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March 19, 2019
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March 19, 2019 Hilary

All About HilaryStyle

In a few months hilaryStyle will be 4 years old, which is something of a milestone, but a few weeks ago I published my 300th article, that’s 266, 855 words, which absolutely seemed worth mentioning.

#downtownlosangeles #streetart

When I set out to write this blog I had no idea that I would still be writing it 300+ articles later, nor that I would never miss a single week’s edition. That’s right I’ve never missed a week, which I admit at times feels like a chore, and there are weeks I’m not sure I’ll have something to share, but I always seem to manage and a deadline is a deadline…

In honor of this milestone, I thought I’d share some of the blog’s stats. Although I don’t have the most impressive numbers I do have a steady following. Occasionally I think about throwing in the towel, but then I hear from someone letting me know how much it’s helped them, or made them laugh and I realize it’s still a worthwhile endeavor.

The Numbers

I’ve personally visited 18 countries, and 22 States, which in the world of travel bloggers may not be impressive, but what I do find impressive is that HilaryStyle has been visited by people from 157 different countries. Thinking a blog would be a fun way to share my adventures with friends and family, I had no idea my thoughts, ideas and photos would be shared around the world.

Click on the suitcases for links to related articles.

Where in the World

I’m most popular in the United States, but it’s nice to know that HilaryStyle has reached Greenland, Iran, and Zambia as well.

Ten countries with the most visits:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Germany
  5. Australia
  6. Moldova
  7. Singapore
  8. France
  9. Mexico
  10. Phillippines

Ten countries who visit the least:

  1. Zambia 
  2. Guyanan
  3. Gibraltar
  4. Greenland
  5. Cuba
  6. Mongolia
  7. Congo
  8. Palau
  9. Martinique
  10. Iran

I’m often surprised as to which posts receive the most and least attention.

The top ten blog posts of all time:

  1. Making A Tsum Tsum Birthday Party (15, 420 views and still going strong)
    Tsum Tsum
  2. The Home Page
    Always a great place to start!
  3. The Hidden Staircases of Silver Lake
  4. 50 Things to do in Los Angeles
  5. Downtown Los Angeles Graffiti & Mural Walking Tour
  6. Visiting the Anne Frank House
  7. Things to do in LA’s Korea Town
    Things to do in Koreatown Los Angeles California
  8. 10 Things to do in New Orleans with Kids
    Mule Carriage Ride New Orleans
  9. 50 More Things to do in Los Angeles
    Sony Studio Tours Los Angeles California
  10. 12 Iconic Film Locations in Los Angeles
    Los Angeles Griffith Park Observatory

10 Blog Posts that could use MORE love:

  1. Taking the High Road… (Since renamed: Day Trip in the Highlands of Scotland)
  2. Roma! La Citta Eterna (Since renamed: 10 Things to do in Rome)
  3. Along the Way… Surprise Another Castle (Since renamed: Visiting Blair Castle & Gardens)
  4. Cocoas Around the World (Since renamed: A Chocolate Travel Tour)
  5. Pompeii (Since renamed: Day Trip to Pompeii Italy)
  6. You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly… RunDisney (Since renamed: Running with RunDisney)
  7. Exploring the Highlands of Scotland
  8. Ireland: Along the Way… Cork (Since renamed: A Visit to Blarney Castle Cork Ireland)
  9. Along the way… The Heart of Ireland ( Since renamed: A Visit to Newgrange in the Boyne River Valley Ireland)
  10. Along the Way… Nottingham (Since renamed: An Afternoon in Nottingham)

Favorite Places

50 of the 250 travel articles I’ve written are about Los Angeles and surrounding areas, but I’ve got love for other places too. London is in second place with 22 articles, and New Orleans, with 20 articles came in third. France and Scotland are tied for fourth place.

London, England

Shoreditch Street Art Tour & Masterclass

Things to do in London with Kids #graffiti
St. Pauls Cathedral and Westminster Abbey

25 Things to do in London

Photography in London #londonreflections

10 things to do in New Orleans with Kids

The Garden District New Orleans

New Orleans Let’s Eat Lunch and Talk about Dinner

Fashion & Fun

The blog’s tagline is Travel, Fashion & Fun and while there is a heavy emphasis on travel, I have written 60 fun, 26 street art, and 23 fashion related articles. Occasionally I’m even funny, or at least I make myself laugh and I love to give advice. Here are a few of the most popular articles falling into the aforementioned categories:

DIY: 10 Steps to Building Your Own Longboard


DIY: Skateboard Decks


A Super Birthday For Your Little Hero!

Superhero Birthday Edits-9907

Shopping the Sample Sales in LA’s Fashion District

Sample Sale Fashion District Los Angeles California

Fashion Favorites: Walking In My Shoes… Travel shoes that is.


Biking & Art on the Atlanta BeltLine

#BigTeeff Atlanta Beltline Georgia

What do you say LA? Messages from the Street (Art That Is)

Las Vegas: Beyond the Strip


30 Tips For Better Travel Photos

Mexican Hat HWY 163 Monument Valley Arizona

Packing it all in… My Suitcase!

Backpacks. Who needs ’em?


Mom Stuff: What Did I Know?

Whether you’ve been with HilaryStyle since the beginning, or are just joining me, I am so grateful for your interest, and will look forward to continuing the journey. Although I may ease up on that weekly deadline. We shall see…

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I love to travel & explore the world both near and far! I do my best to make the most out of life each and everyday! I have two boys and they are, at the ages of 13 and 18, world travelers and all around go along guys. There isnt anywhere I cant take them. It is my hope this blog will be a way to share the fun things Ive learned while on our many adventures together!

Comments (38)

  1. Karen Mhyre

    Miss your mom and dad here in Seattle. Love your blog! Thank you!

    • Hilary

      I know! One of my favorites. Honestly, I think it’s more to do with my lack of SEO than it being uninteresting. 😂

  2. Funny, I’ve started renaming some of my old posts from early days when I didn’t know a thing about SEO (though honestly I though my titles were more interesting 1st time round). (Ditto with your titles, the first ones are more imaginative but the 2nd ones will probably get more traffic, which is the dull side of blogging life!) I love your photos and will definitely go back and check out your older posts in need of love, thanks for sharing all this Hilary. And congrats on 300 posts in 4 years, that’s a phenomenal achievement…never missing a week.(I’ve recently missed a whole year!!!!) #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      Thank you, I couldn’t agree more about the titles! It will be interesting to see if they receive any new traffic, now that I’ve renamed them… I’m not sure about a whole year, but I’d like to at least allow myself a week or two here and there. Ha!

  3. Well done, Hilary. I’m impressed you’ve managed to publish something every week. I love your top blog post, how funny that it’s the most popular! #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      Thank you! It just keeps hanging on… I guess I was ahead of the times when I wrote about it, because now those characters have become a phenomenon in some parts of the world!

  4. Clare Thomson

    Congratulations on writing so many posts, Hilary. You’re always putting me to shame. I find it fascinating reading about other people’s blogging journeys. #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      Thank you! Are you kidding? No shame allowed… You’re a huge part of my inspiration for keeping this thing going, and you know I’m just a little bit crazy.

  5. Congratulations on your milestone! That’s awesome, and it’s amazing how the words add up! I’m super impressed that you’ve made it to 22 states, that’s pretty epic! I’m obviously biased, but may I suggest Australia as a trip sometime? #FarawayFiles

    • Hilary

      You absolutely may suggest Australia! I just wish tickets there were just a little less cost prohibitive. My husband had it as his number one, but then went for work and now he’s ticked it off… when I do go, I know just who to ask about it.

  6. 300! What an accomplishment – seriously! Happy to have followed along on your journey for at least half of it. Love your energy and that Hilary style. Cheers from Copenhagen. Tillykke! Congratulations from here.

    • Hilary

      Thanks Erin! I honestly don’t know how I’ve done it? For the first 18 months I published twice a week. How? I’ll never know… our group has played a large part in keeping me going, I’m so thankful for our Faraway Files hosting group. Xx

  7. wildkidswander

    Congrats on your milestone! And my kids LOVE Tsum Tsums! We’ll have to use your ideas for a party! #farawayfiles

    • Hilary

      Thanks! Tsum Tsums are the cutest aren’t they? I’m thinking of making them out of cookies next!

    • Hilary

      Thanks! We shall see about another 300, but in any case I think it will take me longer next time. 😂

  8. This is a very interesting analysis and roundup. I notice for the posts that got less love, you have renamed them. That’s a great idea. It’s hard to tell — I would think Ireland and Scotland would be most popular! Your run at Disney looks really fun. I’m heading to Los Angeles tomorrow and plan to explore a new hiking area – there’s so much to do in LA!

    • Hilary

      Thank you, yes, I realized later that being clever doesn’t mean anything if nobody can find you…

      Would be fun to meet up sometime. I’m gone this weekend, but would love to come down your way…

  9. This a great post, it’s really interesting completing reviews on your own website. It also surprises me sometimes which posts outperform others and equally like you say some that need more love. #farawayfiles

  10. Congrats on the 4th anniversary of your blog,, and wow, 300 posts and weekly dedication! I’ve been neglecting my blog and Faraway Files link-up since the last quarter of 2018 as a result of running my freelance writing business and trip planning service, and am trying to get back on track again. I enjoy reading your blog posts especially the interesting and fun things to do in LA and other American cities. Keep it up, Hilary! 🙂 #FarawayFiles

  11. Congratulations on your success for far. You’ve certainly covered a lot of different destinations. Looking forward to the next 300.

    • Hilary

      Ha ha! Thank you, not sure I have another 300 in me, but we shall see…

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