Exploring the Wynwood Art District

January 15, 2019
January 15, 2019 Hilary

Exploring the Wynwood Art District

Artist: Seth Globepainter

Its safe to say, with the exception of family and friends, art is the greatest passion in my life. Fine or street, museum or gallery, indoor, outdoor, I love it all, which is why a visit to the Wynwood Art District in Miami, Florida was long overdue.

Hello Beautiful Wynwood Walls Miami Florida-

Artist: Queen Andrea

The Wynwood Art District, is not only home to the Wynwood Walls, the famous outdoor street art museum, but the entire area is a colorful riot of murals, galleries, one-of-a-kind boutiques, and hip restaurants.

Wynwood Art District Miami Florida

Wynwood Art District

Beyond officially commissioned or organized works, every available surface is covered in art, the sidewalks, entire buildings, signage…  Everything! The neighborhood is a celebration of all things art, and is positively buzzing with a vibe that you can literally see and feel.

Prior to my arrival, I had an idea of what to expect, but was still surprised by all there was to see and experience in this multicolored wonderland, and because my visit took place during Miami Art Week everything was amplified. I spent 8 hours exploring, and still didn’t see it all, but if you’ve never been before here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Wynwood Walls
Location: 2520 NW 2nd Avenue, Miami

What are the Wynwood Walls?

Wynwood Walls is a free “museum of the streets” an outdoor art museum where all the works are created and displayed directly on the walls.

Artist: Martin Whatson
#MartinWhatson Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwooddoors

Artist: Martin Whatson

A Brief History

Wynwood Walls was created in 2009, by developer Tony Goldman, in an attempt to revitalize and transform the warehouse district of Wynwood. Mr. Goldman saw artistic potential in the area’s warehouse buildings, many of which were windowless. He beautified them with giant murals and opened a restaurant and bar in the hopes that it would bring foot traffic to the neighborhood. 10 years later Wynwood has been called the hippest neighborhood in America, with millions of people visiting every year. I’d say his idea was a smashing success!

Artist: Kenny Scharf
Kenny Scharf Wynwood Miami Florida #kennyscharf #wynwoodwalls

Artist: Kenny Scharf

Also including Wynwood Doors, the Wynwood Garden and Outside The Walls, Wynwood Walls includes works from over 50 artists from around the world. Every year, during Art Week/Art Basel, artists are invited to contribute based on the year’s theme. 2018’s theme was: Beyond Words

Artist: Ron English 
Ron English Wynwood Miami Florida

Artist: Ron English

Tour Wynwood

Tours aren’t required for a visit to Wynwood, but if you do take one you’ll learn in-depth information about the artists and their process as well as the history of the Wynwood Art District. Choose the Official Early Access Tour and you’ll enter more than an hour before the crowds. This is important if you’re interested in people free photos of the murals.

Artist: Queen Andrea 
Wynwood Walls Courtyard Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwoodwalls

Tour Group at Wynwood Walls

It’s worth mentioning that many of the murals are temporary, with some lasting longer than others, so repeat visits won’t be a waste of time.

Wynwood Walls, Doors & Gardens as of December 2018:


Front Gate Wynwood Walls Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwoodwalls

Wynwood Walls

Artist: Shepard Fairey
Shepard Fairey Wynwood Miami Florida

Tony Goldman Mural Artist: Shepard Fairey

Artist: Futura
Wynwood Walls Miami Florida #wynwoodwalls #futura

Artist: Futura

Artist: David Choe
David Choe Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwoodwalls #choe

Artist: David Choe

Artist: Pixel Pancho
Pixel Pancho Wynwood Miami Florida #wynnwoodwalls #pixelpancho

Artist: Pixel Pancho

Artist: Tomokatsu Matosyama
Tomokatsu Matosyama Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwoodwalls

Artist: Tomokatsu Matosyama

My tour guide Sandro.

Artist: DEIH
Deih Wynwood Miami Florida

Artist: Deih

Artist: Triston Eaton
Tristan Eaton Wynwood Miami Florida

Artist: Tristan Eaton


Wynwood Doors Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwooddoors

Wynwood Doors

Artist: Alexis Diaz
Alexis Diaz Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwooddoors #alexisdiaz

Artist: Alexis Diaz

Artist: Beau Stanton
Beau Stanton Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwooddoors

Artist: Beau Stanton

Artist: Tatiana Suarez
Tatiana Suarez Wynwood Doors Miami Florida #tatisuarez

Artist: Tatiana Suarez

Artist: Dasic Fernandez
Dasic Fernandez Wynwood Miami Florida #dasic

Artist: Dasic Fernandez

Artist: Audrey Kawasaki
Audrey Kawasaki Wynwood Miami Florida #audreykawasaki

Artist: Audrey Kawasaki

Artist: Ernest Zacharevic
Ernest Zacharevic Miami Florida #wynwooddoors

Artist: Ernest Zacharevic


Artist: Jonone
#Jonone Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwoodwalls

Artist: Jonone

Artist: BoraldoII
Bordalo II Wynwood Miami Florida

Artist: Bordalo II

Artist: The London Police 
#LondonPolice Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwoodgarden

Artist: London Police

Artist: Logan Hicks 
Logan Hicks Wynwood Miami Florida

Artist: Logan Hicks

Artist: Eduardo Kobra
Kobra Wynwood Miami Florida

Artist: Kobra

Artists: ASHOP Crew
Ashop Crew Wynwood Miami Florida-

Artist: ASHOP Crew

Artist: Vilhs 
Vhils Exhibition Wynwood Miami Florida

Artist: Vihls


Artist: Leon Keer
Picture Perfect #LeonKeer Wynwood Miami #wynwoodwalls

Picture Perfect Artist: Leon Keer

Artist: James Goldcrown
#lovewall #jamesgoldcrown #wynwoodartdistrict

Artist: James Goldcrown

Wynnwood Miami Florida #woodtavern

Artist: Alexis Diaz and Unknown

Location: 143 NW 23rd Street, Miami

If 1-800-Lucky was located in Los Angeles it would absolutely be my favorite restaurant. In fact, if I could eat there whenever I wanted I would be hard pressed to ever cook again. The food was pure deliciousness!

1-800-Lucky Wynwood Miami Florida

1-800-Lucky Wynwood Miami Florida

I could try to describe it myself, but I doubt I could do better than Conde Nast Traveler:

A 10,000-square-foot food hall in the style of a hip, Asian market with indoor and outdoor seating and a booming soundtrack of hip hop. Seven vendors hawking pan-Asian dishes from ramen to Vietnamese sandwiches encircle an open dining room that is also flanked by two full bars and a karaoke lounge.

If a hip vibe and delicious food aren’t enough to convince you, I asked three people on the street where to eat and they unanimously said: 1-800-Lucky. Oh, and did I mention that its also a record shop?

1-800-Lucky Wynwood Miami Florida

1-800-Lucky Wynwood Miami Florida


You can’t bring home the murals, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to bring home other art treasures. The retail shops and galleries are selling everything from moss statues and paintings to street art inspired clothing and even holiday baubles.

Plant The Future
Location: 224 NE 59th Street, Miami

Intrigued by the mossy wall on the outside we ventured into Plant the Future, which turned out to be part gallery, part installation, part shop, and all kinds of cool.

Location: 181 NW 25th Street, Miami

Wynwd the (un)official visitor center is part shop and part gallery. They feature neighborhood centric items including, paintings, pins, patches, stickers, t-shirts, and hats. I found some fun t-shirts for my boys and some Chris Uphues patches for a project I’m working on.

#WYNWD Wynwood Miami Florida

Wynwd Shop

Miami Art Week/Art Basel events

Art week is a great time to visit Wynwood as there are a lot of special events taking place, many of which are free to attend, including live mural painting festivals, skateboarding exhibitions, and art fairs.

Artist: Andy Seize 
#AndySeize Wynwood Miami Florida

WIP Artist: Andy Seize

Even if you don’t attend one of these events, you’re almost guaranteed to come across a mural in progress. I saw a number of artists at work during my visit, but it was meeting FinDAC, that was the real highlight. I’ve been following his work, and really enjoyed getting a chance to see him at work and to speak with him.

Artist: Fin DAC
FinDac Wynwood Miami Florida #findac #wynwoodartdistrict

Artist: Fin DAC

Even MORE Amazing Art…

Artist: Queen Andrea 
#queenandrea Wynwood Miami Florida

Artist: Queen Andrea

Artist: D*Face
#DFace Wynwood Miami Florida #wynwoodartdistrict

Artist: DFace

ArtistL Jason Tetlak
Yes this is Art Wynwood Miami Florida #jasontetlak

Artist: Jason Tetlak

So many wonderful things fall under art’s umbrella, and you can find and experience them all in the delightful Wynwood Art District.

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    • Hilary

      I knew it would be great, but honestly had NO idea just how great. Seriously, I wasn’t prepared for the explosion of art and found myself somewhat overwhelmed. I’m going back for sure and giving myself more time. Lucky was fabulous! My new favorite restaurant is across the country!

  1. Love many of these pieces, especially the Polaroid interactive photo! I was wondering when you’d make it here, honestly! Every time I read about it, I only thought “When is Hilary going?” haha #FarawayFiles

  2. Trish @ Mum's Gone To

    This is just up my street – I love it! And with food and shopping too, it sounds fantastic. Thank you for that glorious collection of colour to brighten up my morning!

    • Hilary

      You’re welcome! Ha ha! It was a fabulous area to explore and to eat. I hope to return again to see the evolution and to eat.

  3. Clare Thomson

    You must have been in Hilary Heaven exploring all this. I love the explosion of colour and my favourite is the boy you’ve used as you Pinterest image – folding back the curtain to reveal that glorious colour. #FarawayFiles

    • Hilary

      I was absolutely in art heaven and maybe even a bit stupefied by all the art, because these photos are just a fraction of the art I saw. I quit taking photos after awhile. That’s my favorite too, I love that artist!

  4. bavariansojourn

    My sister and brother in law have just visited and I was SOOO jealous, it looks incredible. Wonderful photos as always! 🙂 #farawayfiles

  5. Wow, this street art is just a amazing, there is so much of it, it would be so easy to spend hours looking around. These people are so talented.

    Great photos #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      I definitely did spend hours, and could have spent more! This is a place I will absolutely revisit!

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