View from the Bill Wallace Trail El Capitan Canyon
View from the Bill Wallace Trail El Capitan Canyon

Glamping in El Capitan Canyon Santa Barbara

I know its not a popular opinion, but I don’t really enjoy camping. I just don’t find it fun. I grew up tent camping every summer, but somewhere along the line I decided that hauling a car full of gear into the forest, slathering myself in bug repellent, sleeping on the ground and peeing in a hole just wasn’t for me. However, I do love the company of good friends gathered around a warm campfire, and being surrounded by beautiful scenery, I just don’t want to sleep there.

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Instagrammable Los Angeles

Whether I’m visiting a new city or exploring my own Instagram has become my go to for finding the fun. Instagram’s popularity is off the charts, and with no signs of it slowing down anytime soon businesses have definitely taken note.

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The Hollywood Sign Hike
The Hollywood Sign Hike

Hike to the Hollywood Sign

It took me 18 years, but I finally went on the Hollywood Sign hike, and it was wonderful. If you’re wondering what took me so long, I’m asking myself the same question.

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Faraway Files #116

It’s Faraway Files Time! We’re off on our first glamping trip this weekend, where I’m sure we’ll have adventures worth sharing. Wherever you are or wherever you’re headed have a fabulous weekend.

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All About HilaryStyle

In a few months hilaryStyle will be 4 years old, which is something of a milestone, but a few weeks ago I published my 300th article, that’s 266, 855 words, which absolutely seemed worth mentioning. 

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Viewing California’s Super Bloom 2019

For many years rain in California was so scarce that the sound of it was almost foreign, and on those rare occasions when we did have a rainy day my kids would look out in confused wonder. Photos of rivers and lakes with extreme and very noticeable signs of recession were circulating, having a green lawn was basically a crime, and running out of drinking water seemed a very real possibility.

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On the Corner
On the Corner

Photo Tour: New Orleans Redux

Happy Mardi Gras Y’all!

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! Let the Good Times Roll!

Along the Parade Route Magazine Street  #NOLA #mardigras

Along the Parade Route Magazine Street

Even before I ever stepped foot there I knew I would love New Orleans. How could I not? Marching to the beat of its own drum, and moving at an unapologetic pace all its own, NOLA takes great pride in it’s uniqueness. It’s truly a you have to see it, smell it, taste it to believe it kind of a place. Words alone just won’t do it justice, because there simply is no other place like it.


Happy Birthday NOLA

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans?

I love the title of Louis Armstrong’s song because I absolutely do miss New Orleans. I miss it in the very same way that I miss a dear friend. The easy pace and friendly atmosphere, the glow of the gas lamps and the haze of humid nights, the architecture of the French Quarter and the Garden District, the galleries and, yes even the touristy shops, and of course those beignets I can’t stop talking about.

#NOLA #Bourbonstreet

Bourbon Street

As you walk along, music floats through the air mixing with the chug chug chug of the street cars, the clippity clop of the donkeys and the horn of the riverboats creating the sweet sound of New Orleans.

Mississippi River New Orleans Louisiana #creolequeen

The Creole Queen

New Orleans Louisiana

Over the years I’ve taken countless photos in the Crescent City, and written a bit too (ha ha), but because not all the photos relate to a specific post many of them have gone unused. Well, no longer… Here for your viewing enjoyment are just a few of the many NOLA photographs that have been languishing inside my laptop.

Cafe Du Monde

The Aftermath
Cafe Du Monde The French Quarter New Orleans Louisiana

The Aftermath

My Favorite View #2
Chartres Street New Orleans Louisiana

My Favorite View

Ghosts of the Past
Ghost Sign French Quarter New Orleans Louisiana

Ghost Sign French Quarter

Because One Is NEVER Enough
Cafe Du Monde Two Orders Beignets New Orleans #cafedumonde

Heaven on Earth

Cafe Du Monde New Orleans Louisiana #NOLA #beignetstand #cafedumonde

Cafe Du Monde

Christmas NOLA Style
Barracks Street Rainbow Xmas Trees New Orleans

Barracks Street

Bourbon Street Boy
Bourbon Street New Orleans Louisiana #NOLA

Bourbon Street

New Orleans Louisiana #gaslamp #nola

How’d that get up there?

#nola #bourbonstreet

Peek A Boo

NOLA Nights
New Orleans Louisiana

NOLA Nights

Our Trees Have Bling
Bling Tree Jackson Square Jackson Square New Orleans Louisiana

Bling Tree Jackson Square

Here There be Pirates
Pirates Alley New Orleans Louisiana #piratesalley

Pirates Alley

Faded Splendor
Royal & St. Peter New Orleans Louisiana #NOLA

On the Corner

Royal Street Blues
Royal Street Tiles New Orleans Louisiana

Royal Street Tiles

New Orleans Louisiana

On the Mississippi

Standing Watch
Dumaine Street

Dumaine Street

Tune Up
New Orleans Louisiana #faubourgmarigny
Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler
Bourbon Street New Orleans Louisiana

Bourbon Street

Resting Place

Lafayette Cemetery No 1 New Orleans Louisiana

“Charter” Street

#chartresstreet #nola

Until next time New Orleans…

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Photo Tour of New Orleans Louisiana

Where to find Street Art in New Orleans

You might be surprised to learn that during my many visits to New Orleans, I’ve spent very little time in the pursuit of street art. That’s partly because there isn’t any street art in the French Quarter, nor should there be, and what little there is in other neighborhoods had, until very recently, eluded me.

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Faraway Files #112

Hello from rainy Los Angeles! Yes, I mean rainy. We’ve been having a proper winter this year, with temperatures dropping into the low 30s, and inches and inches of rain. While I wouldn’t want this weather to last months, I have been enjoying the excuse to hibernate at home, and as future travel plan

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Off the Beaten Path in New Orleans

In honor of Fat Tuesday next week, a post about one of my favorite places: New Orleans. I’ve written quite a lot about New Orleans, so you might be thinking: What else is there? Believe me there is so much more, and 7 visits later, and I am still discovering new things, not only in NOLA’s more well known neighborhoods like The French Quarter and Garden District, but in other less touristy areas of the Crescent City as well.

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