour as well. My kids would adore that, particularly the eldest as he’s really into his physics. I’m sure I’ve only ever seen chipmunks in cartoons before now and I love the look of those maps too. Guess you’ve put pins on all the places you’ve visited so far. That really is super cool. Just loved this post. #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Clare you’re too kind! Thank you so much! The scenery was so foreign to us it felt like another planet! The chipmunks were so cute, and they were everywhere, and not shy at all, which I wasn’t sure was exactly a good thing. Funny enough we don’t have a pin map here at home, but we loved seeing the map of all the places people had come from at the Rock Stop! Who knew a store that sells rocks would be so popular! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. The drop offs made me nervous too, which is why I lefrt my 9 year old at the lodge with his grandmother! Thank you, taking night photos was something I’d always wanted to try, so I was pretty excited about it!


  6. wow! totally jealous of the night time photography, what a fantastic experience. The colors are amazing too. So funny seeing the comment about chipmunks. Our garden was full of them in Connecticut but you have to remember that someone’s commonplace is another’s wonder!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh my word. How beautiful is this place?? I think the telescope tour would have been my favourite, too. But argh, babies almost falling off cliffs – nooooo! It doesn’t bear thinking about. #FarawayFiles

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As you can imagine being in a place with so much beauty and so much danger gave the beauty somewhat of a backseat to the caution required just being there… That said, I was pleasantly suprised when I got home and saw the lovely photos!


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